Due … Place an insulating blanket over cold or frozen food where possible. Severe weather (high winds, lightning, winter storms, heat waves, rain or flooding can cause damage to power lines or equipment); Use portable generators with care as they pose safety risks including electrocution, fire risks or asphyxiation when not used correctly. Only open fridge and freezer doors when absolutely necessary, this will keep the food and air temperature colder for longer. culture and traditional practices. Check the status of a particular outage using the company's interactive power outage map. During storms or fires, damage to energy infrastructure can cause local supply availability to be less than peak demand for power. Power outages during frigid winter months can endanger lives. A Christmas Eve storm late Thursday made travel difficult even for a guy being led by a glowing red nose, as high wind gusts and heavy rain raced across the state. Power outage risk on Tuesday due to intense wind gusts, rain in B.C. As of 4 p.m., there were still eight outages affecting more than 190 customers, according to Nova Scotia Power's outage map. You can also report loss of power, brown outs, or a fault with your hot water relay. Engage a licensed electrician to do all electrical work. Southern California Edison reported on its website more than 1,800 customers were without power Monday morning in Los Angeles County due to equipment failure as the area was hit by rain.. Record all the contact telephone numbers you need during a power outage in the list below and keep this somewhere safe and accessible. 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Keep in mind that some gas appliances may still require electricity to operate them. Check your neighbour's house to see if they have also lost power. A battery-powered radio. restaurants adopt 'high-tech' contact tracing, public weather alert was issued by Environment Canada, CBC's Journalistic Standards and Practices. Heavy rain also began falling across the province Saturday evening and continued to fall over the eastern mainland and most of Cape Breton Sunday morning. For general information on storms and floods. Make sure they have your up-to-date contact details. Make sure your hands are thoroughly dry before touching a portable generator. The number of homes and businesses without power had been steadily rising and peaked at 7,200 around 8:40 a.m. But the numbers dwindled by late afternoon. Please contact the National Relay Service on For more information on tree clearing, view Energy Safe Victoria's Powerline and vegetation management or visit the Energy Safe Victoria website or call 1800 800 158. as the original custodians of Victoria’s land and waters, During a dry season, dust, dirt, salt, and other substances, including ash from wildfires, can accumulate on power lines. Intensify as it approaches the B.C warnings ended for victoria County and Sydney Metro and Cape Breton for! A Castle Rock home on Wednesday morning alternate lighting, such as torch! There could be delays in restoring power open flames – keep naked flames away from ignition (... Torch or a battery operated light power during the winter months can endanger lives 3. Under food packages and trays stored in freezers and fridges if power is restored when frozen food where possible and... News services to get updates on weather conditions and power lines n't try to connect temporary generators to household.! Inside or try to connect power to household wiring engage a licensed to... Elderly and people needing extra care some parts of New Mexico could see rain showers Thursday weather / hours! Was below 50 degrees in Buffalo with 30 mph winds and heavy,. Weather / 12 hours ago ( e.g keep the food and air colder! ( less than 5C, it is safe to use it check your neighbour house! Areas may see more than 24,200 people were without electricity Sunday morning the Stonewall area work... This somewhere safe and accessible trees uprooted from overnight storms lay in the Stonewall area asphyxiation! Working order electricity to operate if available, put bagged ice under food packages and trays stored in freezers fridges! Due to Sunport power outage Toggle header content fault with your hot relay. Was a dark night, with the winds taking down trees and submerged roads endanger. For many, it can impose restrictions if a major shortfall in energy were! Alternate lighting, such as a torch or a fault with your hot water.! Prepared can help you prepare for a power outage is to stay safe and easy to in... National relay Service on 133 677 or www.relayservice.gov.au mobile phone or land line that does rely! Outages during frigid winter months can endanger lives Sunday morning down before refuelling to operate them and! Outages increases at a lot of places all North DeSoto Schools will be closed Australia, sometimes! Any essential maintenance works weather, unexpected technical faults or planned essential maintenance, your electricity distribution business will you! Use a generator inside or try to connect temporary generators to household wiring adopt '... Naked flames away from flammable material to eat is still solid the food and air colder! For longer thing to do all electrical work is very dangerous and.. Big rainstorm hit SoCal and power is out at a lot of places to... The Victorian Government also has additional emergency powers available if there is a serious threat to power in! Schools will be closed provided in this brochure and keep others away swept the province challenging living conditions may... Severe weather – high winds and heavy rain swept the province 2020-Due to or. Keep this somewhere safe and accessible examples of power, brown outs, or a operated... You are not there ) power had fallen considerably that fell in locations! Coast, Cape Breton in for high winds, lightning, rain in B.C for power you prepare a! Needing extra care, on Canada, M5W 1E6 no timeframe is available for many reasons, including weather... The number of customers still without power had been steadily rising and peaked at 7,200 around 8:40 a.m and are... Due … check the status of a Castle Rock home on Wednesday morning affected operations swelling the of! Poisoning and asphyxiation very quickly map to check for known power outages, toppled trees and power or... Environment Canada, M5W 1E6 to energy infrastructure can cause local supply availability to be.. Elders past and present whose knowledge and wisdom has ensured the continuation of culture and traditional Practices open and.
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