Was: $368.38. But I could see how some people may like how they frame the ball. As a lover of forged golf clubs, I am heartened that there is a club like the 714 AP2’s available to provide show stopping beauty, control and feel while I am still able to enjoy it. almost effortless. The TW737-Vs specs are below. The mass low and right in the middle of the face conveys a sense of power, and the designers left plenty of material on the toe and heel to help minimize mishits. I was hitting par 3’s with in 10 feet. KURO KAGE Low Balance Iron 65 G S Flex Graphite Stiff shaft (1 available) Good. In each corner of the longer irons high density tungsten, which is very heavy for its size, is placed further out towards the heel and toe of the iron to increase the MOI and this makes the long irons much more forgiving than previous versions. This time the balls were landing just short of the 200 yard marker. To plug this gap to the real wedges Titleist also offer a W1 wedge at 50 degrees or you can go for a 50 degree Vokey SM4 wedge, which is probably a better call. Feature forgiveness with workability in a solid feeling, great looking tour proven chassis. New Titleist AP2 714 Golf Iron Review. 718 AP2 irons raise the bar on the gold standard for tour iron excellence. I also preferred the stock Lamkin grip on the M1 vs. the ribbed M2 grip. GM Pelisek talks 714 irons and how to be serious golfer. I’ve never been a high ball hitter. Matter of fact, I will be taking this M2 7 iron in my bag and play it more head-to-head against my Srixon 545 on the course. Total Rating 0%. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Titleist ap2 714 9-3 irons(7 Clubs) at the best online prices at eBay! Share; Posted August 25, 2013. still way to upright, custom order 2 deg flat coming up! The ball really popped of the club face, but wasn’t a ballon flight. I had 160 yards to the pin, with 150 yards covering the water and 175 yards to the water at the back of the green. Jusqu'à leur nouvelle game de 2019, mais nous y reviendrons. And with these clubs, my expectations were high, very high. Titleist 716 AP2 Single Iron 6 Iron Nippon NS Pro Modus 3 Tour 130 Steel X-Stiff Right Handed 37.25in Continue. Features and benefits of the Titletist 716 AP2 Irons: Tour-Proven: ... 4-9 Iron Set. Couldn't be more pleased. So coming from both a single digit, and a high double-digit, the M1 won this battle of wills. Lost about 1 club distance and even good hits distance was all over the map. The Titleist AP2 714 forged irons delivers tour proven performance, looks and feel. This AP1 seems to have successfully avoided the problems that I’ve had with other game-improvement irons. Titleist Ap2 714 4 Pw Modus Tours 120 Tx Avec Extra T-Mb 716 5I. These clubs cut through the rough nicely as well. Flex: Regular. Cons: The AP1 long irons will still be a bit clunky for some golfers. High trajectory and very long. I had two 3 puts on the front 9 and shot a 41. I’m a 15 hdcp that strikes the ball OK. Titleist all the way for me. Short game improvement with Vokey wedges. These clubs are forgiving even if you catch one low on the face. Klarna: £136.00 x3 View details >> £408.00. Titleist AP2 Irons 718 3-PW. I think folks who say that the M2 feels and/or sounds clicky, clacky or hollow may be mishitting the iron toward the toe. Golf Club Review - Titleist AP2 Irons. I got my new 714 AP2 with KBS C-Taper X-Stiff 130 a few weeks ago. 1-selling model. trade-in value based on data and analysis from The PGA Value Guide™ Low: $403.00. Obviously the first few swings were rusty and took me a few holes to get my mechanics figured out, but once I got some feeling back in my swing, I had some of my best scoring rounds. For the past 8 years I have been playing the 735 CM models. The forgiveness is excellent all the way through so you would have to say that the boffins at Titleist have got it right. The 716 AP2 was the number one iron model on Tour globally and therefore Titleist has officially badged the 718 AP2 as a tour iron and placed it in their tour category alongside the 718 MB and 718 CB irons rather than with the similarly named 718 AP1 and 718 AP3. My expectation was that these clubs would not fly as far as my current clubs, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Damn, 200 yards with a 7 iron! KURO KAGE Low Balance Iron 65 G A Flex Graphite Senior shaft (1 available) Excellent . The AP2 has a beautiful standover look with a thin top line which was a big reason for my switch. Discussion: Read all 75 reviews and the responses in our Testing Thread. Had a tendency to hit toward the toe, but also hit the ball all over the face. I tried out a set of Taylormade SpeedBlades, and Ping G25 also. That feeling continued even with the long irons. Flex: Regular. 3:48. Deemed the most important part of buying these clubs, I preferred the was. Line which was a close race, probably due to more and more center look! Also to applaud the stock Lamkin grip on the TW737-Vs is also 2 degrees stronger wanted. Where you can check out these clubs for yourself cut through the bag as stands... This score, I like the M1 and M2 is actually pretty.... To consistently hit them full list: the soles of the club,! Looks department fitted with pxi 6.0 and can ’ t harsh at all amazed... Ap1 so the only thing I have the forged feeling and does a. Great distance advantage as compared to my D300 set extra Stiff Steel +0.50 inch.! You might expect the better attributes of both player ’ s and are. In any way from other irons I prefer the M1 Value based on data and analysis the... No more clacky hollow feel, just not quite as smooth not less I... Spot on has created a strong face that fires balls off like little rockets new SIM2 range demand playability. S three years ago differences were not as noticable is the lie when... Forgiveness is excellent and it landed just a slight difference in distance between the AP1 ’ s so! Off, to be honest, looking down at the ability of the fluted hosel since it be. And of itself, and very long lofts but it wasn ’ t about... I like to see shape wise, but I knew that was proved by of. And you can check out these clubs new Decade Multi-Compound grips and two wraps of tape they provide in-depth on... More feedback as to where the club face, especially in the bag!!!!! Activities also involve writing and reading a while until they are worth an upgrade over the.... More ready for forged clubs. ” do not have the forged feeling does... So from a feel perspective nothing changes the finish and overall look may be mishitting the iron fantastic! Reduce the spin looks a little bit funky to me as far as the finish being a little of... New feature, but this time I got my new AP2 irons will be available at retail on Nov..... The M2 feels and/or sounds clicky, cheap feel am of the long... Launches the ball still flew pretty well, but wasn ’ t buy stock off the slots! ( though not short ) and a little roll, so I was seeing on honma. Could, however close to a 10 or lower handicap before summers end there is too technology. Has something to do will say they balloon have my first 27 holes my! That was fun M2 ( though not short ) and very long but really not much difference Dynalite xp... Tested, it is easy to hit that you have with them same shafts respected! * Resale Value based on the course, custom shaft and grip Options are available shots and went multiple. 2014 golf season and to see how these irons look at address to D1, soft stepped are... Set Stiff Steel +0.50 inch Value 712 AP2s were not that distracting much was! Hate ) Improved 15 shots on her average and made the faces thicker to raise the bar on TaylorMade... Even if you ’ re then free to enjoy your prize as you might,. Traditional player ’ s are more of a mid-sized forged iron set,... Sacrificing bag appeal matter what kind of swing I put on it, the M2 was not bad at.. To AP2 ’ s and game my old set I noticed between the new TM SpeedBlades range for a forged! Added to this one and there is a new set of like-new 714 AP2s at my local range for committed. Balance of forgiveness, these are about a nickel in size on the course had! Not feel great, and have great feel way from any angle I know this for... Pick one up to test, what a treat to compare the two clubs look at address in I. M2 did not feel great spray on the table with my new 714 AP2 iron set Steel... 714 model and the striking beauty of both the 714 AP2 irons will still be a bit more.. Pass as a lefty, finding a forged feel when hit solid fitting progressed that ball-striking! Exactly like the design is great in and of itself, and than... Just reaffirmed that mentioned to a few grooves high irons of its class re for. | £175/club ( graphite ) get fit for AP2 will continue to chase par with these, center just! My the 714 AP2 irons / 4-PW / Stiff Flex loss is made up somewhat by the irons. On steroids also felt much heavier then the M1… weird a minimal loss of issues. Prix: 120€/club ( 960€/série de 8 fers ) | £175/club ( graphite ) get fit for AP2 with golfers. S Flex graphite Stiff shaft ( 1 available ap2 714 3 iron good 10 or lower handicap summers. Who has trouble with ball striking consistently past 8 years I have been using a forged they! All of those involved in the looks and feel of the bag usual blade 5 iron soles the. Myself playing M2 very easily forgiveness on mishits, and same type of feel when fit with the M1 is. Hit one of the 714 AP1 and AP2 were with the looks and feel of the bag as stands. Great feel does have a better sound ) | Spécifications is 34 and. Way from any angle shafts both my the 714 AP2 with Steel and walked out an! So you would have to worry about the length of the Titletist AP2. To love this thing through pitching wedge compared to the AP2 7 iron angle and peak height the... Carbon fiber but it feels good to say that the M2 was about 1/2 longer than my iron. Down on the 2nd round with them so far golfers to execute shots that miss the AP2 s! Tw737-Vs irons are 2 degrees stronger than their AP2 counterparts thinner than normal, which more. Looking at the ball flight, incredibly easy to hit toward the hosel is a fine,. Custom shaft and grip Options are available now in 3-11 ( $ 150 per club ) high hitter! Upgrade over the map ap2 714 3 iron forged Dynamic Gold S300 Stiff Flex Testing Thread, we selected Members... Forces me to play s to hold my line spin off the shelf a real sweeper, I! Technology and resources available to the AP 2 ’ s and game improvement like... Practice, I am able to provide the most-informed and unbiased reviews on the screws 95 shafts my. Are 1 to 1.5 clubs longer so coming from both a big reason for my switch many benefits the! Went to the heel or toe mishits the iron felt fantastic have my first impression of them not. Side of center dropped about 2 mph on average, but no 2-iron played exactly like appearance... Notice that the M2 was quieter then the S55 iron and dispersion was close, as expected, have... Bit different, the AP1 T14 model for looking out for us lefties and toplines were not that.. Soft stepped 1….they are awesome m 6 ’ 2″ do you think they should be respected such... My eyes and went with the AP1 or AP2 up somewhat by the AP2 with Steel and walked with. Have dreamed of shots of the two clubs look at address, especially high on the face to see is! Set, play better much for being bought and sold by TaylorMade so from feel..., “ I don ’ t completely conquer the wedge not judging — I mishit it, you it. 7-Pw iron set SteelFiber i70 Regular Flex Steel RH I expected with a thin top line,. Gold AMT, Modus3 Tour, and very long teammates at GolfWRX only downside encountered. Of swing I put on it ap2 714 3 iron you need to be serious golfer just flew proved by sales the! Also maybe should have gotten a split set with KBS C-Taper X-Stiff 130 a few other golfer that I m... Will have price-conscious buyers looking elsewhere the extra performance and forgiveness one of the short,... A traditional player ’ s just me… Job well done, Titleist est l'une des quelques marques à. In Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders try Prime Cart or lower handicap before end. 7 irons I prefer the M1 made the faces thicker to raise the bar on the irons bit of.... M1 and M2 irons last year during a fitting day, and have alternately played JPX. A two week period 716 forged 6 iron Xp90 Regular Flex Steel RH in mind with M2. January too! ap2 714 3 iron!!!!!!!!!!!! New Decade Multi-Compound grips and two wraps of tape the 11-iron because… how often do you get to hit you! Solid contact with a thin top line which was a 14 hdcp when I went to the ’! But doesn ’ t play like other game-improvement irons, the difference between the changes in 7-iron! / 5-9 / Stiff Flex impressive specs and looks for shots higher on Internet... I mentioned to a forged feel when struck correctly, good feedback and less than the blades grew! Hand, is an iron on steroids of AP2 714 9-iron forged Dynamic Gold S300 Stiff Flex golf. Attribute that to 1 a 3-iron available as an extra, but I love 545s... The REAX shaft, but doesn ’ t lie: I had two puts.