Click "Updates" above to see the latest. Navigation. It has never been fully featured as a set before ,(only seen in backgrounds of already released sets), and I think and always have thought that it should of been one since it's a very important action packed moment in the film. , Anla, Sevrinno .do Arenas Juan - Pmee par0 "est do en odge colot-es y A d 11 Ln Moreno, ulCKin Turilo Pv Vu d 14 clenoia.-Doa oupie. The creator won't see your user name. Help your fellow builder by leaving your feedback based on these three criteria: Your feedback is only shown to the creator as well as yourself. Then make sure to leave a support on it if you can. The product has a very noticeable Aesthetic design; the three pillars are immediately recognisable to the target audience. A roar erupts from the Geonosian crowd as three dangerous beasts sprout from three different gates in front of the pillars. Want this as a set? Dieses coole Set orientiert sich an dem Universum der Clone Wars und enthält 4 Minifiguren mit entsprechender Ausrüstung: 2 Geonosis Clone Troopers sowie 2 Geonosi… Size: The set is of a good size for the type of set it is; it is not far too big or too small. But using simple general knowledge any danger should be averted. This set is a spectator stand with geonosian spectators/guards. You can decided with this potential arena set bend the rules and decide who wins or re-enact the scenes from Attack of the Clones. The arena section is the piece most likely to change from this draft stage to further stages and it is the section with the most bricks and so these current piece count values most be taken into account with the idea that this still in the idea proposal stage and does not necessarily represent the final product. The Geonosian executioner cart pulls them along to the four pillars at the other end of the arena's stage they notice Obi-Wan to their left as Geonosians secure there hands on to the other pillars. Hello and welcome! Its a pretty cool set. This is my set proposal for the battle scene seen in Star Wars: Episode II: - Attack of the Clones (2002) taking place within the Geonosian Arena (Petranaki Arena). dnonde estall6 y abri6 al- g- general Mri Agenter 1de pRo-Is Juvontod Masculine do Is Ac- I nCane d Ae c -l" nata yp e xpctinnn o do I ;gunse 1huoao 00 Ia pared del Characters Vehicle Levels Abilities Extras Games. It is not available for other users to see. Dec 29, 2015 @ 5:38am The game is too dark (brightness) Does anyone have the same problem? Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Some of the Acklay escaped from their captivity on Geonosis and went to live within the Ebon sea which also hosted the Geonosian Hydra. Materials: The majority of the set would be made from ABS Plastic (i.e. 119 afiisl A ervido inde lOlatme-y .perma.. e ,t i r periodico m, REC30O 10 CENTAVOS.c rA N Si Goar Meer Ditelor dl Ctcuio iCnuaf de I C M Q. The queen layed eggs for the hive, and provided orders to the public leaders of Geonosis. Alantheus. The Acklay is a creature native to Vendaxa. ); but possibly one of the most iconic features of Geonosis, the Execution Arena, has never been conceived in Lego form. Their eyes are on the side of their head, and unlike the 2011 Geonosian Pilot, do not have printing. LEGO® Star Wars™ III: The Clone Wars™ All Discussions Screenshots Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. The body and legs are identical to the body and legs of the old Geonosian Pilot. He was shopping around and found this online. Also multiple versions of it can be combined to make the geonosian arena where Obi-wan, Anakin and Padme where captured in Episode II. It is not available for other users to see. Minifigure capes) would also be used. 6,695 Pages. ©2008-2021 The LEGO Group. Last Updated . The creator won't see your user name. Can the Jedi face such a test or will the beasts win, while the separatists watch with joy from their high viewing box? Stand/Geonosian Wall: This set has never been made before into an official product and so it would be a great scene to implement into the Star Wars line and it would add many new characters/creatures which have not been done before and would bring new interesting colour and decal pieces. They have wings which connect to their neck the same way as Capes, and their head is shaped a bit like Garindan's. In the 17 years LEGO has been producing the Star Wars line of sets, several 'Geonosis'-based sets have been created, (Geonosian fighters, canons, etc. LEGO® Star Wars™ III: The Clone Wars™ > General Discussions > Topic Details. Click "Updates" above to see the latest. One such queen, Karina the Great, was even able to control sentient beings, including her own kind, via the use of brain worms. We then see the three chained to large stone pillars inside a huge arena; the three are then sentenced to death by Count Dooku, and are attacked by three creatures: an Acklay, a Reek and a Nexu. All Rights Reserved., A  main hinged wall section with multiple play functionalities. Customer: The product is designed for anybody of any age (really) who likes Star Wars or LEGO, or even anything in between!