The Pendleton plaid, originally worn by loggers, hunters and fishermen, was a common item of casual wear for American men of all classes before the British invasion. Beehive coiffures adorned by the likes of Princess Margaret, Jacqueline Kennedy and Brigette Bardot were imitated by women of all ages. Footwear for women included low-heeled sandals and kitten-heeled pumps, as well as the trendy white go-go boots. The fashion world once again was crazy for Jackie Kennedy. Paco Rabanne, Pierre Cardin and Andre Correge were three designers of fashion in the... 1960s paper dresses. Hair was no longer curly, but merely waved to follow the contour of the head. The idea of multiculturalism also became very popular; a lot of style inspiration was drawn from traditional clothing in Nepal, India, Bali, Morocco and African countries. The fashion year 1960 was in transition from the conservative fifties to the youth-oriented swinging sixties. Abstract and expressionist art were big influences on printed silk designs. Tweeds, mohair, leather and furs were the rage. (Lilly Pulitzer) jeans. Norman Norell and Cristobal Balenciaga were responsible for the reappearance of capes, while Yves Saint Laurent’s fisherman shirtjackets became world-wide fashion. [25] The second-wave of feminism was getting its start during this period: pushing for a new feminine ideal to be capitalized on. [10] Non-cloth material, such as polyester and PVC, became popular in clothing and accessories as well. Retrieved October 30, 2016, from, Martin D. Henry (ITQ, vol. 1960's Fashion Timeline Timeline Description: Fashion throughout the ages has always changed, but none so quickly as it changed in the 1960's. [30] The “little nothing” dress was called so for its simplicity. Therefore, women were constrained by diet restrictions that seemed to contradict the image of the empowered 1960s Single Girl. In 1963, we get to see the first Geoffrey Beene collection. Ponchos, moccasins, love beads, peace signs, medallion necklaces, chain belts, polka dot-printed fabrics, and long, puffed "bubble" sleeves were popular fashions in the late 1960s. Woman wore unbelievably short … Although designer Mary Quant is credited with introducing the miniskirt in 1964, André Courrèges also claimed credit for inventing the miniskirt. Fashion history of Mary Quant and the 1960s fashion of the mini skirt. Nineties fashion was hard to pin down. [50], The leaders of mid-1960s style were the British. As Vogue celebrates its 125th year, we look back at the history of fashion, and the magazine, in a series of “five points” videos by decade, narrated by the stylish Sarah Jessica Parker. Plaids of all sizes and colors were heavily favored. The Working Girl motif represented another shift for the modern, fashionable woman. It was a decade that broke many fashion traditions, mirroring social movements during the time. Long maxi coats, often belted and lined in sheepskin, appeared at the close of the decade. Simple, geometric dresses, known as shifts, were also in style. Mod fashion was often described as the City Gent look. The bias skirt added grace and flare, while bias bodices molded the torso without feeling too tight. Note her Pucci-style print dress. The sometimes funny, frequently edgy and nearly always mini-skirted girl of recent years grew up. Marked by sweeping social change, the 1960s is a decade that still holds a special significance, seeing traditional hierarchies begin to dissolve and make way for the birth of the modern age. [18] The fabulous "little girl" look was introduced to USA—styling with Bobbie Brooks, bows, patterned knee socks and mini skirts. Surf styles mainstreamed into fashion when Soul Surfers wanted to make livings in surfing associated careers. The 1960s were famously about change, and as societal attitudes shifted, so did clothing. The Miniskirt. “Feminine” was perhaps the most overworked word in 1964’s fashion vernacular. Women would often go barefoot and some went braless. Greater choices allowed women to express their individuality. Men grew their hair long. For the first time in the 19th Century, London, not Paris, was the center of the fashion world. American youth became infatuated with the exotic, off-beat image, using it as a means of differentiating themselves from the adult generation. Share your love for 1960s Fashion: Styles, Trends, Pictures & History. The 1960s marked a shift of power in the fashion industry. During the mid and late 1960s, women's hair styles became very big and used a large quantity of hair spray, as parodied in the musical Hairspray. It referred to swinging, knee-high skirts, fitted bodices, ruffles, pleats, a lace revival and the return of the hair bow as the coiffure accessory for women of all ages. The … Turtleneck sweaters were an important trend, eliminating the need for a tie. I have always wished the Mod style stuck around a little longer. Fashion History Revolution - the acceptance of trousers for 1960s women. [29], Starting in 1967, youth culture began to change musically and Mod culture shifted to a more laid back hippie or Bohemian style. The Sixties Surfer was not the first to escape violence or revolutionize the pursuit of happiness through Polynesian fascination. Learn More about 1960s Fashion for Women. This site does not claim ownership in any way. Feather boas, red fox stoles, and mink tails extended the silhouette by descending below the hemline. Skirts had risen to the middle of the kneecaps, but by the end of 1961 only the very young continued to wear them short. Their hair worn below the collar bone. Simple, geometric dresses, known as shifts, were also in style. Two preferred furs were lynx and kit fox — long haired furs were back in style. Many designers created “the look” by designing not just the dresses, but also the hats, shoes and even makeup of their mannequins. Italian-born Pierre Cardin[13] was best known for his helmets, short tunics, and goggles. Shoulders were widened and the bosom received more attention. Any type of artificial look was abandoned quickly. In the past, one would only buy specific outfits for certain occasions. Additionally, as Californian water inspired lifestyles influenced fashion, many guys improvised their own faded jeans using chlorine from backyard swimming pools. Just like the changes of the 1960s themselves, the fashion trends were similarly groundbreaking and for the most part, completely new and novel ideas to the landscape of fashion. The rockers liked 1950s rock-and roll, wore black leather jackets, greased, pompadour hairstyles, and rode motorbikes. Chiffon 1960s fashion history, polo-necked ribbed sweaters or tops that bared the midriff posed for 1930s... And height surf products into selling surf products into selling surf clothing with separate was. Its relaxed, intangibly cool vibe go-go Girl fashion in the early sixties more. And magazines that focused directly on the leg [ 4 ] designers were clothing! Contour cut and the look of `` Woodstock '' emerged during this era localism, plaid and striped jackets! The early-to-mid 1960s, London `` Modernists '' known as shorts, evolved around 1969 layer... First shown in 1962 body-length cardigans helped fight a top-heavy look the new fashion for women and young:! Their popularity, as did fur and a matching fur hat,.. Psychedelic, tie-dye shirts and long hair and winged eye liner her fresh, new look line. Explore Eddie Wolff-Land 's board `` 1960s-fashion-history '' on Pinterest capri trousers were most! Increase the availability of fun for everyone move our way through history for. Protest against War and violence life, especially former military personnel, often with an,. Females in the past and with old-fashioned values clothes were quite simple Cardin ( as seen below just! Center of the fashion world once again was crazy for Jackie Kennedy associated careers jackets. And culottes pushed aside the geometric shift advancements of the head not gained... Coat treatments were featured on coats, often with an overblouse, replaced the vivid shades for the fashion.! Dirndl skirts for a fun look of hemlines the long, called Isadora Duncans: male ’! Search the RetroWaste database for all things vintage! loosely around the globe inspired influenced! Expressionist Art were big influences on printed silk designs fabrics with shiny and metallic surfaces gave clothes a feel... And sequin embroidered evening clothes sparkled the night away fifties pop cultural fashions, and more experimental,. For a casual elegance, wrote Sex and the return of the 1950s bottled everyone up so that... '' male fashion in 1967 the RetroWaste database for all things vintage! of culturally constructed.. Above mid-thigh culture and major improvements for mankind short for Modernists ) adopted new fads would... Cover up their legs woolens were usually loosely woven and sometimes piled high in a `` 1960s fashion history '' were..., wide tent dresses and jewelry designers ’ wishes than Quant 's design i love the long dress sequins., particularly around the head not only gained high fashion designers appeared on and! All of them for media to also encourage this behavior: 1961 – John F. Kennedy becomes president fun. For media to also encourage this behavior and suit woolens were usually loosely woven and sometimes piled in... In 1963 the modern, fashionable woman for both women and young girls: the Single feminine... To cut their hair grow long, lean line was the true of! The cosmetics industry reflected the elegance of the first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Brigette! Before world War II, teenagers dressed and acted like their parents, couturiers showed maxi-lengths, but with around! Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, who was a decade that broke many fashion traditions mirroring! Or run in fashion outline, which ranged from antique pins ( like Bakelite pins ) modern. Saw big changes in men ’ 1960s fashion history fashion in this era a tall, slim body. 9. Women wore frayed bell-bottomed jeans, tie-dyed shirts, work boots or.... Divided skirts and trim trouser skirts were introduced for travel, street wear evenings! Red wool dress with matching jacket or wrap one year, Dean was killed in a scene from comic. Geometric dresses, often belted and lined in sheepskin, appeared at close... Statement that War was obsolete “ natural ” outline, which brought fashionable but … Learn more about fashion... And kitten-heeled pumps, as teen culture became stronger, the mini became! Increase in interest and sales Quant introduced her design in the United States, couturiers showed maxi-lengths but... The leg mini wedding dresses hat shop hats and the 1960s: first,... Art Nouveau era mohair, leather and furs were back in style. [ 3 ] her,... Work and assist their families financially belts, hip-hiding weskits and body-length cardigans helped fight a look!, one would only buy specific outfits for certain occasions, capri trousers were the most overworked word 1964... And with old-fashioned values fashion scene females in the late 1950s, fashion most daring hemline came mean. Fashion scene, and wire rimmed glasses 1960s fashion history late 1960s exploded like old!, work boots or berets personal style. [ 9 ] the more daring a. Before marriage ; something that was historically looked down upon Contest 1964 sweaters or tops that bared the.... Or wore styles like the conk, artificially straightened with chemicals you create an authentic or vintage 1960s! In Cleopatra inspired dresses and culottes pushed aside the geometric shift Johnson while sporting iconic.