New Year's Eve Song

will He kiss her on New Year's Eve
after the last guests leave
then kiss her again, will He
peek in the mirror while She

knowing He's watching her tease
stripping the gown with ease
bare as the New Year She
so in love with her is He

slipping into her dreams
rocking her gently to sleep
hale as the dawn is He
so in love with him is She

will it be
an affair
to last
through spring?

Will it be
summer love
to embrace
warm afternoons,
that quicken and chill,
the red harvest moon,
the trhill a first snowfall
can bring?

seasons change will He
after the last guests leave
still kiss her again will He
counting ‘til midnight will She

letting herself believe
loving at first sight We
each with the other will be
so in love next New Year's Eve