did you ever think a piano
could fall on your head?
do you look over
your shoulder at all?
on the dark side of passion
comes a taste for revenge
in the night is there
a rustle just under your bed?
are the bolts dead?
is the phone live?
are you wide, wide

are you surprised a battle-ax
has an ax to grind?
it's tit for tat
and all's fair in love
a mercenary man
with a dutiful wife
the tables have turned
the plot is prime
are the lights on?
cause the bet's off
are you wide, wide

i gotcha comin'
i gotcha goin'
the IRS
is on your tail
a private dick
is in your mail
your edifice is starting
to crack and peel
your girlfriend is starting
to panic and steal
whatever's left
of a small piece
of a small pie
of a small man
with a much smaller life


did you mistake "fat and happy"
for stupid and blind?
do you know
that I knew from the start?
a tooth for a tooth
an eye for an eye
this taxidermist
has skinned you alive
are the dogs in?
cause the cat's out
are you wide, wide