The Patricia Barber Songbook


The Complete Lyrics and Score from All Patricia Barber Originals Spanning 6 Albums

40 Songs | 80 Pages

-Dansons La Gigue
-I Could Eat Your Words
-If I Were Blue
-If This Isn't Jazz
-Late Afternoon And You
-Let It Rain
-Like J.T.
-Lost In This Love
-Love, Put On Your Faces
-Mourning Grace
-Or Not to Be
-Parts Parallels
-Post Modern Blues
-Regular Pleasures
-Silent Partner
-Spy Sly
-Subway Station #5
-The Fire
-The Moon
-The New Year's Eve Song
-Too Rich for My Blood
-Touch of Trash
-What a Shame
-Winter Illusion
-Wood Is a Pleasant Thing to Think About
-Yellow Car
-Yellow Car III
-Yet Another In A Series Of Yellow Cars
-You Gotta Go Home