The Moon

should I leave Erebus
to his own device
what Chaos
when the curtain rises
and the houselights dim

with whitecake
on my face
the actress backstage
laying a Universal egg

still a broken heart
is a broken heart
and Illumination
is in fact

In the dark
In the cold
In the sky
I can fly

I am old
But I can see
For miles
And miles

I am silver
I am gold
I am white
I am blue

I am rock
I am chaste
I am time
I am truth




When twilight falls
among the stars
I sit and tinker
with your moods
I hear your thoughts
I move the tides
I am your God
I am your Muse
I can be fire
I can be war
I am the daughter of Zeus
But tonight
there won't be light
'cause I can't shine
without you