Renée Sings it Pure and Simple review

from this review Tuesday March 8, 2016

about Patricia's Songs:  

In a way, the Schumann cycle was neatly matched after intermission with a collection of songs by the Chicago jazz pianist, singer and composer Patricia Barber. Fleming’s description of these five numbers as essentially art songs proved entirely accurate, and she delivered them with much of the same fervor and clarity that she’d brought to the rest of the program.

In “Higher,” for example, Barber’s communion with her dying mother found voice in the radiant turns of Fleming’s phrases, and the extravagant scope of “Hunger” sounded aptly reminiscent of one of Schubert’s big dramatic songs. “You Just Gotta Go Home” — a boisterous blues devoted to kicking a lover who is past his sell-by date out of the room, the house and even the country — got a winningly vivacious rendition.

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