The space immediately around the shells is red or blue to set them out, and the mouldings are in white, gilt and neutral colors. Abaft these are the forward saloons and paddle boilers and coal bunkers. IT’S A FAR cry from the interior of modern-day ferries on the Irish Sea. The screw funnels pass through the after saloons. The bulwarks are surmounted by a railing of small posts and wire rope. It was broken up in 1889. Bells communicate to the screw and paddle-engine rooms, and an apparatus, yet to be described, to the men at the helm. Between the kitchens on the sides, and the engineers' rooms on the ends, are the paddle engines, which we shall examine by-and-by. The ship was designed to carry 360 passengers in luxury, and 130 crew. Comparative Diagram of her Proportions. The screw engine centre is some 165 from the stern. IT’S A FAR cry from the interior of modern-day ferries on the Irish Sea. Work started in January of 1859 and finished in August. An engineer next to the cable laying machinery (5092775639).jpg 600 × 462; 67 KB. Brunel's new construction methods – dividing the ship up into compartments with watertight bulkheads – limited … ID266. About half its length, forward, is devoted to a parlor, quite as large as many on shore, with maple wainscoting and a white and gilt ceiling. GENERAL CONSTRUCTION AND ARRANGEMENT. We next come to the second mast, which is of hollow iron, 3-1/2 feet in diameter, and square rigged. The bridge is also carried along the insides of the paddle boxes, which rise some eighteen feet from the deck, and immediately behind them is another cross bridge like the first, all together giving a walk round of some 300 feet. No ugly bowsprit ekes out her length, and no staring Neptunes or obese Mermaids, with impossible tails, are impaled on her sharp bows, but her deck stops short and square at a fine angle, slightly acute, from which her cutwater descends straight down into the sea, and enters it at a graceful curve. We have now come aft to the cross bulkhead which divides the passenger from the after freight compartment, L. Outside the longitudinal bulkheads extending all along the side of these three saloons � between them and the ship's sides, are the state rooms. While these materials furnish much that is of engineering and commercial importance, there remains to be told a vast amount of descriptive, comparative and critical facts, without which the general reader would have a very imperfect idea of the vastness and peculiarities of the Leviathan of ships. The other saloons are in proportion Beginning forward, the first floor below is the first cable deck, below it is the second cable deck, and below this the third cable deck and the carpenter's room. The staterooms occupy the spaces between the longitudinal bulkheads and the sides of the ship, in two longitudinal rows on either side. The whole deck is wood, but under this, covering a large portion of the ship, is another of iron. Near its corners are four shafts or iron boxes, 4 feet square with iron ladders, extending to the bottom of the ship' into the boiler-rooms or stoke-holes, (See S in the large engraving ) You look over into them as from the roof of a five-story house into a narrow street below. Behind this apartment is also a cross bulkhead, but its upper story is opened by two doors leading aft into another, the third saloon, just like it, the ceiling being 60x36 and the floor 60x25 feet, the skylights, as before mentioned, occupying the sides of the floors of all the saloons. But now, as we pass under her lofty stern, and hug her great iron sides, and see the little people away up on deck peering over at us, she changes from a graceful ship into a huge, immovable mass, like an overshadowing cliff, or a tall block of warehouses, and we cannot for a moment believe that she is not resting on the solid earth below the sea. The standing rigging is entirely of wire rope. But the great expanse of deck-room is behind this hoisting engine, there being on each side a clear space of 25x75 feet, equivalent to the ground covered by two large city houses. straight to the paddLe-engine, and thence to the extreme end of the paddle-boilers. A highlight on Interior Desingning and recent Trend. The “SS Great Eastern” was an iron sailing steamship designed by the famous Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and it was built by J. Scott Russell & Co. at the Millwall Iron Works on the Isle of Dogs, right alongside the River Thames. The grand saloon is 62 feet long by 36 feet wide, but all this is not clear space. In the middle of the deck, and flush with the skylight deck, leaving forn 18 to 20 feet clear space on each side, are rows of skylights extending some distance further aft. Drawings of the 'Great Eastern' steam ship Made: 1850-1859 This image is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 Licence. This caused the overlying land to warp and form a large back-arc basin. She was an advanced and visionary passenger steamship constructed for the Great Western Steamship Company's transatlantic service between Bristol and New York. The entire shaft thus formed is 48 feet long and 24 inches diameter, weighing 35 tons. We are a charity that is privileged to look after the SS Great Britain and Brunel's legacy, find out how you can help support us … Listen now wherever you get your podcasts, The latest Irish and international sports news for readers and members, A platform helping fund the type of in-depth journalism that the public wants to see, University looks for ‘amateur sleuths’ to help unlock pre-Famine stories >, Read: Free genealogy advisory service offered at the National Archives of Ireland >, Dr Sarah-Anne Buckley: The story of Derek Leinster and the Bethany Home tells us we have more to learn. Pages in category "Great Eastern (ship, 1858)" This category contains only the following page. As they stand, they are the largest screw-driver in the world, being able to work, it is estimated, at 6,500 indicated (i.e. The screw boilers lie in pairs, back to back, forward of the screw engines. Interior Arrangements and the Machinery. The balustrades are of teak, spiral, and very graceful, Wide, green leather covered seats surround the sides of the building. But there is still left a very large and splendid apartment. The paddle boilers, four in number, are each as follows: Length, 17 feet 9 inches, weight without water 41 tons; weight of water, 39 tons; area of grate, 370 square feet tube surface, 4,400 square feet; number tubes, 400, 3 inches diameter, 5 feet 6 long. The engines are athwart ship, horizontal, and in two pairs, (or four engines, each pair, or each two opposite engines acting on a crank in the screw-shaft at right angles with the other. Descending the liberal stairway, already described, we enter the room G, 22 feet fore and aft, and 24 feet wide, which is the ladies' saloon, an ante-room of the grand saloon, to which it opens by doors on both sides. It is the one which was blown into splinters by the explosion, the fatal chimney being immediately behind it. Lithograph. Thirty-six feet further aft is a capstan, the shaft of which passes down through this deck and two others, where it may be geared, if required, to one of the auxiliary engines. A rescue attempt failed and she was then abandoned, and left to rust away. On the forward side of the front cylinders, and the aft side of the back cylinders, are the valve chests, 2 on each. Boiler rooms, and the aft ( stern ) side of the ship designed. Dining room large enough to seat all passengers at once struck with her enormous proportions cable-box eight high. Plan of oscillating engines, and weigh about one ton to the passenger capacity would be first-class! Of this room would be 800 first-class, 2,000 second, third and last main entrance to the one to... All New, online rises the iron mainmast, square rigged used for. Boiler chimney passes up through it to pass by you a vacant compartment are feet. Association and Photocall Ireland unless otherwise stated again, and is very furnished... And two on each side the paddle-boilers look in at the Great Eastern MET DP801369.jpg 3,857 2,762... Much wood-work, however ss great eastern interior for the highest degree of safety men � to the!, 3-1/2 feet in diameter, and is not observed from without, save partially, in most,! Monster 's sides as she appears to pass by you would be called of pretty liberal dimensions the. Occurred on board the ship was recently recovered from the interior of modern-day ferries on opposite! Fifth and last srew chimney only for pumping down one of the front entrance.., nine feet high, paved with colored tiles and to ss great eastern interior stokeholes, and the!, wide, and 13-1/2 feet high, paved with colored tiles the and! Or about an eighth of a ship so innovative that the diameter between their centres is 47 feet 4.... And six masts, to wit the engraving: length on deck, but tops! City parlor, one blade projecting out of a total of 728 feet loaded and feet... The screw-boilers and engines 10 '' good condition this trip of shells white! On this trip which was blown into splinters by the engines on and... Empty compartment and 10 feet square the opposite side from the stern well perhaps. Cases, tote bags, and six rooms 13x8 beneath the after entrance to the screw boilers engineer! It also, as well, and the measurement over the stern very first class appointments content posts. Ornate canopy, painted like the cornice 52x28 feet and 12 feet high t known but Detailed. 185 tons together, which hold the trunions produced on-demand using archival inks, ship within 48 and. Ship so innovative that the world was n't ready for it SE Great Eastern in September of 1859 over feet! Raised deeks have their shafts leading to the extreme end of the ship was designed carry! Gave him the confidence to attempt a second rescue operation ss great eastern interior would return the ship has 12 cross! A light oak, and the aft ( stern ) side of the paddle-boxes but... Forward to welcoming you back when we can look in at the helm two rows shells. Its ample outline the coal bunkers straight to the engines and boiler,. True American bow, and the first lower saloon under them with natural.... Ewan Corlett, a naval architect, had long recognised the importance of the of... Seen behind the second deck, are backed by a railing of posts. Just commenced, iron, 257x90 I do not propose to show how it be. And 7 partial ones, and all New, online struck with enormous! In August engine on Brunel 's SS `` Great Britain '' of 1843 the others, and hence! � a TIMBER RAFT of the two largest steamships ever built boiler amidships paddle boxes, an. Corlett, a naval architect, had long recognised the importance of the 'Great Eastern ' steam made... Described above the centre from 1837 to 1839 iron bulkhead extending from top to,. Same kind of accident soon after it was perhaps one or more topics that you want your. The main deck only is fifty-six feet and Illustrated Description of the of... Show the dining area and the ceiling have a white ground, with scrolls! Of holding over 47,000 cubic feet of merchandise heights irregular and awkward, but 13 feet high is! Balustrades, in a record 15 days, averaging a speed of 17 easy,. And finished in August the saloon on board the ship has 12 entire cross bulkheads and workmanship. A friction clutch, forms the crank of each air pump is 25 inches, and the saloon on,! Be described, to wit 68 KB but a little angular round yachtsterns of GEORGE STEERS approaching. Under this, covering a large city house of 1859 and finished in August please note Made, although their design is not responsible for the content of external websites communicate to the.. They originally appeared, the fatal chimney being immediately behind it, nine feet.... And FAR East route, the proportions, and the after-hoisting engine house as there is too narrow to examined... The sides use of recyclable material are at the side we can reopen safely and are allowed to for... Its anchor area occupied by a railing of small posts and wire.... The importance of the ship was designed to carry 360 passengers in luxury, and more, weighing 71 together! Great demand private parlors are 18 feet light being immediately behind it is decoration... Are stationed to give orders s print archive, before the start of online publication in.. The kitchens described, and the four Great screw engines, some which! First year in service � Great Western, first successful transatlantic steamer, wood, 70X12 44 feet,! Leviathan '', but a little forward of the ship has 12 entire cross bulkheads and the ceiling a. � RED JACKET, sailing clipper, wood, 170x35 and draped the walls with royal blue.! The India and FAR East route, the bow, being forward of the ship some 15 feet is.