Silver arowana baby $ 27.99. We are the breeders of healthy top quality tropical aquarium fishes and Rare Exotic Freshwater fish species. We do not take babies from parents as do most other suppliers. Silver Arowana For Sale, the Silver Arowana is a bony, freshwater fish that is native to the South American Amazon River Basin. Super Red , Chili Red Arowana , Platinum Silver, Red Tail Golden RTG, Black Arowana,Platinum Black Arowana , Panda Wild Blue. Like all arowana they are large, surface-dwelling predators which require ample tankspace and a tight fitting cover as they are powerful jumpers. Save 50%. Getting one of these fish is a serious long term commitment. Current batch is about 11-12 inches (as of Jan. 2021). This is the same Silver Arowana Fish that is shown in the video near the top of this page. This is one rare fish that many arowana and monster fish…, True Albino Silver Arowana Pets. Add to Cart. Add to cart. Arowanas are among a group of animals known as band fishes. On Sale! Buy Silver Arowana fish The silver arowana fish … Get one while they're still young and wat…, Pet Zone Tropical Fish Add to Cart. Typically, the cutoff time for same-day shipment is 10am PST. As mentioned this fish is mainly a surface dweller, preying on smaller fish and terrestrial insects in its habitat. Leichardti Arowana For Sale $ 250.00 – $ 1,500.00. Our weekly livestock shipping schedule is Tuesday - Thursday. S…, Jardini Arowana Black Arowanas (also known as Blue Arowana) are one of the c…, This is one of the highest rated fish food pellets for Blood Parrot Cichlids, Flowerhorns, African &…, Jardini Arowana (Scleropages jardini) 13 watchers. Covid19 Lockdown Will Cause Some Delays With Online … Arowana for sale. 12 watchers. You are responsible to check your local laws before ordering this fish because once you place your order, and we do the work to collect and care for your animals before it ships, and we find out it is not legal to send to you, we will charge you a 50% restock fee and the fish goes back to our farm. Add to wishlist. This is a beautiful Asian Arowana… Find Silver Arowanas for sale at Add to wishlist. Striped green severum peru $ 64.99 Add to cart; Albino silver arowana … Also known as the Au…, Jardini Arowana (Scleropages jardini) Pacu, Knifefish, Plecostomus, Catfish, and Bichirs may make good companions for the Silver Arowana. Consider having an aquarium with a tightly-fitting cover as they are prodigious jumpers! Silver Strawberry Arowana, Blueberry Arowana and more! The Silver Arowana, or Arahuana, is known by many alternate names, sometimes making identification tricky. or Best Offer +$299.99 shipping. &…, Arapaima gigas We ship all livestock orders within one-business day. arowana fish for sale in usa, super red arowana ,blue arowana ,asian arowana for sale, black arowana … $1,200.00. It is famed for its ability to leap high out of the water to catch bugs (see notation above for lid). **, African Arowana - Heterotis niloticus They will prefer a tank that is at least 125-gallons or more with a fine gravel bottom, and heavily planted with suitable aquatic plants native to its region(see below). $ 210. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Currently eating live foods. Planted Freshwater Aquarium Supplies: Plant Tools, Black Arowana - Osteoglossum ferreirai (Blue Arowana), Hai Feng Fast Color Blood Parrot Fish Food 900g (New presentation), Hai Feng Fast Color Blood Parrot Food 580g. Arowana For Sale In Virginia. Order a box of happiness Today! We breed these fish in our breeding facilities, Besides of being one of the biggest … $699.95. List: $ 69.99 - $ 299.00 $ 59.00 – $ 288.00 Select options; Sale… Certain types of arowanas are classifications: These work by putting tanks substrate needs to be dinner. We’re here to take loving care of your orders! Red Arowana Fish And Many Other For Sale. Fast results with freshwater algae squads, Pond Pumps, Filters, Liners, Heaters, Baskets. Clown Loach 7.5cm / 3" (16pcs) $280.94 $140.47. On Sale… After breeding, only the male is responsible for carrying the large eggs in his mouth where they will mature over the next 50 to 60 days! Buy It Now +$120.00 shipping. Size is around 5 -…, Jardini Arowana Fry The Arapaima is also known as the Pirarucu and originates from the Amazon Basin in S…, Black Arowana - Osteoglossum ferreirai Find Arowana Fishes on Save 49%. X1 Blueberry Silver Arowana Sml/Med + X10 Cichlid + x10 Assorted Freshwater Plants - Freshwater Fish $ 202.54 X25 African Cichlid Assorted - X8 Figure Eight Puffer - X1 Silver Arowana Sml OUT OF STOCK Silver Arowana Sm/md $ 41.48 X1 Strawberry Silver Arowana … Covid19 Lockdown Will Cause Some Delays With Online Orders. Water Temperature 75 – 85F / pH: 5.0 – 7.5 / Hardness 36 – 268 ppm. Related products. Our family’s farm is indeed shipping Livestock & Plants proactively! Platinum Super Red Arowana $ 15,500.00 $ 15,000.00. It is considered a true bony fish, and is not legal to ship to all states. Freshwater Aquarium Plants for Sale – Proudly grown right here in the USA! Adam's Pet Safari doubles as a tropical fish store. Add to Cart. Save 59%. **Covid-19 lockdown measures may potentially cause 7-14 business day delays**. We sale … Saturday delivery available upon request with extra weekend surcharge fee. Select drop down for our size choice. Compare. Selling Minjiang fish tank (Must Pick Up) (Price Firm) Dimensions: 180L, 168H, 58W measurements including … Silver Arowana (Osteoglossum bicirrhosum) $ 22.99 – $ 159.99 One of the larger predatory fish found in the Amazon Basin, the Silver Arowana is part of an ancient family of fish known as the … Silver arowana 2.25″ 1 in stock. Freeze-dried ocean plankton, krill, bloodworms and pellet foods are recommended. The average Silver Arowana lifespan in captivity is somewhere in the 10 to 15-year range. I had to learn from my mistake. San Diego, CA 92111, © 2021 Pet Zone Tropical Fish - San Diego, California. The Shrimp Factory – Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp, ... Arowana Freshwater Aquarium Fish – Several varieties to choose. Arizona Aquatic Gardens By designed Invigilo LLC, Howdy Friends! Pets. The Silver Arowana is native to the Amazon basin in Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador, plus the Rupununi and Oyapock systems in Guyana and French Guiana. While the lifespan of every species can be affected by things like water conditions, environment, and diet, it’s especially true with Silver … Arowana Fish Home is the right place to purchase asian Arowana (Arwana) fishes located in Canada,United States, Indonesia,Spain and europe.we sell a wide range of the best Arowana variety starting from standard to contest qualities. Also known as the Dragon Fish, Monkey Fish, and occasionally … If your order is received after our cutoff time, it will not be packed and shipped until the following business day. Very gorgeous and healthy Jardini Arowana! Black…, Black Arowana - Osteoglossum ferreirai If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Last one. We only ship fish & other livestock with FedEx Priority Overnight. On Sale! Click on the picture to the left to see the entire fish. Selling off the fish tank. Cardinal Tetra 3+ / 1.2" (80pcs) $277.02 $138.51. Dear Viewer,When I started keeping my arowana I didn’t know anything about it. Softer, blackwater with lots of open space above for swimming is ideal. We carry a large selection of Silver Arowana…   Buy Silver Arowana fish. arowana, arowana fish, asian arowana, silver arowana, golden arowana, arowana for sale,platinum arowana, black arowana, red arowana, arowana fish for sale, african arowana, jardini arowana, blue arowana, ultimate blood red asian arowana, asian arowana for sale, jardini arowana for sale. Second is the Full Scale Gold (FSG) arowana fish may measure up to two or two and a half feet. We have been doing delivery to many countries and it has always been a success so why not you? Sale! This is truly one of the most sought after arowanas in the fish hobby! !PRICES REDUCED. Please read our Shipping Schedule for details. Find Arowana fish for sale at! While relatively unfussy fish, the Silver Arowana will appreciate some surface cover in the form of floating plants or branches. All orders received Thursday afternoon to Monday are shipped in the order they were received Tuesday. **Weather & holidays may delay shipment schedule. Sale! Small Silver Arowana 2-3", Medium Silver Arownana 4-5"+, Med-Large Silver Arownana 6"+, Silver Blueberry Arowana 4-6", Silver Strawberry Arowana 4-6", Leichardti Arowana, Black Arowana 4-6", © All rights reserved. Size is around 6-7 inches. Silver Arowana, Jardini Arowana, Leichardti Arowana and Black/Blue Arowanas! Our priority is to get your fish delivered to you safely. Categories: Arowana, Freshwater fish, Oddball aggressive. Silver Arowana For Sale … Arowana Fishes available for sale in Florida from top breeders and individuals. We supply quality aquarium products, a huge selection of fresh & saltwater fish, & more. Scientifically, it is most often called Osteoglossum bicirrhosum, but one may also hear reference to O. vandelli, or Ischnosoma bicirrhosum.Among the group known as band fishes, the Silver Arowana … 1 Beautiful Strawberry Arowana 5-7 Inches Monster Fish Imported From Thailand Top Quality Super Red Arowana, Asian Red, Golden Arowana For Sale. SILVER AROWANA JUMBO SHOW SIZE 2 Feet Long Only One FISH OF A LIFETIME. Watch; Live Short Body Albino Arowana Fish, 6+ Inch, SUPER RARE, LIMITED. $ 350. ... Conservation status The Silver Arowana … On Sale! Carnivore that will eat other smaller fish it can fit into his mouth. Platinum Silver Arowana Red Tail Golden Arowana ... We also have available other types of decorative fresh water fishes available on sale,Black Diamond Stingrays for clients who are interested our arowana … Find out why thousands of freshwater aquarium enthusiasts shop at Arizona Aquatic Gardens. Select options. Black arowana … Add to cart. $ 400. Pets. Arowana for sale in Florida. Watch; Albino Arowana Silver … Compare. Silver Arowana fish for sale. Compare. That’s truly a long time, considering many other fish only need a couple days for eggs to hatch. Size is about 2.5" - 3" inches. Beautiful habitats designed for Ultimate Instant Jungle! Albino Silver Arowana 13-16cm / 5-6" (1pc) $251.22 $100.49. 4160 Convoy St. ❤️, Cichlids – African Cichlids Aquarium Fish, Cichlids – New World Cichlids Aquarium Fish, Labyrinth Fish – Betta, Gourami, Badis, Paradise Fish, Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp, Crayfish & Lobsters. Sizes are approximate always please understand this depends on time of year and age of fish, but everything we do here is done with good intent. Very gorgeous and healthy Jardini Arowana! Add to Cart. Found in the blackwater Negro and Orinoco Rivers in South America, the Black Arowana is a sought after species due to its vibrant iridescent coloration and orange-trimmed black fins. BUY AROWANA FISH NOW!!!! Our company waits until they are of a decent age and industry recognized as “medium size” before shipment for the health of our farm-raised fish. We do not and will not bend any legal rules over a fish, not worth it for anyone and there are reasons why the US Fish & Wildlife among other govt entities have these restrictions. Very healthy and gorgeous Silver Arowana fish that are perfect for monster fish keepers! Add to Cart. Does best if there is a high proportion of dissolved oxygen and moderate degree of water movement, so, external filters, powerheads, airstones, and the like are a good idea. Add to Cart. In nature they prefer to inhabit slow-moving to still tributaries, backwaters and lagoons during the natural dry season, and eventually moves into areas of flooded forest during periods of inundation.