Regular Pleasures

when i walk down the street
let each step that i take
be the rote repetition of the route yesterday
with a monotonous cadence and
a stultifying sameness
liberate me
sedate me
let the finest nuance of my day
absolutely not

in lieu of diamonds and mink
why not think commonplace
the shirt and shoes i wear tomorrow i wore today
with an alarm clock precision
and an unassuming grace
enlist me
conscript me
fix the patterns in simple gray
so i cannot

the trees are green in the summer and red in the fall
i'd rather there be no variation at all
with the punctual procession
of the doppelganger days
blur me
obscure me
let a lifetime tick away
as i blissfully


the same cup of coffee
the same dog, the same wife
reliable revulsion
for sticky situations in life
mediocre aspirations
monochromatic and plain
humdrum complications
in the ordinary vein
typical tragedies
nothing new nor district
regular pleasures
that won't disturb
the routine

take me for granted
as the honeymoon flags
jointly wallow
in a connubial nap
drag me softly
into existential ennui
do not surprise me
do not schedule a thing
lets be average
as we regale in this love and
leave me sweetly
in my rut