When sedation is used, pigs can take hours to days to recover from. The answer is pretty simple, it was born out of necessity. The dewclaws are super easy to trim. The flip-the-pig method is one of the most safest methods to trim hooves for all involved and does not require sedation of any kind. Hooves that are not maintained can overgrow and curl, resulting in pain, difficulty walking, and damage to the soft tissue structures of the foot. If a vet or farrier shows up to your home and pulls one out of their toolbox, kindly ask them to leave. Photo credit: Dr. Louisa Asseo. That is why we recommend a hoof grinding tool or rotary tool to shave layers off at a time. A snout snare should NEVER be used on a miniature pig for hoof trimming! Several mini pig hoof trimmers have come up with various ways to accomplish this.Freedom Acres Ranch developed a wooden pig cradle that securely holds the pig. pig owners.Ask the Vet / Hoof Trimmer if they will disclose reference information of potbellied pig owners he/she has had as clients; ask if you can contact them if you want more information. Figure 5. There is the Hoof Boss, electric plug-in, 110 volt trimmer and three (3) tungsten carbide abrasive trimming discs which include, Blue medium grit disc, Gold fine grit disc and the specially designed Green V-Groove disc. Some services drop one or two bags of calming treats prior to flipping a pig on his/her back. Indoor pigs may need trimming more frequently than outdoor ones. This can break their trust, which is often what we are trying to regain during a new hoof trim on a pig previously snared. 123 talking about this. They understand pain and can link a visual tool to a physical experience. Mission Statement: To educate, advocate, protect miniature pigs, improve breeding practices, as well as encourage responsible mini pig ownership, to further the progression of the breed through DNA parentage confirmation and future documentation of ancestry. Click image to enlarge. This requires a calm and compliant pig and early training and desensitization. Most miniature pigs are housed indoors with access to outdoor pens, whilst others are more exclusively outdoors. These trimmers are meant for very large hooves, not the small trotters of a miniature pig. 501c3's contact us for even better specials because you all are amazing! Note: We NEVER recommend horse hoof trimmers/horse nippers for trimming pig hooves. Older pigs that walk less because of arthritis may need more frequent hoof trimming. We offer free advice on diet, hoof health, and recommended supplements. Being completely clueless on how to even attempt a hoof trim on a pig, I brought her to an area Vet where she was sedated for the procedure. In some cases, pigs may pass away from sedation. However, if your piggy has weak ankles, stays mostly indoors or outdoors on soft grassy lawns, then your mini pig will most likely need at least yearly or semi-yearly hoof trims. The set also includes three (3) 60-grit flap disc sanders, and an 8-Tooth Cdisc. An average hoof trim takes anywhere from 15-45 minutes without sedation. Blue arrows indicate the overgrown keratin portion of the hoof. The medial and lateral digits, that do not contact the ground much, will grow long and require trimming in all pet pigs (Fig 2). Some caretakers can trim or file their pig’s nails at home. Photo credit: Dr. Louisa Asseo. The Mini Pig Farrier™️ is a husband and wife team that works with miniature pigs across the USA providing proper hoof trimming services. I had adopted a mini pig, Lilly the year prior and realized that her hooves needed some attention. Once their fight-or-flight response kicks in, their bodies tend to metabolize medications at lightning speed. Disclaimer: The Mini Pig Farrier is not a licensed veterinarian. When to trim your mini pig’s hooves. Pig hooves are shaped much differently than horses. The non-weight bearing medial and lateral digits tend to grow long and require trimming in all pet pigs. Veterinarians It is important to always have a veterinarian that is familiar with Pot Belly Pigs. Contact The Mini Pig Farrier for help regarding your miniature pig's hooves. Outdoor pigs will benefit from cleansing of the hooves prior to trimming (Fig 5). Home - American Mini Pig Association. It is easy to lop off too much of the hoof and nip into the fleshy sole beneath the hard hoof, causing irreversible damage to the hoof structure. Furthermore, pinching tools cause cracks begin or run deeper within the hoof layers. I bought these to trim my 2 year old pot belly pig's hooves.…A pig hoof slants at a 30 degree angle, so clipping them takes time.… Uhapi Beauty Reviewed on Mar 29, 2017 The best hoof trimmers we have come across. Horse nippers are made for HORSE hooves, not for trimming miniature pig hooves. Ask if they have had any special training in Pot Belly Pigs. Rough surfaces, such as concrete and gravel, can help keep hooves short, however most pigs require hoof trims every 6-12 months (Fig 1). Figure 3. Mar 10, 2020 - Mini Pig Hoof Education | Far too often when searching images for hoof trimming on miniature pigs, they are incomplete, improper, or the wrong hoof structure altogether. Most miniature pigs are housed indoors with access to outdoor pens, whilst others are more exclusively outdoors. Pig hooves require a much different approach to trim hooves than other hooved animals. Read more on The Mini Pig Farrier's blog about why anatomy is so important to understand prior to tusk trimming. By: Louisa Asseo DVM DABVP (Canine/Feline Practice), Reviewed by: Valerie Tynes, DVM, DACVB, DACAW. Additional Caution: This is also a tool used to trim tusks. Midazolam (0.2-0.5mg/kg intranasal) can be sufficient in most pigs. If they do, this means the trimmer exposed every layer of hoof which will cause an invasion of microbes that leads to hoof rot. Similar to horse nippers, the long handle may seem better to get leverage with thicker hooves, but again this can lead to more injuries being further away from the end of the hoof. Photo credit: Dr. Louisa Asseo. Click image to enlarge. This board will contain images and links to our blog posts about proper hoof education to include before and after images. Smooth the remainder of the hoof with the sanding bur. Horse nippers were the culprit to a pig requiring surgery last year after a chunk of hoof flew into the pig’s mouth. We are a house call mini pig hoof trimming service in the USA. But then, once again, an average pig may need hoof trimming once a year. Figure 9. Figure 7. Figure 6. The onset of action is 5-15 minutes.Duration of sedation ranges from 20-45 minutes. Photo credit: Dr. Louisa Asseo. Click image to enlarge. These include: Learn more about miniature pig hoof trimming here. Apr 24, 2020 - This board is all about hoof care for mini pigs. These nippers were designed over 200 years ago for horses, but are implemented as the end all for pig hoof trimming. Figure 2. A pig with strong ankles who spends time walking on rough surfaces like asphalt and gravel may never need a hoof trim or hoof trims less frequently. Miniature pigs with brittle hooves may not seem brittle on outer layers visible to the eye, but once pressure is applied with horse hoof nippers, it can actually split open hooves that have deep underlying cracks beneath older layers. An average hoof trim takes anywhere from 15-45 minutes without sedation. THIS IS DANGEROUS. It is tied around a pig’s snout or around the snout behind their canines to lead or hold them in one spot. Several other hoof trimmers and owners have created similar designs based on this original. This article provides a deeper look and understanding of why certain hoof trimming tools for miniature pigs should not be used for their unique hoof structure. "Mini-pigs hooves grow continuously throughout life and need to be trimmed periodically." They will associate this item with pain and a traumatic hoof trimming experience which can take multiple proper hoof trimming sessions to understand they are not being hurt. Click image to enlarge. Our Pot Belly Pigs are not the same as cats and dogs. No information contained in this website should be used by any reader to disregard medical and/or health related advice or provide a basis to delay consultation with a practicing veterinarian in an emergency. Learning proper hoof trimming will pay for itself the first time you succeed. The flip-the-pig method is one of the most safest methods to trim hooves for all involved and does not require sedation of any kind. Horse nippers cannot address the underside of the hoof, which over time will grow too thick and a pig will work back onto his/her heels in an uncomfortable position. Sedation Free Hoof Trimming and Balancing. Mini Pig Hoof Trimming Education and Consultations. Ask their belief in sedating a pig for minor items (hoof trimming, tusk cutting, etc.). Figure 1. Proper precautions must be taken to make hoof and tusk trimming as stress free and low risk as possible. A wire saw must be used to properly trim miniature pig tusks. Dog nail trimmers (left) and a rotary hand tool with sanding bur (right) are useful equipment for the hoof trim of a small miniature pig. Clean the hooves prior to trimming. Rough surfaces, such as concrete and gravel, can help keep hooves short, however most pigs require hoof trims every 6-12 months (Fig 1). It is NEVER recommended to flip a pig upside down immediately after they have eaten food or drank water. Additional Caution: Horse nippers are used trim tusks on miniature pigs and farm pigs. This allows for easier handling when giving vaccines, trimming hooves, or providing other medical attention. An old myth is to give a pig beer to calm them down before traveling or doing something “stressful” such as a hoof trim. The hooves and nails growth may vary depending on your mini pig. The Mini Pig Farrier specializes in miniature pig hoof trimming. Photo credit: Dr. Louisa Asseo. Calming drugs or treats may or may not work for pigs. Swine, however, require different tools than what exist in most farrier toolboxes. These references have only been recommended by various mini. Photo credit: Dr. Louisa Asseo. Routine miniature pig hoof and tusk trimming should never require sedation. Learn about mini pig vaccinations on American mini Pig Association. This is great to have on hand in case of accidentally nicking the blood vessels in the hoof or nail. It is too easy to lop off too much of a pig hoof and cut into the soft tissue. This ended up in multiple broken teeth from improper tool use and a second vet having to treat this pig. Shape and smooth the hoof edges with the sanding tool (Fig 9). You want to ask them if they regularly treat Pot Belly Pigs or just occasionally. 1-815-888-4040 Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CST, Submit your comments and questions to vetinfo@lafeber.com, Reptile & Amphibian Basic Information Sheets, Louisa Asseo DVM DABVP (Canine/Feline Practice), Administered together as a single intramuscular injection, Handheld rotary tool with sanding bur (Fig 3), Injury to the vascular hyponchyium or “quick” if cut too short, Abnormal gait pattern if trimmed asymmetrically, Pain and risk of infection if the “quick” is exposed.