NEW DIGITAL RELEASE: Monday Night Live At The Green Mill Volume 3

For nearly 20 years, when not on tour, Patricia Barber has been playing most Monday nights at the legendary Green Mill in Chicago, Illinois. "I have been blessed to have a weekly Monday night gig at The Green Mill, one of the hippest jazz clubs in the world in one of the most exciting cities in the world - Chicago," says Barber. 

There's a reason a musician who plays to international audiences on stages in Paris, Budapest and Vienna is proud to call the Green Mill her home. "This is genuine Deco," she explains, motioning toward the statue of the Greek god Ceres that occupies the corner behind the piano. "Those cash registers don't any have electronics in them - there's only one guy who can fix them, and he's 99."

"On this, the third 'Live from the Green Mill' recording, you'll hear not only the music, but the soft landscape of the club and the City. Larry Kohut is on acoustic bass, Jon Deitemyer is on drums and Jim Gailloreto is on tenor saxophone. The recording is exceptional. I suggest you get one of the better sounding file downloads, close your eyes and time travel to this Monday Night at the Green Mill."