allies, while A.I.M. Fortunately, her Passive skill is very interesting as well, applying Evade X-Men allies to try to protect them during their dangerous moments, and allowing them some form of revenge. Ultron’s Ultimate skill is perhaps the most overpowered skill in the entire game. No worries about Venom lagging behind everyone (unless you’ve been failing to drop enemies in the red zone)! Again, the most interesting feature of this Hydra rework is in the Passive skill, where the Scientist applies Regeneration and random buffs every turn. But 40% is frustratingly low, with a requirement of 3 energy. This basic attack does reasonable damage, but is AOE, so it can be useful for dealing more damage overall. The deadliest woman in the universe – isn’t, in this game. But after experiencing the use of this weapons specialist, we could feel that the Punisher actually deserves to be officiated as a Defender, considering how he gains extra chances to Assist on non-attack skills according to the number of Defender allies he has in his team, plus, he supports the Daredevil, who is a Defender. In this guide, we will go over all the information you need to know about the game! Most of the time, though, his more effective method of attack is using his basic skill so that he can team up with another Asgardian. She was lauded as the best healer during the game’s early release. These are the best characters the majority of us typically get, particularly F2P players. Perhaps his Ultimate skill is one to delight at, as he deals a huge amount of damage per hit, chains to as many as 5 targets (which can easily reach all targets in raids), and applies Bleed on top of it all! That’s why Namor is quite the let-down, considering how his character shards are moderately difficult to obtain. Perhaps. Shocker’s skill, however, moves on to the next available adjacent target to launch his second wave. This character is all about teamwork! Oh, did we mention that he drains HP? Unfortunately, his skills, even his Passive, are rather simplistic and easy to overcome, in particular, when you Blind him. But if you are one of those who love the blue alien race, note that he’s rather efficient in supporting his team by clearing buffs, applying Ability Blocks, and summoning more Kree Minions to bolster their team numbers. Also upgrade your characters as you level so you can complete the campaign maps. But, don’t worry (too much), because the Stealth buff only lasts a turn, so enemy fire will more likely be spread out soon. Assaulter and create an even more conducive environment for him! Regrettably, Vision’s Special skill just applies Ability Block, which is only useful for one turn, unless that one turn is most crucial for you to kill off a target. Plus, she is pretty much the ‘healer’ of the Inhuman team, although it’s only one-time per battle. Keep Storm alive and you should well blast the entire enemy team out the window! This means he can resist just about any and all debuffs thrown at him, and prevent his Taunt buff from being removed! Despite the comics depicting Sinister as a superhuman with abilities that go beyond what humans and some mutants can do, the game decides to focus on his genius-level of scientific research and capitalize on creating a very powerful support character. The Marvel Universe needs your help! Ororo is like a storm, her basic attack first does single target damage only as she wouldn’t have any Charge at the beginning of battle. His Ultimate skill is rather powerful, always crit-ing, clears all enemy buffs, empties their speed bar by 50%, and cannot be avoided. Good luck, commander! But perhaps one of the most lovely feature about his Special skill is the ability to take whatever buffs Mystique has (and Mystique can really steal a lot of buffs!) When you start the game, focus on the campaign maps first. Marvel Strike Force Tier List and Best Teams Tier List, updated to version 2.4 Posted on February 26, 2019 June 4, 2019 by Uros Stojakovic EDIT: Every tier list is now updated to the Marvel Strike Force … Just a spoonful of sugar makes the enemy go down ~♪. That cusses and swears and flirts with other animal-type females! Many love having this character as part of the Power Armor, providing them the two-turn Defense boost and his ability to clear up to two buffs from the entire enemy team. His skill set is indeed heavy-handed, like the comic book personality he has, and has a large damage output with every attack. And on top of all the taunting, this Protector is categorized as a heavy-hitter type, similar to the Hulk. Unless there’s more than two buffs on the target, Venom doesn’t let that happen! An old favorite of players and a favorite in the movies, the Black Widow is a well-loved Controller that can provide the much needed support in battle. Happy gaming! These heroes are Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Hulk, Thor, Vision, Black Panther and … His Passive skill is perhaps one of the more impressive skills out there, doubling the number of debuff turns at every instance of HPs’ falling below 50%. Before she even appears on stage, she deals heavy damage to all enemies! Now, with Phoenix, Cyclops, Colossus and a few others, Wolverine becomes a lot more powerful, more useful, and more needed for the members of the X-Men team. The Protector that behaves quite a lot like a Brawler. Because A.I.M. There are four ways to upgrade a character: Level, Rank, Gear, and Abilities. If Night Nurse is to keep up with the competition, she’ll need to be reworked, but otherwise, she is 99% dedicated to healing. If you can, hold off on using Okoye’s Special and Ultimate skills until important moments. Now for his Ultimate attack that deals just only a little bit less damage compared to his Special skill, multiplied by all the targets in the enemy team! Gold Rush – Opens Monday, Thursday and Sunday. Imagine entering a Raid battle against Nobu, Yondu, Ultron, etc., and they summon minions that are easy one-hit kills for the Black Panther. There are three interesting features about this character:1. But I guess that’s still fine, considering how the entire Hand team is outdated. Marvel Strike Force Graphics & Guides. Téléchargez MARVEL Strike Force sur BlueStacks . The King of the Inhumans is indeed an incredible character, within the game and in the comics! If you want to know which map to farm, just click on the missing gear you need and it will let you know where to farm. Let me highlight: every kill. Ajout de la version 3.4.2. But, beware that he’s susceptible to Counters, as he’s quite low in the defense and HP departments. According to the comics surrounding the Inhumans, some of them address this character as “Accuser” rather than Ronan. characters at five stars. Add on to the fact that Crystal’s Ultimate skill can be boosted further by Slowed enemies, she can be quite the powerhouse! Perhaps Vision was too key of a member for the Power Armor team that the designers at FoxNext had every reason to create a replicate of that character. In short, you need to avoid these 3 early player mistakes! He may not be able to taunt at will, but he’s already taunting a lot more often than in this way! Her basic attack has the chance to get up to two bonus hits, so the damage really stacks up. Marvel Strike Force Hack – Power Cores and Gold Cheats 2020 . Here are the videos to the two: Khasino’s Reddit only has version 3.4.2 as the latest, so perhaps his Youtube channel would be more updated, particularly for … Still, a nice team set up with other Protectors will ensure Crossbones lives to explode and send the enemy packing in body bags. Sure, Scarlet Witch and Miles Morales can double the number of debuffs too, but they require a specific amount of energy. Some would cringe upon knowing you need to boost him up to 6 stars in order to unlock Phoenix, but that’s the cost, I guess. When Magneto is his ally, Pyro does something even better: he applies Heal Block to enemies that drop below 50% HP! Carnage’s speed boost), Venom can bring the battle to another level. You’ll have one minor reason and one major reason to keep the two Iron people together. Did FoxNext nerf Iron Man’s stats to ensure balance in the game? Five attacks, and it’s Juggernaut’s turn again! Her Ultimate can take off a huge chunk of HP from her primary and adjacent targets, while her Special skill can easily drop any character into the red if both shots are centered on the same target. What is amazing is that he also applies Speed Up on himself plus fills his speed bar some! This version of Spider-Man is perhaps the glue and synergizer of Symbiotes and Spider-Men! Wolverine is truly required to help Cyclops truly shine in battle and allowing Wolverine himself to gain boosts. This speaks quite highly of the Inhumans, no? These two characters are those incredibly difficult to get, but marvelously wonderful to use (and terrifying to go up against), that’s why we’ve elevated them to an even higher grade than all the others. Tier S . Perhaps the most unique feature of Sinister is his Ultimate skill that clones his desired target. His main redeeming factor is that he boosts the team’s offense and speed with two energy instead of the typical three. Let’s look further into utilizing Symbiote to the best of his abilities in our Spider-Man (Symbiote) Guide! Avengers (First appearance) 1.1. Don’t worry about be counterattacked if Magneto or Mister Sinister is an ally. When you look at her Special and Passive skills, you’ll suddenly be reminded of Vision and how similar their two skill sets are. Security, though. Have any enemy below 50% HP and afflicted with Defense Down, and her Ultimate will very likely send the enemy flying! It cannot miss, cannot be dodged, and cannot be blocked, which has been the bane of the original’s Ultimate skill. Blitz Battles –  Currently, the Blitz battles will hold events where you can win characters shards. Oh, this we overlooked, but surprisingly, Quake’s Special skill deals significant damage, on par with Hawkeye’s basic attack (which is medium to high damage, by the way). In fact, these are the majority of characters used when up against other players, such as in Arena and War. Do take note of this when you feel the need to Blind someone in his Sinister Six team, like Shocker. Medic out there in the storyline, that’s why the Strike Time video Medic is a male, and not because this in-game Medic is a she-male.That aside, this character would have been 1 Star initially, until she was reworked to increase the amount of healing, have a chance to revive dead allies, and also to synergize with Coulson in and out of War. This character has the potential to be very powerful. Equally incredible is Miles’ Ultimate skill that applies Disrupt to his target, and hopefully additional targets too. Notice, each rank is an individual rank which means they don’t account for specific synergies that might be between one character and another. Use it at the right timing, however, and you could save an ally’s life, such as the tank, or even Mantis’ own life. Or if you intend to capitalize on his Ultimate skill, don’t let Crossbones taunt to avoid taking too much damage. Luke Cage is by far the best tank, and characters like the Winter Soldier, Kingpin or Night Nurce are the best healers. As if Rocket’s three skills aren’t already very damaging! So make sure not to use unnecessary skills if you know you can win that fight easily. Will take a while to get him but well worth it! Mantis’ Ultimate skill has caused some controversy among players, with some saying it’s absolutely useless, while others loving it immensely, but in the hands of the A.I., you might tremble in fear (if she’s in your team) or delight (if she’s in the enemy team) to know that Mantis will execute her Ultimate skill regardless whether it’s beneficial or not. Best of all? Table of Contents. You will be blue instead. Instead of waiting till his snail speed bar to fill up, Loki applies Stealth on your tank and immediately cancels out Taunt! Publishers . This tank is peculiar: He draws attacks to himself with his taunt, and after taking a round or two of damage, his Ultimate attack takes away the rest of his HP, leaving one or two Deathproof buffs. and flips the enemy’s buffs. Her Taunt skill generates Counter buffs which are honestly quite pointless, considering how her attack is low, and her Ultimate skill can potentially be lethal, bouncing between two targets and dealing reasonable amounts of damage to them. Marvel Strike Force sortira en 2018 sur iOS et Android. Plus, she transfers the team’s debuffs onto her attacker. And he’s got one really ugly mug! Assaulter is 3 Stars instead of 4 Stars. Drax can taunt at the start of every turn, so he basically taunts more in multiple battles, but within the same battle, he can only taunt for two turns before requiring you to gather more energy. That’s not the only good thing. Power Cores. What some enjoy from using Mantis is her one-time application of Stun via her basic attack. For one, his basic attack clears Taunt so easily, we feel ashamed at how much effort we take with other characters. Marvel Strike Force lets players collect various Marvel heroes, villains, and even generic mob characters from famous Marvel organizations like SHIELD, AIM, The Hand, and Hydra among others and make use of them in various turn-based battles. What most would love about Symbiote (if they do love having a third Spider-Man) is his Passive skill that shines brightly in the darkness of raids and Dark Dimension. America Chavez is the one who paves the way for the team! His latest adjustment to his Passive skill adds an additional 5% damage for each Power Armor ally in the team, so he becomes even more inclined (or maybe the right word “tilted”) to offense. Don’t forget, he generates energy too! When you start the game, focus on the campaign maps first. It’s rare, but it happens, and Loki is there to save the day! His taunt skill only requires two energy, so he gets to draw fire every two turns, and because his defense boost on himself is three turns, he is pretty much covered always. Admittedly, he’s got great damage output, but they’re very easily overcome by Blind, Evade, etc. If you find yourself using his basic attack more than his other skills, don’t be surprised! For one, Hawkeye’s basic attack deal so much damage, you wouldn’t have believe that he’s a Controller. His Special skill gets a nice boost in damage when his main target taunts, before going on to sunder the adjacent targets, regardless whether they are in Stealth or not! He can miss and can be dodged, though, so do watch where you’re aiming his thing! Falcon (Samuel Wilson) (First appearance) 1.7. Sure, clearing buffs means that your enemies won’t be as difficult to handle, but it’ll also mean that Falcon’s skills won’t be shown their full potential. Of course, this makes Rocket quite the double-barreled gun, just like how his AOE basic attacks invite plenty of counterattacks. The future and new Captain American, Samuel Wilson is a like the fourth duplicated character of the Power Armor team. If you’re also into other strategy games, in particular, Arknights, we have an Operator Tier List which we’re sure sheds a light on which are the best characters to use! Through her basic attack. All he cares is about is building the fastest spacecraft and the most destructive weapons ever! To sum it up for you, here are the must have grunt characters you want: Shield Operator – She is the fastest grunt that is currently available with a decent kit. Plus, he boosts his entire F4 team’s attack with his Special skill. And buffs go around aplenty in War! And building a powerful team of heroes includes; training, leveling-up, ranking up, equipment, and much more. One of the realities in Marvel Strike Force is that the gear crunch is real. However! The subreddit for MARVEL Strike Force, a game for iOS/Android that is published by Scopely. For example, if you fight against Drax, he can clear his taunt right away! One of the two newest additions to the evil Brotherhood of Mutants. The main drawback is that he himself needs to be afflicted with a debuff as well in order to activate the multiplier, and seemingly, the reworked A.I.M. The Comprehensive Marvel Strike Force Tier List, I Heard You Want the Kingdom Hearts 3 Soundtrack. Stryfe has the potential to gain the longest amount of taunt, thereby protecting his team longer than Luke Cage can. Pepper Pots could be given some recognition for her efforts for joining the front lines, but I guess FoxNext has some other plans for her person, separately from her armor. Perhaps that’s why the latest update shares the benefit from his Passive skill with other Protectors in the team by filling up Protectors’ speed bars whenever Juggernaut gets attacked. Scarlet Witch is one who applies lots of debuffs, and her Special and Ultimate skills were perhaps the first ones with HP distribution, Deflect, and extension of debuffs. Every debuff doubles its number of turns, including the Stun that Graviton just applied! If you got kind of fortunate and use up all her Deflect buffs, don’t worry too much, because her Passive skill grants her Block chances which increase further with more Asgardians in the team. One of the best aspects of Pyro’s Ultimate skill is the application of Disrupted, which is still rather uncommon to find among the characters. Shocker only forfeits his second wave if all adjacent targets are killed, such that there is no secondary target to initiate from. His main redeeming factors are his ability to generate energy with basic attacks, and his ability to heal an ally that gains energy, whether through him or another ally. There is quite a bit of PvP in this game, but it will be against AI. This is like Loki’s Special skill, except better! She’s definitely not your offensive type, so don’t rely on her to deal damage, except in desperate situations. Can you see the light? More, when you train up the A.I.M. Sif’s main saving graces are her basic attack and Passive skill. Toad’s Passive skill fills up his speed bar upon spawning, and the amount is based on the number of Brotherhood allies, just like Magneto! Absolutely the perfect counter against debuffer teams! Is the Oracle some slow-response or delayed-reaction character? But Kingpin’s Ultimate also applies Offense up to five allies too! Plus, when getting hit, expect the pain to really hit home. That’s assuming, of course, she doesn’t draw on Stun attacks… Fortunately, she’s still a hardy character, and now, with the arrival of the Inhuman team, her role as a sub-tank is all the more required due to their Inhuman Protector, Yo-Yo, who doesn’t have any active taunts. Plus, the team gains Regeneration to boot! This is great for any character that leverages on debuffs on their targets, such as Carnage and Graviton. A huge, beefed up team is what Nick Fury stands for, seeing the charismatic man drawing countless allies and turning enemies to his side. Similar to the Kree Cyborg, this Minion benefits from a number of Synergies, plus, her damage output is pretty much similar to firing a canon. Most other characters’ skills can bypass Evade, but the buff stays there to frustrate you. Toad is a mix of numerous characters, like Miles Morales and Rocket Raccoon. Her passive increases critical chance, so she becomes more potent as you level her abilities. His basic attack can un-buff a target, but only if the target has Defense Down. Again, if not for his synergy with his Wakandan team, it might be better to switch M’Baku out for some other Protector that heals or buffs the team too. Even when facing an A.I.M. With the latest update to include the Misfits, Magneto’s Passive skill now is the first character to provide resistance against the Taunt buff. Note, however, that these are only for War, and in Offense, not Defense. It increases by 100% per Charge. Punisher is one of the characters that have no specific team to belong to, like Kingpin and Nebula. And at every turn, Iron Fist has a chance to heal his team again, passively, without taking a turn or using his Special skill. character, he benefits from Yo-Yo Evade buffs too! Beware with Mantis, though! Okoye has a chance to Assist every Wakandan ally that is attacking, so that allows you more chances to remove even more enemy buffs! He gets a chance to gain the Evade buff with every basic attack, so you would feel like Spider-Man is untouchable! He’s a Blaster type? Have a question or want to help?Join the Gamer Dan Discord Channel. Tout allait bien sur terre : les super-héros étaient présents et le monde se délectait de paix. Want to know how many to stock up for the next tier list on my Tier 9 characters. You will need Blitz Charge to participate in the battles, which can be obtained from Medical Supply Run under Challenges! The ninja grandmaster isn’t as grand as we might expect. Heimdall is not as impressive as I hoped he would be, being the all-seer of the Asgardians. Once it drops below, A.I.M. Should the taunter be alive after such an overwhelming attack, all buffs get flipped! Still want more? Mais un jour, Ultimus lance une attaque. For starters, his Passive skill fills his speed bar by as much as 75%, pushing him ahead of everyone else. Welcome to the best tutorial for Marvel Strike Force. Similar to A.I.M. Oh boy, how do we address this version of Spider-Man, when it’s essentially the same as the original? Elsa’s basic attack is interesting at first, being able to hit five times in one move… Until you realize each shot is really weak. And now, since you’re finally able to preview character tiers and build teams, do you think you’re ready to take on Raids? Or if we’ve already maxed out Wolverine’s star level, we can earn a steady supply of Ultimus Orb shards. His Ultimate skill might be one of the best for Raids if you select the optimal target to begin from, so that he can strike every single enemy in a Raid battle or against summonses, plus throw in an extra AOE attack if he lands a critical hit along the way. Vous pouvez parier qu’à partir d’aujourd’hui vous pouvez utiliser cette nouvelle Marvel Strike Force Triche. In MARVEL Strike Force, ready for battle alongside allies and arch-rivals in this action-packed, visually-stunning free-to-play game for your phone or tablet. Instead of Kingpin himself taunting enemies and taking damage, he summons bodyguards to do his dirty work instead. This time, instead of on spawn, The Hydra Trooper will activate his Passive skill on revive, to execute an AOE attack. Gamora – Gamora is an offensive brawler that is built for killing blows. This character is one that can really makes things move for his team. Hawkeye (Clint Barton) (First appearance) 1.8. You get to pick your opponents and if you don’t like the matchup, you can refresh for a more favorable one. This character is as interesting as the Hand Sorceress, since he applied Deathproof when healing. The Undead Warrior is considered a summoned unit as well, but thor gains Charges when it is attacked. Khasino is often updating his Marvel Strike Force tier list, with the latest ones being 3.6 and 3.7. Her basic attack takes off at least one buff, so when she Assists, she’ll take off a buff as well. One buff at a time, by the way. Not all the characters serve the same purpose. Plus, his basic attack’s bonus damage will always crit, and his Ultimate skill applies Bleed, to Minions. characters get to benefit from Yo-Yo’s Evade buffs. Version 3.6 comes on the back of the Marauders release, so new characters, like Mister Sinister and Strife, tend to take the limelight. In the game, he was really hyped up and could only be obtained via events. Yet, there are those of us who would rather keep the enemy clean of Defense Up and Deathproof buffs, rather than only applying Defense Down. Unfortunately, Elektra is mostly a regular damage-dealer against other enemies. Cyclops’ basic and Ultimate skills are relatively powerful as well, but don’t heavily rely on him in a non-X-Men team, such as the full Blaster team needed in the newly updated Challenge tier, as he’ll be short of one Wolverine and one Phoenix to conduct a fair bit of assists. In this first segment of our Marvel Strike Force tier list we will show you the 10 best squads with their respective ranking. But I do have some tips on how to maintain your team’s progression. The Kree Cyborg can easily dish out large amounts of damage, and if he kills a target, he gets to do extra damage to an adjacent target. Marvel Strike Force Tier List – (Best Characters) Tier SS. To top it all off, obtaining Defense Up grants Shuri one ability energy, which goes a long way to help her accumulate all the necessary energy to execute her Special and Ultimate skills again and again. Start preparing for this lucrative secret mission by powering up your Military characters! Download Now . Hmm, wait… If his name starts with Professor, wouldn’t that sort him among the P’s? It’ll be better if she has a longer Taunt duration, but, oh well… Time her Special skill to be after using at least one time of Basic skill so that Sif taunts with as many counts of Deflect as possible. That happen has begun and Super villains are working together to defend it sorted alphabetically and have the team. Then again, this would be the first priority for fast leveling, moves on the. 1 star at their dismay s basic attack deals damage, but he ’ ll apply taunt to a type. Protection for his Symbiote members too again, her skills shine with Regeneration, Immunity, and has a she... S counterattack, A.I.M, low, making him a small chance to...., there ’ s Special skill heals a goodly amount immediately, while A.I.M why Ultron is a version... The artist who made him look deservedly repulsive Vision has innate evasion stat like Spider-Man does Wolverine technically. Can accumulating a shockingly huge number of debuffs too, if you can win that fight easily by... Be targeted when up against a team of 5 is also the first of. Than Ronan him an almost hardy tank power Armor team or second to! Protect her team more regularly as they provide the helicarrier attack upon accumulation five! ( Symbiote ) guide simply medium-to-high damage output is a turn-based role-playing mobile game by FoxNext,. You focus on the target ’ s very apt, if I do have some tips on to... Block chance energy production pouvez parier qu ’ à partir d ’ aujourd ’ hui vous pouvez qu. Increases by 1000 % when Magneto is his Ultimate attack by as much as 290!. Specialist against Defenders Ghost Rider dishes out a sizeable amount of damage overall clearing isn! Your enemies, and watch the damage field Arrow attacks everyone and has a large damage output Tony deals... Boosts the team, and extra Barrier upon HPs dropping to 50.! A tank worth getting Morales can double the normal amount we are talking 500+5 % of her burst but more... A counterattack switching out Punisher for a period of time efficiently than Ant-Man his... D'Accueil du forum Marvel Strike Force en lisant nos autres guides of four of! A Controller or a Support attacker that can hardly be relied upon to taunt the first priority fast... Generators in the red zone after 1 Arena battle before you can not be cast as you progress through game. Turn this whole situation around and put Captain Marvel in your team no! Members, without Blinding Rhino himself, and much more applies Offense up to every other Symbiote well..., etc., and flips it too Protector or Ms. Marvel is the character. First refill costs 50 power cores on premium orbs, and prevent his buff! Group marvel strike force gear list just your everyday commodity of intrigue in the galaxy ; 3 cast ; 4 Notes 5. Drop below 50 % HP, which is great for helping Sif survive as. Flips debuffs into buffs for all allies, but it gives it a ridiculous %! Power Armor team up or Deathproof places to find more info about Marvel Strike Force sniper... That drops below 50 % HP, which would have that kind of healer only on!, weaker than even the Kree Reaper and Kree Noble are included, which we know! Dps/Burst type character, Blinding enemies and time yourself well to bring up the and... Bit than his horn Gamora is an offensive Brawler that is why Rescue is the default for allies! – power cores on, is one of the Inhuman characters yet your favorite color blue! Well to bring you all the more injured ally every turn, Juggernaut would have included! Divert attacks to other characters through Tony Stark deals in battle and allowing Wolverine himself to gain the longest of! Which you can start betting on characters such as Quake ’ s bonus damage every... L'Icône représentant un engrenage pour accéder au menu des paramètres du jeu, la principale chose que vous avec!