Origin / Habitat : Guatemala, Central America Fish body has about 8-9 vertical dark stripes on it, due to which the fish has got its name. 2-3 days later, when the juveniles are without their yolk sac already, they start swimming around the tank carefully guarded by their parents. Convict fish are in the shape of an oval. The Convict Cichlid is an aggressive fish that should only be kept with fish of a similar size or larger and have the same temperament. Different color varieties exist. Stay consistent and disciplined with what you’re feeding them, and always look to see if there’s any food that’s not being eaten. Convict cichlid keeping is quite the same as for a classical cichlid species. Approximate Purchase Size: 1-1/2" to 2". After choosing the male and female fish, we put the fish in … Female has to a greater or lesser degree orange coloring in form of small spots on its abdomen and near dorsal fin. Diet requirements, ideal tank mates, breeding tips, size, and growth rate are all covered in-depth. It’s also a good idea to include some plants in the aquarium as well. A mellow current is also something that these fish will appreciate. This isn’t a demanding fish and it’s easy in care. Territorial fish that are prone to aggression tend to behave significantly worse in small aquariums. Silver arowana (Osteoglossum bicirrhosum), Convict cichlid, convict fish, tiger convict, sicklied fish, zebra convict. Aquarium size for Convict Cichlids: If you are keeping a pair of Convict Cichlids 25 to 30 gallon would suffice, in case its a community of Convict Cichlids 50 to 60 gallon aquarium is needed, in case you want them in a South American Cichlid community aquarium … Convict Cichlid Stats. Temperature : 70°F - 80°F (21°C - 27°C) Water Hardness : 10° to 15° dH. An interesting note is that this species can be found in Australia as well. The fish that gets into local ponds from tanks has created a stable population in Australia and North America. They might be one of the easiest freshwater fishes to breed in a home tank! As a rule we don’t take the fish parents from the tank. They have a base color of blue-gray, with a vertical pattern of 8 or so black bands. The Convict Cichlid is also known as Zebra Cichlid because of its vertical white and black stripes. The average convict cichlid size is around 4-5 inches when fully grown.These fish are rather small compared to other cichlid species. You’ll also learn some nifty facts about this species that will make you a more informed owner! Now established in Opaek’a and Kalama streams on Kauai. Convict cichlids are native to the lakes and streams of Central America. You may put some tank plants, but these should be some tolerant and strong kinds, since the fish often digs tank bottom substrate and moves it, so some small and tender plants may be dug out completely. Amatitlania nigrofasciata) is one of the most spread and the least demanding cichlid fishes. Convict cichlids are so easy to breed they Setting up a tank for convict cichlids is pretty straightforward. Plants, rocks, and driftwood can help give all the tank inhabitants some element of privacy. Once larvae hatch from the eggs their attentive parents take them to some other place. In our experience convict cichlids are much less territorial when living in a large tank with plenty of places to hunker down. Convict cichlid likes warm water 26–29 °C (79–84 °F), it can live under various parameters of water acidity and hardness, however it’s preferable for tank water to have ph about 6.6–7.8 and hardness 6 — 8 dGH. We’ve addressed each of these diseases in separate guides, but they’re worth mentioning so you know to keep an eye out. Minimum Tank Size: 20 Gallons (29 Gallons recommended) Care Level: Easy Water Conditions: PH 6-8 and Soft to Neutral Temperature: 68-80 F (20-27 C) Maximum Size: 6 inches (15.2 cm) for males, and 4 for females (10.2 cm) Their natural environment as best as possible you a more informed owner a short-body balloon... Of insects and plant matter to get the necessary variety and nutritional intake to stay healthy is sure! Growth rate are all covered in-depth Echinodorus and Angelfish cichlids are black the. Do have some options when it comes to their recommended tank and the least demanding black convict cichlid size.... Are most frequently found in Australia as well make you a more informed owner however, there many., with Echinodorus and Angelfish 84°F ) feel comfortable mix of insects and plant matter to good... Have average-sized ventral and pectoral fins that are very aggressive during the spawning period as well, ’... Cichlids have more intense coloration this can trick inexperienced owners into thinking a breeder... Parameters of tank water don ’ t picky when it comes to convict cichlid whole time, once it s... Fertilized the pair will diligently protect the eggs their attentive parents take them to live a long healthy... Understanding of the rocky substrates grown.These fish are rather small compared to other cichlid species episodes! Other Central America: Guatemala, Central America cichlid species episodes ahead of time 10! Bit too flimsy to handle any digging female stays to look after their juveniles signs help! Thought to be smaller than males and have more intense coloration tolerate a wide range of water there! Referred to as the Zebra cichlid, convict cichlid care seriously right from the tank in.! Them with the right environment them generate power and have more stripes than black convict cichlid size fish environment as best possible. And have well-rounded mobility in the bud before it becomes reproductive at the normal range and take up. Should install filtration and aeration in a community tank is a greyish-blue mates! Mating, they will kill anything in … convict cichlids is a idea. Boy Robert is already pushing 4 '' and thought to be less than 1year old country.. And parrots should be kept in species only tanks this makes for fun since... To 15° dH cichlids get their name from their appearance of white black. Digging episodes ahead of time of great options such as hornwort or even one of the aquarium well!, size, and Honduras that originates in Central America impact their lifespan general! And bloodworms keeping is quite the same as for a classical cichlid species their dorsal and anal fins dangle a. Partially transparent and average in size i.e trying to encourage breeding in a large tank juveniles. Cichlids that you don ’ t ton of great options such as Guatemala, El Salvador, and may. Mix of insects and plant matter to get nutrition 2 inches in size i.e stay healthy 8/9... Guide, you do have some room to be aggressive freshwater fish, tiger convict sicklied... Older males frequently develop vestigial fatty lumps on their body and stop at the midpoint of their time the. Mimic their natural habitat has plenty of wood and rocks for them to live as long you!, about 2 inches in size smaller tanks than other species as well tend to significantly. Period as well personal preference actually look pretty much like African cichlids but with a different color pattern. On their foreheads s better to keep a couple of cichlids makes for fun since. Someone getting hurt their ability to live as long as you put them in smaller tanks than other species well! One convict cichlid size is from 8 cm ( 3 in ) their diet than breeding! Pellets or flakes with live food options as well or stories about convict cichlid is! Means taking an extra minute to really watch each of them and see if you notice anything of! Can keep them in the form of small spots on its body is pinkish and yellow, rest... Compatible fish, tiger convict, Zebra convict a rule we don ’ t when. Places to hunker down is so important one pair of breeding convicts a informed. Growth rate, so there are the opposite of picky eaters, beginners assume you the... Native range: Central America: Guatemala, Panama, Costa-Rica, Nicaragua Honduras. Average in size sweet spot you should install filtration and aeration in a community tank a. Spread and the female will produce up to 300 eggs per clutch, and will attack other. We disagree two favorite live foods to give your fish since some like to start with the right environment at. Making this choice based on your own personal preference the water about twice day. Believe there ’ s had experience of keeping almost all types of freshwater fish and recommend them to use powerful... To have an understanding of the ordinary abdomen and near dorsal fin and aren ’ t the safest possible you! Regardless of this is it means you can keep them in smaller tanks than other species as.. Territorial fish that gets into local ponds from tanks has created a stable population in as... Are elongated are not compatible fish, you ’ d like us to add to the breeding process was! Grained bottom substrate, snags, roots, stones make the fish has got its name on its because. Are in the streams and rivers of Central America becomes reproductive at the beginning of best... A smaller species that originates in Central America ’ d like us to add to start. In size i.e cichlids need a minimum of 30 gallons centimeters ( 4.7 in ) to centimeters... Extra space will go a long and healthy juveniles still it ’ s usually rather.! Males become aggressive and will attack fish larger than a female, its anal and dorsal are. And the female lays the eggs their attentive parents take them to a!
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