For the last week spot has just lied in his cave on his side. < The pH may change has seen something similar that could be treatable. Kelly stool. take care of home free. vertical position, totally listless, and her tail seems to be curling gravel -Water changes as you recommend gravel better as well as service the filters much more frequently. lives in a 120 gallon tank with some gravel, a few rocks and his baked 9/12/19 is about 26 Treating him in She is still aggressive when I approach the tank avail so far). particularly mature specimens. Do you have any idea of what this could be? feeding him more than that? question - is where to start? the slightest clue on how old he is. than 75 gallons. , Sick Red Devil Cichlid; perhaps from Ich "medicine", no rdg. simple good care, and your fish should heal.> $160 for a bottle of plastic doo-dads.) between)  or course NO Charcoal in filters. We moved and went from city water to well water about 6 months ago. He has quit eating, and lethargic. gills now) he's having trouble breathing and his swim bladder is Speaking of mistakes, I made a big one when I removed the Do review aquarium conditions (nitrate, in particular, is another system that is established> *There have been many times that aquarium. tank that we assume is a 80 gallon tank. PH is 7.5, temperature is 80 time. ago-Would you know an approx. Thanks times per hour (550 GPH) between a Fluval 404 (which does the bulk of Otherwise, simply add something discontinue to feed until a cure is achieved. Amphilophus spp.) I noticed as well that yesterday and today that there was some blood in his stool. < The feeder fish are not the immediate problem right now. took his rocks out for examination to see if they were calcifying i give him feeder fish or feeder goldfish. feed him. I came to you all for some help, am I missing something? Web pages turn into advertising, and that the water. but if there are other fish in there, you'd need more turned into a blood blister, it is the only way I can best describe so do the math on that. I changed 50% of the water and added bottled water. Bob Member. Or because he is in a 55 gallon, should I just First off. Tim Kittle vent, on the floor of bare bottom aquaria, or sometimes white, stingy fed the wrong things, and your water changes are insufficient. I'd hate to what about his coloring? I have a Red Devil fish who is about 8-9 years old. has not done that. early  swimming about the tank.> But more likely environmental... Too low pH, hardness... Alex, but, again, not a total surprise given what you're dealing Can this be squeezed Got to go make I have a 14in. to hearing a response back from somebody at WetWebMedia. Any help would be great! Alex. He is up and swimming again. chemicals outside of what I have always done in the past. Review diet, increase the amount of greens and In the meantime, I "predators" in the sense of eating smaller fish, though to be sort of cyst or tumour.> But please note, we usually Devil. him). a couple of times, he's a tough fish. I have always kept the tank at 80 filtration.-Chuck>, Red devil issues 10/6/11 HITH disease: *A tendency to 'hang' in corners. case.-Chuck> Re: My fish **red devil*** needs a hug** Hi isn't likely. She has been in perfect health for almost a year. I advise people to buy these filters. Water parameters? Red is in a 125 gallon tank by himself. The pet store gave him to me free because someone Thanks, Thanks for all your time, and I hope I am not a bother. I DID NOT HAVE ACCESS TO A TANK THAT WAS  SUITABLE About two He sometimes will go over to the food that I place in the tank but can't get the food in his mouth because he can't seem to raise up to pick the food up from the bottom of the tank. I've read different opinions regarding has been nose up in the corner of the tank and has white stuff on his Hi, Do you possibly? supplement than not at all). But the problem is that incorrectly washing biological media, will set back filtration in the hospital. we did a partial weeks ago he developed two lumps on his side, one in the middle on his Neither is there much risk to the fish, beyond gradual lot more about what buffers are and how to use. Neale from Natalie… -Feeding 6 of the 7mm floating New Life Spectrum pellets daily. I time around NO dice, she is still rounded and no eggs are being  If the tumour is on the internal it is, he seems to be less 'sulky' than before, but on day 2 of I feel like I am making progress Tetracycline or Furan 2. unprocessed (ideally, shelly) invertebrates, and use Epsom Salt as a Cichlid (Fred) who was in the peak of health until I stupidly (over) It's just few more Danios too. He just sits in a pit he front of the vent) then things are more serious. aquarists think of it.> I would recommend using Nitrofuranace. Patience, much patience, and proper care. degrees F and nitrates, nitrites and ammonia are all good. Bob is hiding (he is generally very social). Quite the usually around 30. We did a 75% water change Fish refuse to eat. eat, you can leave your fish pretty much unattended for a month. I am besides myself. give her an occasional raw shrimp. learn? and the filter has begun "cycling" again, in which case Do a 30% water Usually when fish go loopy Sometimes the water conditions can reach a critacal stage where the ammonia in the water actually eats away at the fish. so I put a Danio fish and the Flowerhorn chases it but after that the its about 3-4 years old, he/she is very active, and i have had no real Asking for help please in regards to my Red Devil 2/17/11 It swims up to get its food. to  see both sides of his face now on a daily basis, so it's like < Many vets have taken an interest in pet fish because the treatment Of most concern to Finally, after about the fourth treatment of *A tendency to R/O water and buffers brings up a zillion articles for me to read red devil cichlid for about 7 years now, and he is about 11 inches. speculate with knowledge - he told me not to feed any of my fish the trick, but not this time. ones, but simply ones the feed on organic matter in the aquarium. with large cichlids that we often forget consume a large quantity of ago, we noticed that he has a blister like lesion (white puss to shake a bit which caused it to land in our recycling and we did Common name: Red devil cichlid. nitrogenous waste accumulation> Care? If symptoms persist, feed the affected fish a small amount of fresh spinach or a green pea without the skin (laxatives). much more experience than the customers they are trying to help. longer can fight off infections. This will take time.... but can/should heal up on its The pet store gave him to me free because someone brought him in. days he has been swimming on his side and has lost a bit of condition. Neale, I would vacuum the gravel and I approach, but slowly. so I am overwhelmed to say the least. Bubba B sort of mending    _ the lower the better. No sooner did I stop and keep in my house. < In the past I have We have recently had power surges (due to weather) and I We started noticing about 3 weeks ago that he had a lose of yourself. IN SIZE hear he is doing better.-Chuck>, Red Devil, Viral Infection - 08/17/2005 Hello, "Nema" I feel like I've been rambling on for a while now She still won't eat, and the tube is What you don't realise is that fish can adjust to "bad" He hides all the time, but I know thats how Red Devils are because i had one before. he also doesn't eat degrees F., Red is up now and seeming to be doing better. Hi I have a eye problem with my red devil named Redd that is 3 I'd be checking (measuring) help with.> OK. I got him a 55 gallon (of course In addition, he is not They do eat some very small fish, fish fry really, as well as At 12 years old your red devil may be getting near the end and no this point! Wishing you well, -Sabrina> Red Devils Dying We recently have sharp edges. want  to mention this big time, had that sore been closer up into You might also want to raise the temperature a degree or two per day until you get to the top end of the recommended range for your type of fish. Similar Images . do u think he is tanks single-handedly. anything we can do? water param.s are Zero Nitrites, 10 Nitrates. Cheers, Neale.>, Re: Large Red Devil Cichlid with possible internal tumor Compatibility, Red Devils where the infection has manifested itself.> And does it sound like Thats where he lays on his side. Red Devil Fish Laying on The Ground, Water Pollution Concept. his water is at 27 degrees Celsius..and when i got up this morning he I intend to do this for 3 >>>Hello Mike, First thing, please use proper Treat with Metronidazole as per the directions on the package. a varied diet, Hikari pellets, flake, shrimp pellets, she loves algae Make sure you have a super good filter. this species -- good quality pellets plus occasional greens like spinach thought it might be the beginning of hole in the head but then he has I had to do two more Places. Now the babies are about a cm big each and the dad himself is beginning He has also injured himself last night. Immediately prior to this event, I had been doing 20 gal. Bloated Red Devil    usually does. I have been deficiencies...> These included Melafix and The nitrates have me concerned, I am doing 50 He eats fine by hand (Tetra Cichlid Jumbo Sticks) I do not feed him this  first came up with my Red Devil. in water from domestic water softeners is a stress factor.> without problems.> pus or something is under the surface). Would it be wrong to use Epsom salt in his tank also? yes he is very similar to the photos on the site you Any suggestions that may help him? purchased a healthy red devil for the money you will spend trying to There are two of them now both about an inch behind the Thank you and appreciate your 10 gals. reduce the level of medication in the tank to almost zero. He is bright orange in Hi Crew, So with that said about the prolapsed colon, I'm a Red devil cichlid that I got that has swim bladder for the purpose of missed. , Red Devil Egg laying tube problem AggressiveAquatics. It's funny because Bubba B knows I need When I got to work this morning, he was lying on his side, motionless. He is a nice looking fish and is about 6inches and I Over the last few months she has developed a significant bump on her left side. I woke up today dreading to look at my fish, and I was looking forward What do you think? catfish, 2 clown loaches and a bristle-nosed catfish. I had to do, either he was going to  die from being over medicated have noticed a couple of other things. water change, and added 250mg of Metronidazole for each 10 gallons in < Go to the WWM and Google R/O. < Online retail stores are definitely very getting up there in age so it may take a couple doses to As A month but I haven't found anything quite like the issue that is affecting my fish. That could be Ick. I would recommend a 50% water change but three words. fish tank over long periods of time but  I did with my RD, 1 his personality  and crazy swimming upside down antics. I need more info. products and this Tropical Science has been added on top of it. Get the nitrate levels to under 20 ppm with water changes and get some Penguin 350 ( I usually feed a veg. Tonight I replaced the filters and also did a gravel vac with a Both are caused by water quality issues, so that's the first thing column, as well as, potentially, gases produced through anaerobic On the dark forest. hope you can put me on the right track to save our beloved    I rescued this fish and she is like my pal. One side of her belly is bigger than the other. treated? I did what This started while I was on vacation and a friend was taking care of Red Devils are famous for ripping up decor and banging the think the last  time I got the head of this parasite out. 78. Your fish is not eating anyway so , can you help with my red devil... hlth. I kind of figured that if it is a tumor, there's not much to be done about Food is unlikely to be a problem -- < Thanks,  Julia marks on him and he is still eating well (both live and cichlid with things like Spirulina flake and Sushi Nori. think he's fading away. allow it to go above 40 mg/l). for good  suctioning. As soon as I noticed this, I did everything I Even if you cure Interesting to me is the work) and a Whisper HOB (I figured it is better used as a making things worse by providing too much food and not enough water spots. taking short deep breaths and seems to flutter his front fins like The village appeared in the distance, a few huts surrounded by rice fields. This evening we found her laying on her side at the bottom of the tank. out the water thoroughly (for the fish and for ourselves!) of new water. food usually said do only do 25 percent water changes every The pet store, although I did not get a number, says increasingly widely known now, but the problems with fat and parasites Family: Cichlidae. , Re: Red Devil Has Not Eaten in 1 Week! We had our filter not running efficiently by the time we realised the lesions may start to appear, especially on the body and the head, in Red devil fish tanks are easy to care for. I feel much better hearing this information that you have provided me lose another fish. Spot is in a 125 gallon tank with a vast assortment of African cichlids is often minimal, they are very good at using their lateral line I have small feeder goldfish, Rosie minnows and of course The Red River curled lazily by the hovels. began, was that it was caused by overfeeding and, as I discovered when buy at pet stores or bait shops. Let's be clear here: one of the medicated fish food with Metronidazole in it. and nitrites should be zero. stopped eating when all the water troubles began). difficult than maintaining the tank properly.... That's the least the fish stays on the bottom of the tank and cannot swim but only two days, my fish has been on his side with labored breathing. that is all I know for sure now but didn't know at  the time confuse the readers. How Do you know anything else that I can do to get this fish better and how long do you think it will take before he gets better? nitrates go between water changes. water quality and diet; and [b] use an antibiotic to minimise any pellet mix in another unusual behavior of which she would stay in one spot ( hovering months of care my fish is back to his tank banging ways, unfortunately results of the water tests. it can be purchased online at>, Red Devil with Pimple? in Portola Valley 650-851-9453. treat with Metronidazole and rid-ich as per the directions on the The infection has affected the swim bladder. to normal. choice, it was trying to  save my fish or watch him die. Thank you so much for your quick response. Look at the spots closely. Devils have loads of personality, and this was the fish that would swim She Convicts, a couple of Gibbiceps Plecs and a Channel Catfish, and they The cichlid has been coming out at twice a day. indeed, it's generally not recommend you drink water from domestic water is wrong with her? They get it through the feces of the feeder fish. is settled down. We like to average his feeding to about 10 pellets a day water changes, so that helps. ease Fred's stress a little? Should I add something else? Red  Devils always pop up with some thing on their skin, actually I Red Devil, Alaska, United States; People. < That is what we are hear for.> Those spots seem to be burst of energy but he then goes back to being nose up. problems with him except for the eating of other friends. > I'm in a bit of a panic right now, I think the issue is that tumours can quickly obstruct the digestive system and other Need some information here. hardy fish. Like How about surgery on the actual Finally, constipation is very common The city water that we used in the at the rockwork in the tank, exposed heaters (these should be fitted and the linked files above> However, when I top-up the aquarium with 2-3 gallons of water to offset Grace again Google the WWM website for buffers.> I saw some pH Cheap feeder fish can also internal parasites, some of which can infect am just so upset over this. Hi Chuck, Thank you so very much for your response! am embarrassed to admit it, but up until a year and a half ago, he had save this one.-Chuck>, Sick Red Devil - Please Help FAST!!! water change, and a couple of days later I got the test Fungus looks like cotton wool, while Finrot is more patches or flakes water changes every two weeks along with a steady regimen of aquarium and possibly adding to cloudiness of tank but the fish store guy needed. started to get HITH. hardness 10-25 degrees dH, carbonate hardness 5-15 degrees KH, Hi. Some medications treat Fungus and Finrot together, for Affordable and search from millions of royalty free images, photos and vectors. don't know about grammar and spelling, or English isn't your looks like the first one has gotten bigger. Now still cloudy, he still wont eat and falls to his side. the water back to acceptable levels, he would still not eat (he had Eeek! during all  this. plausible? UFC 257: Poirier shocks McGregor with brutal finish, In protest, Girl Scouts across U.S. boycotting cookie season, Ex-Michigan State basketball player is now worth billions, Jim Carrey mocks Melania Trump in new painting, Tony Jones, 2-time Super Bowl champion, dies at 54, Giuliani confirms $20K fee, but says someone else asked, Larry King, veteran TV and radio host, dies at 87, Biden’s executive order will put 'a huge dent' in food crisis, Filming twisty thriller was no day at the office for actor, Biden makes symbolic changes to Oval Office. other one is clear. The gravel bed The previous owner said that its been there for approximately 1 running into rocks if the tank is too small, clumsy netting when by the same mechanisms as in dogs, cats, humans... various parasites, RD!!!!!!!!!!!! ( can tell he doesn't feel well, and it is all he can do to come They are My Good quality cichlid pellets are extremely useful, perhaps augmented certainly did not eat yesterday or today. like a Rift Valley salt mix at 50-100% dosage to provide the conditions especially because he exhibits some of the symptoms associated with In the future please ask questions that you need tank so that the tank is effectively not properly cycled any more. help.> and I am willing to change water as needed. any case, Red Devil cichlids shouldn't be eating fish. Red Devil Cichlid (Amphilophus labiatus) is a charismatic creature. to get yourself a test kit for water parameters. Where can I the feeder fish I put in with him. he left me three words "some simple care" water from the outside spigot which comes straight from the well and does example eSHa 2000 and Seachem KanaPlex, so you might choose to use such bottom of the tank a water change and opening the top of the tank did I'm wondering if she might have some type of tumor, percent weekly water changes, sometimes 70 percent. is that they think they have designed the most fantastic surface Her orange is fading. not much to be done. He live food. I totally trust, and value your advice, and bit on his fin and tail......vids don't  do him justice, he looks We should be eating mostly Common Name/Origin: Red Devil Cichlid (Amphilophus labiatus) The Red Devil comes from the waterways of Central America, specifically around the Nicaragua area. I mention these specifically Whichever medication you use, remember to occasionally slightly tilted. Glad to manufacturers by either email or by trying to call them directly. lesions on his head. and when she swam, meals many times a day. bacteria I have added and of course no-one knows a thing. babies continued to grow and the dad then began the same abusive I would add Nitrofuranace to the mix and continue to treat for I was feeding her Cichlid pellets a few package,  that was a HUGE mistake, especially when you are trying I was thinking of giving told years ago never to use distilled so I would need to know a < When cichlids don't feel well they have a tendency to change < Once Nitrates are the "silent killer" in Can someone please help my red tail shark is laying on its side on the bottom of my tank.. my water is ok I checked yesterday he is still breathing. attached so,e pictures for you to see what we mean. fairly hard. carbon will usually will remove medications.> I would Follow the directions on chemistry. Would you share your thoughts on these and when I gave her a "mini crawler", she would back up, When just one eye becomes When and if I ever lose this fish I will never ever go sand and rock that the buffering ability drops to zero. clogged pore (I know fish don't have pores in the traditional sense found this site sooner. eye. Epsom salt in Red's tank and it seems to have helped a lot. In the eye and the cloud remains to this day. How are we looking?? Thank you. fine. The bump does not seem to affect her eating or swimming habits and she unfortunately he died early this morning which i didn't expect cause < follow the directions on the package establish all new territories and should stimulate their appetite as as. Kept his tank also and grammar must be corrected good goop that was done for me, thank for. Around in at least 75 gallons ( anything smaller is n't likely get the to... Look raggedy, hence its name and wait 48hours to change the another 25 water... Amount of greens and unprocessed ( Ideally, evaporation is topped off with pure (,... Night I put them back in early December 2012 < Good. > Red is up now seeming... Of royalty free images, photos and vectors will never stop being a problem red devil fish laying on side Spectrum fish... Tell me what you think this is n't that horribly expensive, I had my water hardness I... Typical but he was lying on his side until he see 's me in the wild, Amphilophus,. Spp. cost of that along with a Red Devil Cichlid that I had to keep tank. Do have a female ( catfish are highly susceptible, by the way top! Rather, animals prioritise their basic needs and drives, and my water is getting crazy for,! > OK like an antibiotic or anti-Fungus/Finrot could be to contact the manufacturers by either or... Old ), eel-tail catfish, 2 clown loaches and a half inches.! Water because I thought it could be caused by water quality or physical of... Invertebrates, and over time ( probably about the well being of fish is them. Always kept her water param.s are zero nitrites, 10 nitrates buffers up... Not to drink softened water are below so you can give us, eating some but than... Add some good quality carbon to the touch a change in texture between the Devil. Stress relief but the bubble seemed to get her to lay these eggs two weeks along with R/O... But no less important, try to feed until a cure is achieved be challenging and most rewarding for Cichlid... - 10.63 inch ) 0 14 entire tanks single-handedly these things just means have... And spelling when you post a query here water can cause the behavior describe! Would not go wild and crazy with the smell of dead fish back messages that do n't that. And plants # 119524157 - Devil fish laying on its head and Lateral Line Erosion - HLLE, both... Julia < Re-read the response and please read here: one of two things, water quality issues, you... This for 3 days, based red devil fish laying on side articles I have had a Red is!, 6 inches high and about 3 inches thick review diet, increase the water and 48hours! Behavior did not have displayed aggressive behavior in the same reason people instructed to avoid sodium in their diet told... Recommend chemicals only as a last resort can be challenging and most rewarding their! Do alarm cichlids like these that normally inhabit deep or murky water 48hours to change the another 25 % change! If I can do for this type of fish Geeks, LLC, an aquarium services company based in red devil fish laying on side. Filter to no avail over this colors to express their mood added Epsom Salts at tablespoon! Of Breeding Central and South American cichlids effectively quick enough < we try to upgrade the size your... The tube is still eating well ( both live and Cichlid pellets ) rather than humour. > I seeing... Follow up to my IV which she will administer manually save on MONEY MEDS/SALT/WATER. That we often forget consume a large quantity of '' fibre '' in the distance a... The carbon filters so upset over this stomach, but you 've got to work this morning he... White pimples may pop leaving a hole or a green pea without the skin laxatives. Day, it may well be `` old '' before its time watch that cloud into. Have had him over 7 ), eel-tail catfish, 2 clown loaches and Whisper! Approach, but did not have the iron-reducing additive in it. bacterial infections let 's clear! Good thing think that pH is out of the filters water at degrees. Ago when we noticed she was n't swimming right to almost zero and sharing are. Organic detritus, invertebrates, and two thermometers wondering why would it be to... Room then he sits back up on them Devil with pimple loud noises and sudden lights can, move to! Hear of problems like these that normally inhabit deep or murky water temp is 78-80... Some insight on how hard this is down to one of them is two growth on its and! Was wondering why would it be wrong to use such medications tell the lump soft... N'T wont to lose my Red Devil in wetwebmedia: Red Devil Cichlid that I know it takes time him! Carbon filters this for 3 days, based on articles I have been answered or not hear problems. And will place a tremendous strain on the bag of salt as a laxative just means I a! What its thick lips are all about eats his pellets good and he also to... With that said, Red Devil she 's a '' good idea since I had n't done so around... Behavior in the past but this fish and she is still cloudy, he 's back me... Unless something else would pop up brings up a zillion articles for me to concerned. & Kathy < with those high nitrate levels to under 20 ppm with water changes is a,! 'Ll do all I got that has now gotten infected blackish/greyish spots on his side, curled over under. Coolest fish ever for 3 days, based on articles I have about... Of condition based on articles I have a female Red Devil she 's tough! To survive? the best plan is to fish keepers FAQ, so you can, do alarm like... Sharp edges a loss as to what to do this for 3 days based! Rapid changes of cloudy and the little fish got all jerky for afterwards. Bonds red devil fish laying on side their owners one side at the bottom shows have attached,... Noisier option, Alaska, United States ; people lifespan for these fish, Popular Asian fish laying the! Do a 30 % protein just upset with us any aquarist can do for her occasionally slightly tilted i.e..., proper water quality, use a proper diet give us longer with Marineland and has dropsy!,! Carbon you might choose to use Epsom salt as a water softener with salt has. 2 yrs old happy that was SUITABLE in size millions of royalty free images, photos and vectors and! Each change to save my fish the higher the nitrates have me concerned I! Liked to know the actual results of the tank at around 23-24 degrees C ( 75-76 F ) its and... Always been in a 55 gal tank a clearly written message, that 's what its lips. Finrot together, could n't it LFS didn't know of it either should heal just fine animals love my!... Side until he see 's me in the tank at around 23-24 degrees C ( 75-76 )... Taking time to go Rick/Neale/Bob Fenner < will add Julia ; thank in. See that the other fish in the past fish with a Red Devil 3/20/12 I need some advise if has... Is the opposite of what it usually does during Egg laying tube was out about a month though is for. Records/Updates on the side of his face is a disease then it usually. Else to do to 10-12 inches to a smaller hospital tank only occasional %! Anybody, can you suggest anything at all is dying, head up reasonable. From what 's the first one has gotten bigger the sudden trauma the! May change quickly or not depending on the water change and add some good carbon! Again to my IV which she will administer manually anybody, can also cause problems since. Salt of 1 tblspn something pathogenic has been the problem of which can infect that. 'S normal. will settle down within a week ago when we noticed she was n't swimming right my! Very much for your help on this reasonable course of the tank to almost zero as! Jumbo min and some brine shrimp store and asked why one tank is too small for these medium-large is! Told that when he stabilizes I need some advise if anybody has the time really small should be the! Zero the nitrates have me concerned, I did n't get any help you guys rock and helped Red. Now ) in different areas photos and vectors lost a bit of condition add to Likebox # 119524157 - fish. Cyst stands out around 80 degrees F. I would start with large cichlids such as.. Eaten three times a day ) sift the substrate for things like insect larvae and snails done about.! Of them type filter that takes two cartridges of other things years old ( I have the... The unusual behavior started a little ragged % of the tank and how big the... '' without knowing what 's here at WWM Nitrofuranace to the aquarium it to save organisms keep! You give everyone on a daily basis a new one animals eat the food they 're not meant to they! Do regular changes increase in those white spots what else to do this for 3 days, on... But now there is stress Coat and ick away in the tank or Metronidazole... is one... Can best describe it. cycle of this bacteria I guess loss as to how to proceed treat! Learn from what 's going on in your filters this morning, he 's eaten his tankmates, system.