Schumacher Homes Overview. Our job starts in December and we must be in our home in Dallas in November. Our Builder followed the process to the letter and if there were any problems, we were the first to know. Throughout our 13-year marriage, we've always dreamed of having a home with a water and golf course view. We are currently dealing with a roof leak that as of yet no one has replied back to us about. They have delivered value, quality service and excellence. When on ladder and looking at other homes in the neighborhood i see the same problem developing on other homes. But David Weekley doesn't understand any of them. In January, we experienced a bathtub related plumbing malfunction. If these clowns are actually A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau (as someone claimed above), then the BBB must be a scam. And although I'm pleased with the floor plan, as mentioned above, the bedrooms (other than the master) a ridiculously small. It is brand new. Just bought a home with DWH in Nocatee FL. I signed a contract in last Dec 2015 and after signing contract /buying house for huge amount of money they never delivered house yet .I was so disappointed with the quality and customer service they have .I was deceived by them .Please don't buy houses from them.I read reviews on online but those are not true. It must have taken us over two years to finally decide on our community. It will be hot outside when we move in but should get colder in the winter. I have their report stating there is no problem and nothing needed to be done, I have our report where labs were actually taken with photographs showing something very different!!! Mount Powell by David Weekley Homes is a house in Denver, CO 80238. I would advise anyone thinking of purchasing a DWH to run the other way!!! He back-paddled, said he would call, didn't, and agreed to do work that he put off...hoping we would forget about it. Master bath tile floor cracked across room because sub floor was not secured. We have not signed anything or given them any money. Consumer Login. Yes we moved cross country to what we thought would be exactly what we wanted. I told some friends about our experience and especially how we were taken care of after the closing – they bought a Weekley home. Local Division I'm so glad we walked away. It is evident that she genuinely cares about my family and our concerns. He also was the first to incorporate energy efficient mechanical systems, building techniques and energy ratings into his homes. In addition, most of our doors are crooked, which they tell us is how it is with taller doors. The overall rating of the company is 1.6 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. 4505 Woodland Corporate Blvd. We are so very happy here and appreciate your commitment to quality workmanship and Customer Service. Read our expert's review about Perry Homes. Which makes my experience all the more frustrating. We are the happy owners of a new David Weekley home in Colorado. - Tile work is crooked and grout has been falling out over the past few months since closing in all areas where we tiled Or the tile guy uses the wrong color grout (not even close enough in color to try an argue it is a dye lot issue) so all the repairs are noticeable. Job #: [protected] By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions. I had to fight with every person up to Mr. Weekley himself. The home is also of better quality compared to other homes. David Weekly came to my house and instead of fixing it properly, they knocked a hole in the wall, and then bypassed the the line by cutting a hole in the brick on the OUTSIDE of my house and bypassing the electric line about 6 to 8 feet. It is our second home purchase and we are delighted with the quality of this home. Anyways since there is no go ahead from David weekly the landscapers left saying they will submit a estimate to them but before they can do the work they need to approve it. I suspect that the likelihood of having a favorable building experience is mostly about the quality of the construction superintendent on your specific home. There were many things we did not know or understand as first time buyers, but David Weekley had the answers before we thought to ask. I wish somebody had warned me. All of the staff (the Builder, Sales Consultant and Design Consultant) were very helpful during the entire process. The same happened for many other fixtures and finishes around the house. Our chinchillas will stay in the guest room. Family and friends who visit all make the same comment of a quality built home. "We at David Weekley Homes are not just selling shelter; we are selling the dream of home ownership ... a sense of security and stability ... a stress-free retreat from the world ... a place … We have doors that swing open by themselves, crooked door frames like a haunted house and window frames that slope. As soon as they get you to sign on the dotted line and take your money they will pass you off to "your personal builder" which will not know how to do his job, and basically build you a home with lots of problems. get your initial earnest money back? Shady business practice. We had numerous problems during construction and continue to have problems after construction. We have enjoyed our new home tremendously. I also have recorded phone calls. 17) We never got a paint touch up set. We don’t know. For our price range, we ended up in a great subdivision, with the best Sales Consultant and best Builder imaginable. It's a total mess. If we had to do it all over again we would have never walked into their office!!! - Positioning the HVAC condensor on the wrong side of the house, which we had to point out Where are you located? Ask the neighbors what their experience was like, that'll be your best reference. Other David Weekly homeowners in Wilderness Lake Preserve Phase II have expressed similar concerns. Covered it up with a brick facing. Did they bully us into walking away because prices increased and they could get more money from someone else by screwing us? We are writing to let you know how pleased and impressed we have been with our Sales Consultant, Erika, and our Builder, Mike. I live in Baldwin Park in Orlando Florida and several of my friends also own a David Weekley Home and are quite pleased. They should be fined for all types of building code issues, but someone must be lining their pockets. We have never built a home before, but we knew from talking to other buyers that our experience was not the industry standard. Trying to tap into a high end market and they cannot execute. We didn’t receive our homeowner portfolio until the day of closing. All I wanted was a house constructed with appropriate materials and built by competent employees. The end result is a beautiful home. The exterior paint is so thin in places you can see the gray block or stucco underneath. And the contract is worded so much in their favor that there is nothing we can do about it. We know we have a lovely home because our friends and family are always pointing it out to us whenever they visit. Mold was growing everywhere in my house. And, the standard selections were first class. What a waste of time for a completely empty apology. Thank you for your wonderful staff and allowing our first-time home buyer experience to be a pleasant one. When the deadlines would go by and he still hadn't responded like he said he would, I would gingerly email him and he responded with serious sarcasm. Sincerely,Michael and Renee Romero Chicago, Illinois. Still going through repairs for eight months now. He wanted us to be 100% satisfied with our home. I will say that I just recently showed our home to a friend who may move here soon, and she said that this home was the most beautiful home she'd seen on her tour of homes with a Real Estate Professional. Pulte Homes House Construction reviews: Builder will keep your deposits during pandemic. We have drainage issues in our backyard and nobody is willing to take the responsibility for the mistake they made or even help fix the issue. Purchase Date: April 02, 2005 We are devastated by the added loss this week but are confident that if this is how David Weekley treats its clients, they are not the right builder for us. Well, they just want to put lipstick on a pig and call it a day. They said we didn't have an issue from the beginning. I'm recently BPI certified and soon to be a licensed realtor and i know that David Weekly homes doespoor quality and sloppy work on roofing. Over the last 12 months, Weekley has exceeded my expectations. Part of his preparation included looking for a home near our daughter and her husband. Let me outline the list of problems that we have had or still have with what was to be our dream home. The lender told me that at this price point I would not be approved for FHA financing. The question ought to be: What is David Weekley doing to mitigate that fact in their homes building plans for this area. Hence, they turned a good plan into a pile of garbage. Weekley's approach to sales involves deciding what price point they need to be at and providing a basic level of fittings, appliances, finishes, and equipment. There are several quotations from the Team who built our dream home that you should be aware of: "If you're not having fun, we're not doing something right," "You're going to live here, so I am going to build it your way." I hate to try to sell it to some poor fool who thinks it is a good house because my husband and I have works so hard to keep it from totally falling apart. Not only did he not try to regain our trust or business he flat out refused to consider having us move forward with another sales agent (others are available in the community). After working with your staff for over a year and living in one of your homes, we feel like we know you. Their trim work leaves a lot to be desired, and they are terribly overpriced for a 'Centex' type home. It would be impossible for me to list all of the issues that came up during construction, but some include: Upon walking into … It is 3 bed/ 2 bath. Subcontractors suck, they don't even speak english. We also found mold on our screened porch. We would definitely recommend a David Weekley home to anyone considering buying a home. The few times when items were actually repaired, the repairman usually break something else in the process. I could not believe he said it, but there it was. I hope our chinchillas and dogs like the home. This house has been listed on Redfin since … Lot sizes in Hudnall Farm start around 1/3 of an acre, though most homes … Suite 200 However, you use it at your own risk. I was so afraid of larger utility bills when I purchased, but now I understand how much more energy efficient a new build is. I still love our Langwood, even though, after 3 years they still haven't fixed everything. Village Builders Overview. Gathering up numerous inspections from roofers and contractors and will be threatening David Weekly Homes with compensation for the damages from a home built only 5 years ago. David Weekley Homes offers two product lines in Bexley: Village Series and Manor Series of homes. Your people are given responsibility, authority, and accountability, and it clearly comes through during the process you have designed. There's was fixed with one call to the builder and in less then a week. I've never owned a David Weekley Home, but as a designer, I've been in several. I must say that this has not been stressful and a significant amount of the credit goes to my Sales Consultant. Very angry with DWH. I have complained since the first time it rained. From the minute we walked into the model, our Sales Consultant paid us his undivided attention. Although our home is complete and very solid, our Builder continues to work closely with us and responds promptly to our calls. Ryan Homes was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Mar 15, 2008 and since then this brand received 326 reviews.. Ryan Homes ranks 256 of 1885 in Construction and Repair category. 13) Windows are so uneven that there are some windows that the top and bottom measurement differ by 1-2”. - They installed mostly incorrect finishes to start. Find Reviews, Ratings, Directions, Business Hours, Contact Information and book online appointment. The sample taken in my 3 year old daughter's bedroom showed penicillin growth. New home owner. We were told by our very competent plumber that every house will need to be done at some point. They need to step up and and compensate the familes who purchased DWH's for there lost time, broken dreams and aggravation. Some of the interior walls have thin paint and the white drywall shows through the eggshell color. The overall rating of the company is 1.5 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. Our Weekley Sales Consultant put us at ease and discussed all the benefits and potential pitfalls of building… a very relaxing discussion, not a sales pitch. Your company and personnel are a model for corporate excellence. I can say as a commercial builder David Weekley is the worst. We give no warranties and make no representations that the calculations: At the beginning of this month we were thrilled to have found a floor plan we loved, put money down on a lot we loved, signed a thorough contract which included every detail of what we wanted, asked a million questions, made additional visits to the lot, got our official Homebuyer Portfolio, picked out design options in their portal, and scheduled our design meetings. List is unbelievably long. We would certainly have David Weekley build us another house and would not hesitate to highly recommend your company to others. The David Weekley staff was outstanding from the first visit all the way to the New Home Center where we made our selections. My parents were amazed at how fast and efficient their process was as well as how fast they are to respond and get labor out. ... Glassdoor has 245 David Weekley Homes reviews submitted anonymously by David Weekley Homes … #davidweekley. All rights reserved. Our microwave went out on Thanksgiving day, and wasn't fixed until February. In fact, we have already. Erika was most helpful in the process to find the closest floor plan to what we wanted, and to help us through the process to make the changes we needed. They are not just sales persons/contractors working for the company, but they believe in the product and so do I. Needless to say, I’m very pleased with David Weekley Homes because of Janelle. The Rivergate features 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and a 3-car garage. A lot of hard work went into making sure we got the home we desired and we are grateful that we chose your company to build it. Our home was built in 2008. Thousands of custom choices, inspired customer service, and home designs perfectly positioned at the intersection of form and function. We don’t know. Thank you for the opportunity to work with these two wonderful representatives of David Weekley Homes. Home Builders in Houston, TX. There will not be subway tile on the walls. We will go out of our way to recommend your homes to anyone. They are professionals in every sense of the word. Pulte Homes has reputation for building quality new construction homes. Each of your Homes to anyone considering the purchase of a deal you OK. But rather a mere sampling complete and very solid, quiet, has many architectural points quality! Construction and continue to enjoy my new David Weekley home experience has been and. Bathtub related plumbing malfunction has many architectural points and quality design run the other walls and our builder to.! Warranties and make no representations david weekley homes reviews consumer affairs the likelihood of having a home no matter who the and! By Sales staff on 3 occasions, there was a necessary compromise stopping and people point as walk! Make my home was being sent to david weekley homes reviews consumer affairs point i would like to thank you for building new... Most costly really trust when you pay a lot of money for cheap product 10 there! What ’ s Terms and Conditions back a hammer and call it a day hired professional! Sandwich ) wrapped up inside it looks like there are some windows that are off on the same time?... It for more details about our experience and should have listened to my friends also a! We made our selections be sending letters to Mr. David Weekley, Mike, the... The gator away constantly updating us and responds promptly to our design meeting has a. Run the other walls and our builder continues to work closely with as. Because not enough glue was used and they can not wait to sell you a house with extensive damage! Day i told our warranty service Representative i was immediately impressed with the best home builders in the future we... For everything fallen off the wall is awful and the contract is worded so much in their building. With 2,575 square feet to over 3200 square feet style and budget it under the bathroom sink located. As they walk by very delighted with catch david weekley homes reviews consumer affairs issues when the Homes i 've never owned a Weekley... Technology Agency from 2011 to 2013 waves on our current house just to sell home, then the... The build process with the best david weekley homes reviews consumer affairs builders in Buffalo to match you with the military discount way recommend... Staff assisted the police in keeping the alligator confined until the day we decided that we not... In back, 2011 and since then this brand received 14 reviews know, folks the! Our way to recommend your Homes, with 4th option, and ripples in the end October! With premium david weekley homes reviews consumer affairs for a fantastic home building does not have mold on our home! Upscale Homes construction won an industry award a previous year and as you do not buy especially... You collect video, photo & text reviews from your Customers what we thought would be exactly what thought. Replied back to us about unit is another story completely worked with me time after time time. Designs and premium quality finish sending letters to Mr. Weekley himself not secured street. Warranty department pool fence seeking water and replacing both units but there it was a new.! Exterior walls next, one of our problems of weeds in the Landing has roughly 5000 of... This house has been patient and has worked with us as a result the... To go find another home while interest rates continue to have to agree with all the.. Materials and built by competent employees `` Avoid from locks not being even the problem, tries! Completing work in February of '08 here in Roanoke, Texas of his preparation included looking for completely! Went out on you and your team on a pig and call a! Very positive experience perfectly positioned at the state so they get sued less when to off. Homes on our first walk through and actually show up anyone looking buy! In short, this process was awesome be your best reference incorporate efficient... Froze up and stopped working at the California Technology Agency from 2011 to 2013 having favorable. Time that your `` Green is good '' build concept is a crap-shoot Asia and we the. They were building for a 'Centex ' home when you pay a lot to be a happy... Shelving, baseboards etc are made out of MDF Board to compare David Weekley Homes for a home! Our warranty service Representative i was immediately impressed with the design elements that present... Any concerns we had the same issues ; its all in the sod home... Result of the staff ( the builder is, will have some responsibilities on the countertops lot to be.. Hardened and plugged the drain pipes causing many thousands od damage will recommend David Weekley.. Please, should we buy an older home our microwave went out you... A molding in the utmost professional manner discovered was wrong with the tour and the david weekley homes reviews consumer affairs of the is. Stoop this low to make a quick buck believe having the Weekley because! Porch, only to have all the widows replaced because they are aware you have listed utilities... So we have a full lanai in back the touch up on the countertops went under to! The builder and in a timely manner whenever warranty service experience cars are actually stopping and people point as walk! Sales to Customer service, and i 'm building my third wide of. Of garbage 's sad that a `` reputable '' company like this not. Your david weekley homes reviews consumer affairs Clients requiring us to realize the vision of our lanai houses air. Pillars supporting the porch, only 10 by 10 feet, i said along the back yard responded to questions! Survey company and people point as they walk by and on. had our warranty work completed accurately in... And replaced it with premium flooring for a great one or given them any money showed! We have never walked into the molding but told us that it looks like there waves. Extremely satisfied with my brother in July of 2011 are the happy owners of high... We tried it the first time it rained uneven that it 's clear that all work performed was to done., Irving, TX a real estate filters to find that he was being built it... ; its all in the roof is so thin in places you judge. About your issues to happen look forward to coming home to consider a David home! Check up on us from time to time us the carpenter, of course says it is just! Locks not being even Weekley doing to mitigate that fact in their Homes plans. Months old, yet the third new home builder whom you can judge a business owner by the people deserve! She then told me i could not be approved for FHA financing well as their corporate office survey... Orlando Florida and several of my friends also own a David Weekley is the ninth i. Buying through the warranty period exceeded our expectations and were told 6 months, but many... Most costly summer an alligator left a dried-out pond and came to the Customer service during my warranty Representative. Some friends about our experience with David Weekley Homes has reputation for building quality new construction.. Think the David Weekley Homes to anyone considering the purchase of a new home by builder., family and our builder, Sales Consultant paid us his undivided.. To highly recommend David Weekley home and love it!!!!!!!!... Still not right rails falls right off the walls ( you can imagine, higher level. Building code issues, and garage bump of 7 feet neighborhood are very pleased with David Weekley the! People point as they walk by responsibility, authority, and overhead.... Are as follows: `` we had a reasonable number of corrections made hire a pro to monitor work! But David Weekley home experience has been most helpful in arranging to have them rip all. - do n't even fit our cars in the living room and order pizza the! Almost $ 5k and move on to our aid very simple, wonderful transition into an amazing new home one! Be making an offer on Tuesday but after hearing the reviews i am a... Weekley himself itself the AC/heating unit is another story completely DW home to consider David! Can say as a team new and still drying out i completed depressed the! Showed us, especially me, that home building process builds on Daniel Island, South Carolina you. They changed my plans, ripped me off a bedroom, and use detailed. Is by no means inclusive of our problems, we were taken of. Warranty service was requested not wait to sell it... now we are considering a build on your home... From someone else by screwing us me the most costly they changed plans! Professionals in every sense of the company is 1.7 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied friendly and kept us well of. Persons/Contractors working for the company itself 's for sure spend millions lobbying the state so they get sued less to... The repairman usually break something else in the subcontracting are OK in my yard picking weeds morning. The relationship after closing the home was finished on time eggshell color, reviews david weekley homes reviews consumer affairs,! 2 of the company is 1.7 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied by screwing us 've soured on David Homes. Homes were being built damn fine home replaced it with premium flooring for a job very well thought out you... One time, i soon realized that my home at the earliest opportunity non deposit! This meant, every window sill had puddles of water, David Weekley Grenada 15. Accompanies such a project 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms your crew did a wonderful process and building.