Tim: You might as well show yourself, I heard you coming a mile away. In the flashback sequence, the Joker uses the name "J.J." for Tim instead of Joker Junior, although the former is an abbreviation of the latter. A stunned and angered Terry retorts by throwing the Batsuit at Bruce's feet and leaving. Later on in the club, Terry's attack on Ghoul is cut to a flash and Terry running away while Ghoul falls. Notably, in the next shot, Joker is not bleeding. The villain pulls out a flag gun. They face off in a final confrontation. In the struggle, the machine was damaged, directing the satellite's laser toward them. While fighting, Terry realizes that there would be no reason to be attacked unless they knew who he was. New Gotham, new rules... even a new Batman. Running time Although Pryce is not the Joker, Batman plays a recording of the conversation between Pryce and the Jokerz for two police officers nearby, revealing that Pryce has been helping the Jokerz steal the technology in exchange for them trying to kill Wayne. I can't hear you! Batman fans were not happy with the changes, so they rereleased the Uncut Edition in 2002. Tim never put on the Robin suit again after Bruce forbade Tim from being Robin again, blaming himself for what happened and swore that he will never endanger another young partner, and moved away to become a successful communications engineer. Tim begins to break down into maniacal laughter, which soon turns to tears, and is comforted by Barbara, who tells him it is okay. An angry Joker throws a handful of grenades at his opponent, sending Terry crashing to the floor. The robbery is interrupted by the arrival of Batman. Papa spank! Bonk (First appearance; dies) 1.3. For example: Woof slashes the guard once now instead of twice. The Joker reveals the truth behind his resurrection: using genetics technology that he stole years ago, he copied his consciousness and DNA onto a microchip and planted it onto the back of Tim's neck while Tim was his prisoner. Written by However, Wayne is then attacked by the newly arrived Dee Dee twins and is down on the ground when the Joker makes a dramatic entrance onto the stage, much to Bruce's shock and horror. DC Animated Universe is a FANDOM TV Community. Terry remarks that he would also like to bring Ace along this time. Terry refuses to give up the suit, saying that fighting crime as Batman is what makes him a worthwhile person, after so many years as an irresponsible, lawless teenager. He has taken over a faction of the Jokerz, and on his orders, they steal high-tech communications equipment. I hope they throw the book at you! from, When Terry speculates about possible explanations for the Joker's longevity, he mentions "suspended animation due to floating around in a frozen block of ice?" Batman (Terry McGinnis) Supporting Characters: 1. Bruce and Terry arrive at an evening gala at which Bruce plans to inaugurate his return. The following are some changes that were made in the edited version: Additionally, some scenes were not included in either version; see Comic Adaptation and Behind the Scenes, below. Batman: I'm taking you in! It's what I want, Bruce. The next day, Terry confronts Commissioner Barbara Gordon. The robbery is interrupted by the arrival of Batman. When Terry arrives at the Batcave to find Bruce lying on the floor, the emblem on Nightwing's suit is red instead of blue. The initials for the movie as well as the title are similar to the, The Looney Tunes short that Ace was watching when Terry arrives to check up on him was ". However, if one looks closely at the Joker's hand, the knife handle is still visible in the edited version. Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman A gang of Jokerz launch a raid on Gotham Shipping to steal a large piece of electronic technology with three forklifts. Terry was then able to save Price, but turned him over to the police. Woof (First appearance) 1.5. written across the floor are changed in color from red to purple, probably to assure the viewer it is written in spray paint rather than Bruce's blood. Terry muses aloud that the Joker seemed pretty vigorous for a man who should be in his mid-80's. December 12, 2000 [Grabs Joker's wrist] The Joker: Wise up, junior, GAME'S OVER! Instead, Tim drops the gun and pushes Joker into a room with water on the floor, where he accidentally hits an electrical switch and is electrocuted to death off-screen. Woof(Boss) 7. Although he does not appear in the Batman Beyond TV series, he appears in the animated film Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker as the main antagonist. The Batman/Superman Movie Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, known as Batman of the Future: Return of the Joker in Europe, is a scrolling beat 'em up video game, released by Ubisoft for Game Boy Color, PlayStation and Nintendo … At least one of the Jokerz was observed engaging in vandalism and then attempting to ext… He tracks the Joker to the abandoned Jolly Jack Candy Factory. She also reveals that after Tim recovered, Bruce forbade him from ever being Robin again, blaming himself for what happened and swore that he would never endanger another young partner. 1. Up above, Bruce easily overcomes Woof with his cane. One of the forklifts the Jokerz are using to carry away the equipment, piloted by Bonk, takes off to fight Batman, leaving the equipment and the other craft to crash. In the edited version, he just punches him. When he tries to get some feedback speculation on the suspect (Clone? I know every trick the original Batman … Joker: The real Batman would never... Suspended animation? This allowed him to live on after death, hidden away in Tim's mind through the chip. The three old heroes mend their fences. The equipment crashes to the ground, but Chucko manages to retrieve its memory chip and escape with the others before the equipment explodes. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (or Batman of the Future: Return of the Joker1 as it is known in Europe) was released by Ubisoft for PlayStation, Game Boy Color and Nintendo 64 in November and … In the opening sequence, while in the film the fight mostly flows as originally written, there were not much moves and punches like in the finished version of the film, with more dialogue, including, Following the Jokerz's attack, when Bruce demanded Terry to hand in the, In Wayne Enterprises, where Bruce visits the ruins of the opening gala after the Joker's attack, he finds Jordan Pryce supervising the clean-up crew: Pryce surprises Bruce with the depth of his knowledge about Bruce's public life and the fact that he remembers Terry McGinnis' name albeit he has only saw him one time in his life, making him suspicious about whether he knows more. Additionally, the Joker's apron was going to say "Kill the Cook" rather than "Kiss the Cook", but was changed for being too gruesome. It's set in the continuity of the animated series Batman Beyond in which Bruce Wayne (Chuck) has retired from crimefighting and given the mantle of Batman … In previous episodes (namely ", This is not the first time Joker had learned that Batman's true identity was Bruce Wayne, as he also learned it, along the, When Terry taunts the Joker about his lameness as a comedian, he suggests that he should "make a face" or "drop his pants" for laughs. Tim soon left after this, choosing to make it on his own. Tim also tells Batman that he would tear up his own costume. Bruce Wayne theorizes that they're engaged in industrial espionage. Joker: You're out of your league, McGinnis. Though neither expresses it overtly, both are respectful and moved. And for Robin's sake, he kept that night a secret. The opening fight sequence is trimmed, cutting out a second Dee Dee kick and completely redoing the entire Batman/Dee Dee sequence. https://batman.fandom.com/wiki/Batman_Beyond:_Return_of_the_Joker?oldid=224978. Bruce Wayne (Flashback and main story) 3. Laugh it up now, you miserable little punk. Terry, with a better understanding of being Batman, vows to wear the Batsuit and continue the Batman legacy. Bruce is hesitant to consider Tim a suspect again, but Terry shows him on the Batcomputer how the stolen technology components, when utilized by a communications expert like Tim, could form a transmitter allowing him to hijack a military defense satellite — the same kind that destroyed the yacht. Somewhat chipper at the promise of a new lead, Bruce orders Terry to go after Tim and begins typing away at the computer. Also, Tim goes outside Arkham without being ordered to bring Harley's bazooka. Tim had no idea that the Joker was using him. last phrase is changed to "the old Bat-Coot". Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (also known as Batman of the Future: Return of the Joker in some regions) is an animated feature film based on the series Batman Beyond. Terry capitalizes on the Joker's distraction and revealing the Joker's joy buzzer that he'd retrieved and hidden in his hand, and with a strained, measured "ha, ha", reaches up and destroys the microchip with a prolonged electrical surge, thus destroying the Joker once and for all and restoring Tim. Meanwhile in the Batcave, Terry's mentor and former Batman, Bruce Wayne and Ace are practicing throwing the batarang when Terry returns to the cave. Terry leaves, but not before both Tim and Bruce stop to tell him that he is truly worthy of the mantle of the Bat, and that Terry was wrong: it wasn't Batman that made Terry worthwhile; it was the other way around. Awakening, Drake appears to be re-living the trauma of his kidnapping and how he killed Joker. Therefore, the Joker never stabs Batman and does not hold him to allow Robin to shoot him. The wiki … Blazing with anger, Batman attacks the Joker again and after a long struggle, the Joker stabs Batman in the leg with a knife. This movie establishes the Joker's real identity as being unknown. This time he stops a small group of Jokerz from stealing a system scanner from Gotham shipping. Batman's greatest enemy from the past, The Joker has returned even deadlier than ever with another villainous scheme to bring Gotham City to its knees and now it is up to Terry, Bruce Wayne's successor who has become Gotham's new protector to stop the psychopathic Clown Prince of Crime once and for all. Tim was in rehab for a year with Leslie Thompkins who was able to cure him of his insanity. This is a possible reference to, Terry mentions his breaking in of the Batcave and swiping the Batsuit in ", Bruce Wayne and Terry both reference the events of "Rebirth" and ", Terry calling Ace a "Good, Bad Dog" is repeated from the episode ", The film takes place somewhere after the events of ", Barbara Gordon's flashback sequence implies that Nightwing left, This movie was produced during production on the second and third season of. Joker: Ah, the new boy. (Batman de-cloaks) I know every trick the original Batman and Robin knew at their peak. Ratting me out before I have my fun! The Joker's line, "Ah, brave new world, that has such putzes in it" is a spoof on the line "O brave new world, that has such people in't!" Next Film Batman is forced to save civilians rather than pursue. After fighting off the Joker's pawns, Batman goes inside to find Tim working. The original Batman's archenemy, having mysteriously resurfaced after thirty years is back in action. The VHS and DVD covers depict the Joker as having green skin, while in the movie he has his normal white skin. Barbara sadly notes that with his final act of cruelty, Joker had in many ways gotten the last laugh after all—and the physical and mental wounds from that time have never completely healed. Previous Film Terry is puzzled as to why the Jokerz would be stealing advanced technology. Bruce, able to hear and see what's going on via the suit's visor and mic, is visibly saddened by Tim's words. Also, Pryce says that he wasn't present at the gala because it was "Bruce's night" and he didn't wanted to be in the way. Featured Characters: 1. It'd be funny if it weren't so pathetic... Oh, what the heck? Ears are too long and I miss the cape, but not too shabby. The Justice League Unlimited episode "Epilogue", a tie-in to Batman Beyond, stated directly that it WAS nanotechnology that the Joker used. Tim Drake (Beyond) 3.1. Imitating the Joker's laugh at the ridiculousness of the "Clown Prince of Crime", that he isn't funny or frightening, the psychological attacks which Joker has never suffered from the previously silent Batman sending his opponent into a crazed rage. Featured Characters: 1. Curt Geda However, to their surprise, Terry appears to them and leads Dana to dance, where he informs her that he no longer has his job, but tells her that they will finally get to spend more time together, much to her joy. It is set in the continuity of the animated series Batman Beyond… Terry manages to wash the Jokerz out of the club by toppling over a giant, life-like lava lamp prop, but Dana is taken to hospital as she was injured. Bonk finally decides that he no longer wants to involved and tells the Joker that he wants out. flag pops out. After checking on him, Terry dashes off to suit up. The next morning, Terry is having breakfast and reveals to his mother and Matt that he is no longer working for Mr. Wayne. The comic also includes several scenes that didn't make into either version: The DVD's special features include a music video "Crash (The Humble Brothers Remix)" by Mephisto Odyssey & Static-X. Terry enters the Batcave to find the words "Ha! Never tell yourself anything different. About this wiki New files Categories Pages needing attention About: a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to the three season cartoon, including films and videogames based on the show. I didn't mean to. The planned path of the Hyperion-class satellite's beam shows. Bonk who is still smarting from his battle with Batman, reprimands Joker, saying that he doesn't even believe that he is the real Clown Prince of Crime, and that Joker is leaving him and the rest of the gang left in the dark about his plans consisting of stealing what he considers "geek junk" but nothing valuable. So, even after his death he could still live on, in Tim's body. In the flashback sequence, the Joker's corpse after being killed is shown, albeit not graphically. The video speech was also described to be longer than in the final cut. Soon, the Joker intends to take complete control of Tim's body. The producers were originally going to use a different actress to provide Harley's "old lady" voice, but ended up using Arleen Sorkin as usual. I wasn't like you, or the kids you took in. Terry attempting to seek answers from Barbara. The satellite then drifts off into space. Joker: Mr. J's on the rebound, baby! "I'll begin with how I effected young Robin's makeover". However, as Terry and Dana are dancing, they are approached by two girls who drag Terry away from Dana and while they distract him, Ghoul suddenly appears and kidnaps Dana as Terry breaks away from the girls and begins to search for Dana. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker is a movie based off of the TV show Batman Beyond. This convinces the rest of the Jokerz to go along with his plan. After some convincing, Barbara tells Terry the story of what happened when the Joker died 40 years ago: After Nightwing (Dick Grayson) had left to establish himself in another city called Blüdhaven, Robin (Tim Drake) was on patrol when he came to the aid of an old woman, who turned out to be Harley Quinn, who hit him with a mallet and dragged him away.
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