Patricia Barber & Kenny Werner - Live In Concert


Patricia Barber - piano & vocals
Kenny Werner - piano

On November 13, 2010, Kenny Werner and I played a two piano concert for a thousand people at a resplendent Pick-Staiger Auditorium, sponsored and recorded by the Bienen School of Music at Northwestern University. As I walked onto the stage and sat down at my piano, face to face, keyboard to keyboard, with Kenny at his piano, I felt I had walked into a dream. From beginning to end, this musical evening was endowed with an other worldly grace. We both felt the tingle for hours after the last encore.

I am thrilled to be able to present this concert in its entirety. - Patricia Barber (February 20, 2011)


    01. Bumper To Bumper
    02. Triste
    03. The Storyteller
    04. Milestones
    05. Touch of Trash
    06. I Had A King
    07. The Swim
    08. Being With You
    09. Company
    10. Snow
    11. The Moon
    12. If I Were Blue

All Songs By Patricia Barber © Patsy Publishing BMI except 2 (Antonio Carlos Jobim), 4 (Miles Davis), 6 (Joni Mitchell) and 8 (Smokey Robinson).

Photography by Valerie Booth O
Musical Assistant: Andrea Amos
Hair, makeup: Teresa Sullinger
Design and video editing: Andrea Amos

(Floyd Records - 2011)