We've got Spey & Switch fly reels from Lamson, Nautilus, Abel, Tibor, Hardy, Orvis, Bauer and more! You can learn to spey … Many anglers want to experience the joy and challenge of spey casting but still enjoy the productivity of hooking fish. The capacity of the reel is important due to the extra length and diameter of Spey lines and the necessary backing for salmon fishing. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a … Ultralight Trout Spey Rod Review - Sage ONE 2109-4 Review December 18, 2015. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a couple of quick guidelines that will make this process totally pain-free. Sink Tips – Various tips from 3.9 inches per second to 11 inches per second. In the gun world they call this an Ultra Mag. Monday at 11:15 PM. That means if you have a 7-weight switch rod, you’ll need a reel that’s designed for at least a 10-weight single-handed line. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. This may seem intuitive but it's worth mentioning: if you're fishing a 7wt fly rod (and a 10' 7wt is the most popular single-handed rod choice for Steelhead), choose a 6/7 or a 7/8 sized fly reel. The general rule is to go up 1 reel size, which often equates to 2 line sizes in Spey sized reels. FLY LINE RECOMMENDATIONS a handy guide to help you get the most from your rod. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Lamson Cobalt 8 Fly Reel $699.00. Luckily, most spey line manufacturers publish line charts recommending particular lines (and appropriate grain weights) for popular spey rod models. It is important not to employ a very lightweight reel because they often won’t balance out on a spey rod. Like an Alfa Spider, Greys faded out of the mainstream and into the fond memory of enthusiasts. Frame Size: 4″ x 1 3/8″ Capacity: Windcuter Spey 8/9/10F • Windcutter Spey 9/10/11F • WindcutterSpey 10/11/12F • Power Spey Floating 8/9F • Power Spey Floating 9/10F • Power Spey … The reel holds the proper size line and a full hundred plus yards of backing. Javascript is disabled on your browser. Depending on your particular casting stroke, some may find the recommendations to be right on the money, while others may prefer 30 grains more (or less) than recommended. How important is a good drag? Whether Spey or overhead casting a two handed rod, the reel requirements remain the same: large capacity to fit a modest amount of backing under these biggest of lines, and just enough weight to balance a 12 to 15 foot two-handed rod… After years of field testing, we bulked up … There’s no hard rule here but stay away from the ultra-lightweight reels. A full cage reel is one where the line passes through a fully enclosed space (see photo). It is best to look for a drag mechanism that is completely enclosed. Using the example above, the 10.6 oz Hatch 9-Plus balances out the 6.5 oz Method Spey very well. Another important consideration is finding a reel with a drag mechanism that works well in cold weather. One question that we get asked all the time is whether or not X reel is a good choice for Y rod. The answer is that both will work, and you may have to use some fancy backing (we like PowerPro) to squeeze it on the smaller reel or deal with a heavier reel. Bauer RX 6 Spey Fly Reel $885.00. I dumped all my 1st gen Hatch reels because of running line escape. Trout spey is a perfect way to accomplish this. Nautilus NV-G Spey 400-550 Fly Reel $750.00. The capacity of the reel is important due to the extra length and diameter of Spey lines and the necessary … We recommend a true-to-weight line for all series and models Centric MODELS. Orvis battenkill is a solid choice if you want to buy new. OK I have done a ton of Spey fishing for over 20years. Tibor Spey 11-15 Weight: 10.5 oz. Here are some guidelines: #2-weight Trout Spey rod needs a #5-weight reel, #3-weight Trout Spey rod needs a #6-weight reel, #4-weight Trout Spey rod needs a #7-weight reel, #5-weight Trout Spey rod needs an #8-weight reel. Above that price point there are too many good options to bother mentioning, just pick one you like the looks and sounds … Ultimately, put the reel on your rod and take a hard look to make sure everything is in order. See Tip #2. The first step when choosing a reel for your switch or Spey rod is to remember the “Rule of Three”, which in Spey casting terms means that you’ll want to go UP 3 line sizes, or one full reel size (in other words, go from a Hatch 7 Plus to a 9 Plus). #6. For example, I use a Hatch 9 Plus (10-12 weight reel) on my Sage Method 7126-4 (7-weight Spey), and it’s a perfect fit. The Marquis no 2 that has been suggested are great too, not as strong of a spring in my experience but plenty there to stop over runs and balance a 7 weight nicely. Full Spey 6130: 450 Compact Spey 6120: 425 Compact Spey 7120: 450 Trout Spey 2110: 200 Trout Spey 3110: 225 Trout Spey 4110: 275 SR 3106: 225 SR 4106: 275 SR 5108: 325 SR 61010: 375 SR 71010: … If you're fishing a coated running line like Rio ConnectCore, a full cage is more of a nice-to-have than an absolute necessity. Rods are much longer, have two handles, and lines are much heavier. Most Spey reels fall somewhere between a 9 weight reel and a 12 weight reel. I have an Ebay Chinese Spey rod (13′, 8wt) with a Bass Pro reel (9-10wt) with an all-in price of about $150. The good news is that heavy reels are often cheaper than their lightweight counterparts. Nautilus NV-G 6/7 Fly Reel $635.00. We've written a separate article on balancing rods and reels that also applies to Spey rods that's worth a read if you're confused by this. This is ideal for Spey rods because we're often dealing with ultra-thin running lines that can pass through the space between the frame and spool of your reel. Now let's say you had a 12' 6-weight.... do you go with a 9wt rated reel or a 10wt rated reel?
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