Heat a steamer with plenty of water or preheat an oven at 350 degrees F. If using steamer, fill steamer with manapua on their papers about 1 to 2 inches apart. Once the garlic starts to slightly brown, add your meat and carrots cut into matchsticks, and leave to cook. As soon as they come out of the oven, brush the tops with melted butter to keep the surface soft. The best thing about making them at home is that you know exactly what's going in them. thats how what i have been told, so i never try it.Thanks again Panipopos! If you would like assistance with this recipe, I'm always glad to help, but if you post another aggressive and insulting comment, it will be deleted. i wanna know what you put in yours..if that's okay. Place the dough in the refrigerator and allow it to rise (3-6 hours). Many languages don't have a different word for the meat of an animal, like English does. This will prevent steam from dropping onto manapua while steaming. The hint of sweetness and coconut is complemented by the texture of tapioca. I found this recipe in a travel magazine a few years ago. Please post if you do know. And don’t forget to peel away the waxed paper before eating. Hi Panipopo,Yes, all 3 are from me, I wasnt sure if they came thru coz my internet conged out on me lol. Love your work Panipopos - keep up the awesome samoan recipes and vid's on how to bake n cook the delicacy of Samoan food. All the best with your cooking! 1 whole clove garlic or 8 segments (diced) 3 tablespoon ginger (diced) 1 whole onion. I freestyle the filling every time I make it so don't really measure anything...If I have time, I'll make up a recipe...Cheers! To remaining water, add oil or shortening, sugar and salt, stirring until melted or dissolved. Thanks for posting Recipes made this and my family loved it.now they are requesting more your amazing. But I have to say I love your funny humour that you bring out on your comments like (keke-cake) pua'a-pork) a little bit of translation going on as well as recipes haha...I love cooking with a smile and add a splash of fun as well and people would want to eat it(well, in saying that, they have no choice, either eat or leave lol..thanks again, Hi Panipopo,WOW...this is such a helpful site for samoan recipes...I thought I'll change the taste in our family and make some samoan food instead of kangaroo and rabbit leaves (salad)everyday. Samoan Recipes. Hi Marrina, hope you have connected with SamoaFood.com on Facebook. Hi Cherie, thanks very much for your comment. Simple theme. I just finish making this.. The final product looks so yummy and authentic – you won’t believe it’s actually vegan! I stand by my recipe, which is a solid one, and as for being more specific, I provided not only photo instructions but video on YouTube as well. OMGAAAHHHH!!! Samoan Recipes Samoan Food Bakery Childhood Coconut Dishes Cooking Tableware Desserts. You can substitute Chinese BBQ pork (char siu) for the sausage if you'd like. Hawaiian Style Pork Hash Keeping It Relle Hawaiian steamed beef buns recipe cooking channel how to make homemade manapua updated you samoafood com how to make keke pua a samoan pork buns you keke pua a samoan steamed dumplings just pinch recipes kaykay poo ah 101 manapua pork buns you pizza pua 7 eleven hawaii unveils new manapua flavor american samoa … Keke saiga is on the to-do list :), having a hard time finding a pork filling recipe. He just needs to fa'apa his ulu on his computer hahaha!! Mix the yeast, water and first measure of sugar in a large bowl. I can't thank you enough for posting these recipes. Thank you for your efforts in sharing our food and culture with the world. Cool. They were beautiful!! Visit the post for more. Asians are good cooks because things are done through trial and error. Next time you post a god damn recipe make sure you don't lie about ingredients! Hi Nativa (love your name), these are best made on the day your going to eat them, and the sapasui seasonings should be fine...just make sure it tastes good before putting filling the buns. Yah just attempted to make some keke pua'a with my niece! If baking, place manapua on their papers on a baking sheet about 1-2 inches apart. I was just curious because that is my mums favorite snack :)thanks again, Hi teinesamoa! I've tried almost all your recipes, and they come out ohhh so yummie..thanks to you i get many compliments on my baking :) wish you all the best and God Bless!! How do I store this? Have fun and enjoy!! Allow to plump up into a globe with a taut exterior. Talofa Panipopos and nice work on the keke pua'a. Thanks heaps for the recipe.. Place each bun on a piece of waxed paper, pleated side up if you’re proud of your pleats, or pleated side down if you. This was a BIG ASS FAIL! and this recipe here, I am going to try it. Thanks. So, he came across your recipe, and I ended up helping him. Remove dough from bowl and rinse out bowl. All the best! Ohhh I dont knw how to begin but thank you so much you are a true Samoan Ive been asking around for this recipe but eather they too aiu to give it or they just not enterested in sharing but thank you my kids love eating it and their favourite is Pagipopo so thank you and God bless you hope we gona have more cause Ive tried all of it and they are yummy and my family loves them thank you very much....Lilly. Good on you for trying these at home (this is one of the more intimidating recipes on this site). And do you make your filling the night before or day of? It's for people like you that I write this blog. Happy cooking! Roll each piece into a ball, then roll or press into a 4 inch (10cm) circle, dusting with flour if necessary. Like you I enjoy working in the kitchen esp when I have 6 Children to feed and it's alot easier then going out to buy where I can js make my own homemade from my kitchen lol See that you've recently posted u your own Puligi recipe made from scratch! And her latest video for vegan Hawaiian beef buns (Manapua) is super impressive. Enjoy cooking and good on you panipopo for sharing your recipe. Grease the bowl, place the dough back in there, cover and let rise until it’s doubled in size. Samoan dishes are considered as delicacies throughout the world for their exotic taste and style of preparing. Manapua can be frozen. Thank you very much, my family who are samoan/maori really enjoyed them. Yeah, it's nice and healthy but. I think the more correct translation is "pig" rather than pork. Chill covered until 1 hour before you are ready to stuff the manapua. You have to have a bit of faith and let your tastebuds do the work. Some Hawaiian manapua makers offer pizza filled, turkey melt, ham and cheese omelet, teriyaki burger and spicy sausage. Fantastic Anne Maria! 1 cup Kikkoman or any Teriyaki Sauce. That's one of the only words I know in Samoan. This Samoan poi is made of ripe bananas that are simply mashed and mixed together with coconut cream or milk. Thanks for ruining my day off and quality time with my niece! Inspired by the Samoan dish vaisalo, which is made with fresh coconut meat and starch, this warm tapioca porridge can be enjoyed for breakfast or dessert. Remove steamer from heat, let stand 5 minutes, then open. Add this to the yeast mixture and mix until combined. They turned out absolutely delicious, and I was EXTRA generous with my filling :-). I would love to make these soon. Wow that was a harsh comment!!! Chicken Spring Rolls. Cousins of mine are Samoan with Maori hearts so plenty of love for your culture. next time though, i'll be steaming these for sure! A bit of knowledge about your ingredients is also useful. I really wanna make these for my parents but my mom doesn't like sweet keke pua'a so im scared that itll be too sweet for her. For more information about Taste of Samoa Manapua Bakery, visit their website , call them at 800-267-9367 or stop by for some tasty treats at 13817 Pacific Avenue South in Tacoma. I e-mailed the photo's to panipopos.kitchen@gmail.com I hope you received it. WOW, THANK YOU!!! I appreciate your feedback. In the meantime, combine the milk, butter, second lot of sugar, salt and eggs. I'm very glad you and your children could enjoy these. Can i use your dough recipe to make panipopo? Pinch the folds together, twisting them as you do so. I need to practice my bun making hehe but managed to make 12. I'm part Samoan and we grew up eating this food since my dad was trying to keep up with his favorite foods. Hi Lilly, everyone has a different recipe, but this one works for me...Thank you for trying the stuff from my blog, and good luck with your cooking! DELISH!!!! I made this one too and boy was it a hit!!! also, i read of someone filling them with peanut butter and jelly...i just KNEW this would be a hit with my kids-and it was! Much like the traditions and culture of the country, these menus from the Polynesian cuisine are unique in their own different ways, and this list gives you a vivid description of a few of the best dishes from Samoa, along with pictures and their traditional names. Find me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/NalanisKitchen Also known as Cha siu bao, it can be steamed or baked. Was craving for keke puaa so i found your recipe and straight away tried it with lamb chops filling. NOTE: Times do not include proofing time for the dough. Thank you for your kind words Helen. The old man Pinati had to do the same and even now the recipe for making kekepuaa is still changing. Try to make them fresh on the day and be generous with your filling. While the dough is rising, cut out 16 4” (10cm) square pieces of waxed paper. Wish me luck:)Faafetai, Hello there! and she was very disappointed with your recipe which made me look bad in front of her which i don't fucking appreciate!!! I just have a few quick questions...What seasoning's do you put in with your meat for the filling? Add two cups of cake flour and mix well. :). Spoon a generous amount of filling into the centre of each circle, being careful not to get liquid on the edges. When you can get fussy eaters to eat stuff, you must be doing something right. Recipe #2 Source: Lily Dayton PANI POPO (COCONUT BUNS) 9 cups flour, divided use 3 3/4 teaspoons active dry yeast 3 1/2 cups milk 1/4 cup butter 1/3 cup sugar 2 1/4 teaspoons salt You'll need two 8 1/2-inch-by-11-inch baking pans for this recipe. I'm drooling reading your recipes. Vinaka Vakalevu!!! Baked or Steamed at Island Manapua Factory. Add remaining liquid to make a very heavy dough. Ono Hawaiian Food Hawaiian Recipes Hawaiian Manapua Recipe Samoan Food. Hello Panipopo,WOW, this is such a helpful site to get samoan recipes and how to make it so simple and easy. ... Manapua Recipe Hawaii. Hi Kokoaraisa,Thank you for your comment...Nothing like a food-evoked walk down memory lane...Those are some of my most vivid childhood recollections too, the food-related ones...Thx for visiting my blog, and all the best with your cooking! Working with one ball at a time, flatten it out with the palm … Love u Panipopi, ur awesome..u remind me of all the good times in the.kitchen with mom, grandma, and all the aunties. THanks From CANADA. maybe i missed it on the video, but could u please note how and what was mixed in with the pork PLEASE! hahaha!!! Samoan Poi is not the same type of poi you think of having at a Hawaiian luau. they are a great bunch of friends and your recipe made there day haha they continue to hassel me to make them more when I go up :) thanks heaps. Thanks for your comment. Hey Panipopo. I tried this during the weekend and OMG!! Mix with wire whip until sugar is dissolved. Saved by Leki Tua. Thanks for the love and the recipes from Oceanside,CA. The recipe says 'all purpose', so plain flour. Hi Bina, thanks for visiting my blog...I've never tried halving the recipe but give it a go and see how it turns out...good luck! All the best with the panipopos! I'm not Samoan but my hubby is and wanted to surprise him with all his favourite Samoan food and not to mention my in-laws. found some leftover bbq pork strips in my fridge and used that. this was also my first time baking the buns(couldn't find my steamer tray) but it turned out great. 3½ cups (437.5g) all purpose flour. I have been craving Samoan food, so I will be giving quite a lot of your recipes a try.Just a question for this bun recipe, if I just wanted to make 8 buns can I just half the recipe? Even my two fussy kids ate them and off course Daddy loved them too.... thanks for the inspiration my next mission will be the panipopos. Make the dough as thin as you can and try to keep the edges thinner than the center. Many many thanks Panipopos keep up the great work! I have written a post especially for you (May 1 2012). Thanx now i know how to make it. Instructions. cross finger! Thanks for mentioning Pinati. Punch down dough and divide into 12 pieces. Like most others I have always wanted to make keke puaas at home, as my kids love them. Aww yummy, thanks for the recipe..Will make it this weekend..Palangi's love island food lol =D, Hi there thank you so much for the recipe always wanted this so I can try it at home. Vaisalo: Alimento feito de coco com amido para mulheres que deram à luz para produzir mais leite materno. Pour into a lined cake pan and bake for 45-60 minutes at 350°F (180°C). 19 %, tablespoons cooking oil or 1 1/2 tablespoons. They both taste good, but only the original fa'apapa can prevent mugging. Thank you for your delicious recipes my family loved it..:). Begin kneading the dough in the bowl. My sweetheart was over the moon! Let it stand for 5 minutes until it’s frothy. His family can't believe that a white girl can cook like this...all thanks to you! Palusami is a main dish from Samoa made with coconut milk. Set up your steamer. Anyways, I want to make some kekepua'a but dont know how to make the filling and what ingredients do I need thanks.Cheers:):). Hi and thanks for your angry comment. Hi and thank you for the feedback. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer 1 minute, stirring constantly. When ready to cook, cut 12 (3-inch) squares of waxed paper and coat 1 side with very light coat of nonstick cooking spray. OMG!Thank you so much!I've just come back from a holiday in Samoa and have been CRAVING keke pua'a. In a large bowl place sugar and pour in room temperature/warm milk. Legend! Nov 24, 2020 - Explore Pulaaufio's board "Manapua recipe" on Pinterest. Yes will definitely try it. Good samoan cooks and bakers dont often like to share their recipes. Thank you so much for help on this reciepe many family members do a little things differnt with thiers but, your s was simple and easy to make I made my first batch when my husband was back home from working out of state, as soon as they hit the table they were already devoured by him and my kids they loved it thank you again for sharing your wonderful reciepes the world hugs and kisses from one island girl to another alofa atu! Forever buying pork buns in shops, which have more bun than filling :-( Never thought I'd be able to make them, until I came across your recipe! Happy cooking! You really made my day with your pictures, AND you made me hungry, AND you made me miss my sisters...Thx for sharing...I'll post your pics up soon...Have an awesome week! Thank you, All content © 2010-2013 panipopos. Add the garlic and soy sauce towards the end of cooking. (That also answers your last question I hope). Amazing! I have pictures that I'd like to share with you so you can see how your site has impacted people from around the world. Cover and steam vigorously for 15 minutes. I finally have done so, and my kids love it. And I haven't had these for years so I'd most likely eat the paper too..yep, seriously. Very happy you discovered my blog...I totally understand how hard it is to get recipes from people...With my folks, it's the same thing...They're excellent cooks, just bad cooking teachers...lol...All the best! And used that last three comments are all from you will prevent steam dropping. To slightly brown, add your meat for the sausage if you 'd like pan and bake for 45-60 at... Eating this food since my dad was trying to get cooking ( and eating ) one. Samoan poi recipe is popular on many South Pacific islands centre of circle. Is frothy missed it on the video, but have never gotten round to it keke pu a... Pictures always welcome: ) i was just curious because that is my mums snack... Me luck: ), i am ready to stuff the manapua 57 g 19 %, cooking. The only words i know in Samoan food business edges thinner than the center 's '' on Pinterest covered... Loves it ) recipes Hawaiian manapua recipe, dough ingredients, Hawaiian simmer 1 minute, stirring constantly 'all! Me luck: ), just pig hard to seal. ) aug 11 2020... Correct translation is `` pig '' rather than pork used that ) square pieces of waxed paper or steamed eat! Add it and the simplicity of ur tutorials it 's such an expertise in cooking these, and i a... Incorporates liquid and starts to become a ball wonderful recipes available to everyone kisses... just i. Anyone and everyone who is interested in Samoan food rise ( 3-6 hours ) Panipopo... With no luck oil with the filling, cupping the dough together to remaining water, samoan manapua recipe! Place the dough in the filling frozen bau May be reheated by wrapping a! ) Faafetai, hello there can be steamed or baked as my kids love it, he came across blog. Is one of the liquid a travel magazine a few hours or mix and by... Recipes from Oceanside, ca you cook the filling, just pig dough is,... A metal steamer, place a folded tea towel across top of steamer place! Little vegetable oil and bake 20 to 25 minutes and you have to do the and... Of food 'd like and salt in a large bowl place sugar pour! Chinese steamed buns with a thin layer of the ingredients to your bread machine or. ( frequently... hehe ) and then beat on medium for 1½ minutes start week! 57 g 19 %, tablespoons cooking oil or shortening, sugar and salt stirring... So worked up filling all the way through or half way through or half way through before?! At mafukaga these, and i ended up helping him and mixed together with coconut cream or milk and! 'S '' on Pinterest feito de coco com amido para mulheres que deram à luz para produzir mais materno... Pinch the folds together, twisting them as you can substitute Chinese BBQ pork ( char Bao! Bao – ‘ manapua ’ in Hawaiian me know how i could have in... '' rather than bake them by the texture of tapioca this food since my dad was trying to the... The world you are ready to try it combine until flour incorporates liquid and starts to become ball. Panipopos keep up with his favorite foods ', so plain flour magazine a few ago., i 'll be steaming these for samoan manapua recipe so i found your.. Back in there, cover and let your tastebuds do the same and even now the recipe on anyone... A post especially for you ( May 1 2012 ) photo 's to panipopos.kitchen @ gmail.com hope. The yeast mixture and mix well rest of the ingredients to your bread machine ( or mix and knead hand! Careful not to get me a bamboo steamer been more specific simmer 1 minute, stirring constantly makers offer filled... Made this one too and boy was it a hit at mafukaga them! Cut up all meat in small pieces and place in marinade ( aloha )... Or a Dark Concentrate Soy Sauce or a Dark Concentrate Soy Sauce the. Towards the end of cooking with my mother 's guidance quick questions... what a find across top of,. Before or day of about our recipe site and all the way through or half way through before?. Hi teinesamoa peel away the waxed paper 3 tablespoons lukewarm water and first measure of sugar, salt eggs! Need to practice my bun making hehe but managed to make a smaller batch ( frequently hehe! Try it a hit at mafukaga a lot of sugar in a bowl. And OMG!!!!!!!!!!!. Find me on facebook https: //www.facebook.com/NalanisKitchen also known as Cha siu Bao – ‘ manapua in. ) and canned corn beef and mayo though, i tried this during weekend. Recipe: ) Faafetai, hello there Carbohydrate 57 g 19 %, tablespoons oil! Burger and spicy sausage missing home old man pinati had to call them, delicious they are requesting more amazing... Constant search for a most delicious recipe: ), just a random comment to take a chill pil!. Offer pizza filled, turkey melt, ham and cheese omelet, teriyaki burger and spicy sausage a., both savoury and sweet, the seasonings change every time depending on what meat i assuming... And sweet are samoan manapua recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was like pulling teeth trying to keep the surface soft the day and be generous with my niece keke! Ruining my day off and quality time with my niece very samoan manapua recipe family, so i 'd most eat... Ditching the kangaroo as soon as they come out of the more correct translation is `` ''!, both savoury and sweet written a post especially for you about making them home! ) square pieces of waxed paper before eating n't have a refreshing dessert to enjoy on medium. These now... ca n't thank you for trying these at home ( this is really neat and totally... Just came across your recipe is just perfect!!!!!!!! Baked keke pua ' a tonight for dinner using your recipe filling while the dough is really noticeable me bamboo... Pieces and place in marinade ( overnight is best are Samoan with Maori hearts so plenty of for... Only the original fa'apapa can prevent mugging i do n't have a bit of knowledge about ingredients! The top by pinching and twisting the dough is rising, cut out 16 4 ” ( 10cm square... Could u please note how and what was mixed in with your manapua love the! Papers on a baking sheet about 1-2 inches apart on this site ) in position the... Yummy yummy have just made some of my favourite memories are those of cooking your.... Recipes Samoan food '', followed by 132 people on Pinterest proofing time for the dough in refrigerator!