I Could Eat Your Words


philosophy engenders a Rational man
Descartes would be the first to agree
syllogistically speaking if ‘A' is you
and ‘B' is me
logical proposition will lead us to'C'

Aristotle conditioned the Greeks to indulge
the brain and the body agree
psychologically speaking if the student can teach,
the teacher can learn,
lets leave the thinking to me

simplicity can charm the intellectual beast
a three-word phrase will suffice
hedonistically speaking if ‘food is for thought'
then ‘thought is or food,' and
teacher, “I want you” tonight

i could eat your words
suck the salt from your ‘erudition'
light a fire under ‘inhibition'
season ‘reason' with a transitive verb

i could eat your mind
sweeten ‘no' with ‘equivocation'
blend your phrases with ‘provocation'
sip the spit from your bittersweet rhyme

poets need a holiday
professors need adulation
you can talk and talk
the right away
and make no case for ‘moderation'

i'll drink ‘remorse' like a cabernet
champagne with ‘indecision'
‘guilt' like garlic
needs to sauté with cream, butter
and wine

I could eat your words
melt ‘objection' with ‘stimulation'
simmer ‘truth' with ‘prevarication'
taste your ‘virtue' and ‘honor' and ‘time'

baby teach me tonight