Let It Rain

lord, let it rain
i can't stand the lie of a blue sky
one more day
can't you make the pitter, patter
sweet teardrop splatter
against my windowpane
c'mon, bring down the sky
let those clouds and me have a good cry
let it rain

lord let it rain
take away the glare of the empty
shape of the day
can't you make that liquid fly, bubbles rise,
heatwave die,
the water slip and slide me away
your sun makes me feel like a fool
god your weather just don't match my
let it rain

let the thunder crack, let the lightning snap the tension of a
long, dry afternoon
wash away the time,
cover me in shadow, then forgive me for
lying in bed
listening to the rain fall on my roof

lord let it rain
i can't stand the sound of the silent sun on
my face
can't you make those downtown hopping,
grocery shopping
perky, plodding, cheerful folks
go away
c'mon bring on the flood
let my soul have its day in the mud
let it rain
c'mon bring down the sky
and let those clouds and me have
a good cry,
let it rain