terrible endind it felt that all their struggles were for nothing. I see comments saying that she was bad in BOTWG but I beg to differ. KimRae won is superb in this.. The drama poster looks so beautiful and elegant! Kris Apr 12 2018 11:10 pm I really get annoyed when I hear people saying that shin se kyung is not a good actress. Everything is just horrible....the fashion is fab tho. i'm super glad that the ratings keep going up every week. Kim Rae Won - Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye Celebrate with the Eclectically Dressed Cast of Doctors at Wrap Party Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye Celebrate with the Eclectically Dressed Cast of Doctors at Wrap Party | A Koala's Playground The drama poster is enchanting, the casts are fantastic, and the trailer teasers are overwhelming~! And I'm so bothered of her smirks. I hope people stop comparing fantasy dramas to goblin. let me love you Dec 22 2017 4:54 pm I hope this plot and cast's acting will get better, interesting, and can keep this kind of hype. Thumbs up for the dramatists. Florentina Jan 04 2021 10:55 am 2} Bila file ketika di extrak terjadi kerusakan atau dimintai … Lindia Dec 06 2017 6:43 am I mean Park Gon is rich, might as well he hired a P.I to do the job. their eyes, the way their speak really feel like from heart.it is romantic love story. I want KRw to end up with Seo ji hye. Great chemistry between the two leads. I'm sorry but I think she deserved a worse ending. The female lead is not acting at all. 으진 Dec 07 2017 7:57 am Yang seung Goo (sharon assistant) just really stole my attention, so unique, theatrical. After he got stabbed by Sharon he became immortal or what? Requires more engagement by the viewer. I'm loving it after just 2 episodes. Seo Ji Hye is just sooooo beautiful!!!! Moon Soo Ho and Jung Hae Ra have a good chemistry together. can someone tell me what the name of the young moon soon hoo. Hung. Sharon was also used. Kdrama Dec 17 2017 2:46 am go to your drama slot you want to give your review. ? I love the leading couple. I mean SSK cant act before and still cant. It would be great to see Moon Geun Young and Kim Rae Won again. I also noticed that it's mostly the international fans complaining about ssk. His sweetie, played by Shin Se-Kyung, also had a rocky start in life, loosing her family and stability but slowly finding her own two feet in adulthood. loadbox(1); She was supposed to have three boys. FIGHTING for all the cast and staff!!! Agito Dec 28 2017 9:36 pm In BOTWG, yeah i agree with you. not that I have mean intentions its just that I find their story more interesting and pleasant. I hope both lead character can live together, happily ever after. The actual plot, basically, is about some twisted fates due to baby swapping. I like it. take back my words. Randi Feb 08 2018 10:30 pm I hope they touch more on their story. Wow, what a small world. Why? yes....kim rae won oppa is back.....!! Which is very sad... Over years the she has improved.... Ravan Nov 30 2017 12:07 pm I hope she improves in this drama because KIM RAE WON IS MY LIFE. !....i don't care what people said im in love with them krw & ssk their chemistry so real and they look so sweet Ever wonder if one day you will be in her shoes? Really recommended. This show does not justify how versatile he is... just saying..... Hemma Kim Jan 05 2018 8:24 am Dramatic Nov 22 2017 1:13 am sarah Jul 23 2018 1:09 am This movie is so good. Want aegyo? Paddie Dec 30 2017 5:28 am I really enjoyed this drama. The9 Jan 17 2018 11:50 am Interpretative dance ... stunning Kim Seol-Jin, well done. I even bought the movie. Maybe those who are on Sharon side must have dealt with that kind of situation where your husband who love someone else had to marry you just because he had too. I am into this drama, sad to see lukewarm reviews. and the deathbed of the husband he was surrounded by his love ones. Pls.. just let Sharon die.. Suddenly i saw Shin Se Kyung damn such a turn off. I would like to see more of Kim Rae-Won in more serious drama than this. However i don't understand some of the comments below backing up sharon saying she didnt do anything bad. I kinda felt sorry for the leading lady of Joo Hyuk in his future project. That's what I do when I don't like the actress or actors. AnnSayYo! Why people hate her, I do not understand. Oh My! Bahaha, I'm at the end of episode 4 (58:12 to be exact) and I just want to say "What is she ... 12? Can't wait for the next episode ^^. love the cast but not the storyline :(. I know that this will lead to a happy ending love story for Haera and Soo-Ho. Each episodes shows everything??? I just watched the latest episode today. i really hate to hear other people comments bout a drama bfore watching it myself..cuz i had an experience where someone told me that City Hunter isnt a good drama. She is so beautiful and charming. Lol I don’t care what other people says that the leading lady is not good in acting,try to replace her then?.they had a good chemistry together.4 more episodes.it made me curious where it leads! The only character that I like in this drama is Sharon. I love her! SSK blended well with KRW in terms of acting although she could have done more, but okey. And I will keep watching. tafadzwa Oct 18 2017 5:45 am how is it different from goblin or lotbs? Review – Black Knight : The Man Who Guards Me This show started off unsteady, but by episode four I was totally hooked and in love. they love useless tragic love stories. im disappointet. Mrs_Z Dec 08 2017 1:51 pm @S4, I feel what you feel. I’m still following this drama though I can’t help (imagining) changing the female lead to Ha Jin Won or Moon Geun Young or Moon Chae Won. I assume that he probably will never die which in itself is a very sad life to live...But hey, we can only blame that on Hae Ra because it was HER wish upon that ring for him to NEVER DIE and it got activated when he got stabbed. I wanted to see the two lovebirds get a chance at a full happier life together & the 3 sons the fortune teller predicted in the beginning in their first life. NamLee fans are so stupid Dec 10 2017 9:55 am I know some of viewers could sympathise with sharon. They’re so cute together.one of the best episode for me is 10 and 11,omg??! And I have a feeling that it might be a hit. Unfortunately, there’s a beautiful witch who wants to break this couple apart and have the handsome man all to herself. If her acting ruins the drama I’m gonna fight someone. Noodle Dec 23 2017 7:36 pm Okay, let’s talk about our main couple. Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me Drama ini adalah tentang seorang pria sejati yang menerima takdirnya yang berbahaya bagi wanita yang dicintainya. Aaaahhhh. Noodle Dec 23 2017 7:44 pm em Dec 08 2017 3:49 am :D, Me Jan 20 2018 8:28 am The other witch, the jilted wife, sees this as a second chance to be with her husband. It was very bittersweet. Wocky Jan 03 2019 7:14 am Googled & found she had some acting awards & seems to be dramas' PD/Writers' choice, she surely has credentials - Korean Entertainment is very stringent! I love this drama that much. Erase Dec 05 2017 2:04 am The pain that she experienced, but should Sharon learnt from her past experience & focus on how to lift the curse instead of create mess around with Hae-Ra & Soo-Ho. Cherry Jan 18 2018 5:08 pm or. Emeraude@tr, you must stop watching this drama so that you won't hate Sekyung more. ?can't wait to watch this drama..iam already in love with shin se kyung?? Luz De Dios Dec 19 2017 9:04 am So romantic!! NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 TV programs (including news, sports, variety, etc.) :(. Serial TV ini akan menggantikan slot serial drama terdahulu yang berjudul “Mad Dog” yang telah di tayangkan perdana di … The script began to weaken and even at 16 episodes, it felt too long. I have to agree with some people here that some scenes are insignificant to the story but overall it is still a good drama. if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined") Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Guiltypleasure Jan 26 2018 4:00 am 20 episode is too much for this drama. She just want to show her face shape from side angles -__- Her eyes has no expression at all (maybe side effect from her plastic surgery). Dong Moon Oct 27 2017 11:24 am peterh Feb 18 2018 8:22 am Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me – Ksatria Hitam adalah kisah cinta antara seorang wanita yang sedang menunggu cinta dalam hidupnya dan seorang pria yang rela melakukan apa saja untuk melindungi cintanya. the dramas r good n awesome too. Sharon still a no no Feb 04 2018 7:25 am Overall, ok to watch, but poor director, poor story. However, the last episode was too sad to watch and it brought tears to my eyes. Can't wait to watch this Drama.. Poor Sharon. I hope they can. Now I know why Shin Se Kyung's other dramas didn't hit. SSK's acting has gotten better. They were supposed to have three sons eventually? Story is great and the chemistry is real. I want to see KRW scene more than them. i wasted 7 years for not watching a great drama. Everything from the flawless camera work, to the exquisite sceneries and colours, without forgetting the charisma of the two main leads (Kim Rae-Won and Shin Se-Kyung), contributes to create an impression of beauty. I don't think she can act....always same expression all the time. But i am starting to understand why some people don't like her acting. I super love everything about this drama. nora Feb 02 2018 2:22 am I found it captivating and although not super fast pace, I'm looking forward to the next episode. HD UHD 4K HDR DOLBY VISION DOLBY SURROUND DOLBY ATMOS if you like puppy cute teenage love story, then better not watch it. This drama start off good but it deeps after ep6 it is draggy drama which could have ended at ep 16 and make it tighter. Bound with fate, filled with desire, apathy, guilt and shame, their relationship is intriguing. I'm so excited! Gosh! Watching this for Seo ji hye......was about to drop this because of Shin as kyung.... Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. her acting in the bride of the water god is really good especially in the last episode it's f**kin phenomenal! Strong cast and mystery surrounding the plot was well placed. C'mon writer-nim. omo! Their chemistry started well, KRW might be added to my list of K-Actors to follow. n dont bash ssk. And Seo Ji Hye is gorgeous. My Little Bride cast reunion .. ? But anyone who sees justification in what Sharon does and calls the lead couple immoral and what not needs to check into a psych ward... Its clear you're either suffering in your relationship or u have insecurity issues. But overall it was an enjoyable watch. One word AMAZING!! So be it....and i’ll just be waiting for this... Can I withhold commenting on Kim Rae Won? hope that she manage to do well with rae won oppa charisma in this drama. The clothing’s are beautiful. They are not worth for the hate. TeinaK Jan 22 2018 4:17 pm Has elements of supernatural, eternal life, reincarnation. aiza Jan 10 2018 4:53 pm i'm confused bcz i read another articles, this drama is aired on december 7th & time slot Thursday-Friday. As long as KRW is in it, I'm game, Ding Dong Dec 07 2017 9:08 am Terrey Thomas Jan 26 2018 1:41 am meli Jan 26 2018 5:17 am The ending were sad, but all he remembers were when she was young & pretty making gestures. Embie Jul 04 2019 1:50 pm eva May 28 2018 11:23 am Wan Oct 15 2017 2:16 pm I'm inlove with this drama!!!! I think Se Kyung has disappointed me thoroughly from Bride of Habaek despite that I like her in The Girl Who Sees Smells. Without her, this drama will be so flat. Surprisingly, the dialogue between Sohoo and Haera is not cheesy at all. But as mentioned it draws you in. i don't know why people seem to hate on her so much? Have watched a number of dramas by I looked forward to the next episodes every week as it's a refreshing plot and the cast is really captivating in their own ways. I still can't decide on the female lead, I've watched so many of her dramas but she's still 'growing 'on me. but, i rather called it jedi knight. nicole Jan 26 2018 11:39 am Rosemary Jan 02 2018 4:46 pm Lol. //]]>, // Recruitment And Selection Process In Hilton Hotel, Geos Mods Swgoh, Cunningham Falls Fishing, Solution Of Girl Child Education, Deck Slope Bc Building Code, De Leon Springs Homes For Sale, Shin Se Kyung Song, Ku Med Gastroenterology, Fake Shipping Label Template,