the season changed and the sky
turned gray
without the sun there is no night, or day
the hours stack like sand in a glass
i suppose i should sleep till spring
like the grass

but there's reason to believe that spring
won't arrive
there's reason to fear that when you left,
I died
when i look in the mirror,
my face is too white
when i check for a pulse,
i'm afraid of the quiet

definition is blurred by the shadows
of white
movement is stalled by the absence of light
i can't bear the cold without the heat of
my blood
i can't find my heart without the warmth
of your love

If i start to cry the tears freeze on my face
If i start to smile my skin cracks in place
if i start to scream the snow buries
the sound
i slip on the ice that covers
the ground

like a snowman, with arms open wide
i'll remember the spring
i'll remember the light
i'm petrified, like stone in the cold
but i'll wait forever, frozen,
and alone