Patricia Hosts WDCB's "MusicHead" Three-Part Series

Patricia Barber hosted WDCB’s new three-part series  “MusicHeads,” recorded in the acoustically pristine PianoForte Studios in downtown Chicago. In the first show, which aired January 14, 2015, Barber explores the question “What is Swing? She and her band members deconstruct and demonstrate how musicians actually make music swing.  Helping Patricia swing on this show are bassist Larry Kohut, drummer, Jon Deitemyer and saxophonist Jim Gailloreto.

In the second show, which aired January 21, 2015, “Piano as Percussion,” Patricia is joined by world renowned pianists - Amy Briggs and Lisa Kaplan to explore the changes Modernism within the 20th Century brought to the repertoire and technique of the piano and pianists.

In the third show, which aired January 28, 2105, Barber explores the floor of music, the Double Bass, which grounds music both harmonically and rhythmically. Jazz Double Bassist Patrick Mulcahy and Classical Bassist Andy Anderson join Patricia for discussion and performance of selections from both the Jazz and Classical repertoires.