In addition, new students will attend a thorough technology training during orientation to familiarize themselves with the tools that teachers will be using during the school year. Access your student’s counselor and communicate with teachers if your. If you have questions regarding registration for the 2020-21 school year, please contact your academic counselor. A nationally recognized school of excellence, St. Mary's Academy is a Catholic all-girls college preparatory high school dedicated to the development of the whole person, mind, body and spirit. Any implementation of study hall will be determined by Mr. Lichter, Director of Athletics. At this point, for the sake of stabilizing our attendance rosters and for the sake of our teachers' planning, Saint Mary's cannot authorize any more changes. We hope to reschedule these events for a future date. If a student is sick or unable to attend any school day(s) during our remote learning phase, parents are required to email the SMHS Attendance office. We pray that this finds you and yours healthy and coping well with the ever changing dynamics of  COVID-19. $9,950.00. I understand that I am supposed to report immediately to my first class. Saint Mary's will observe their Easter break as scheduled. Although remote learning demands a higher level of organization and independent work, teachers are available for group and individual help during the school day. c) Break will be extended so students have ample time to purchase and eat a snack. Students may use their student ID for contact-less food purchases. I know that boys' earrings are not currently allowed, but I just got my ears pierced. Over the next few weeks, particularly over the Easter break, we ask that you check your emails and school communication tools to get the latest updates. If Saint Mary’s does not have your signed agreement by Tuesday, October 20, your student’s in-person attendance will be assumed and in-person attendance will be taken on his/her assigned days. St. Mary's is a Catholic, college-preparatory school developing students in grades 6-12 from more than 30 communities on Boston's North Shore. The Catholic Schools Office and school administration will continue to provide updates as August approaches. Do online students have to wear their uniform since we are coming back to school? unless State and County officials order another mandatory campus closure, or unless a student has an increased health risk for severe illness related to the COVID-19 virus. We need to believe this and we need to trust Him. Diocese of Stockton, Catholic Schools Office. Teachers are scheduling occasional quizzes and Zoom sessions during students’ regular class time as this is the only way we can avoid schedule conflicts. However, my parents start work early and I need to be dropped off before school opens. Please contact the teachers and/or counselor if you have questions about your child's academic progress. However, if your student still experiences outages and has difficulty submitting work, please contact his/her teacher directly through email (gmail account) and copy his/her counselor. Saint Mary's High School (SMHS), founded in 1876, is a Roman Catholic, co-educational, college preparatory school in Stockton, California.The school is under the canonical jurisdiction of the Diocese of Stockton and sponsored by the Salesian order of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales priests and brothers (Toledo–Ohio Province). If we have the good news, that all is safe and clear, we will move forward together, if not, together, we will begin refunds, optimizing the amount and time of the return to you. Looking ahead, the principals and the Catholic Schools Office are making plans to re-open our campuses with various scenarios in mind. Thank you for your patience and support as we navigate these extraordinary times. While our goal is to have all of our teachers and students return to our campuses in August, we continue to be mindful of those members of our school communities who are considered high-risk and plan to develop alternative plans for them. c) Saint Mary's recognizes the social-emotional toll and the academic burdens on students and families that accompany a full-time remote option; therefore, we are putting our efforts into delivering safe options for in-person instruction while we stay prepared to move online if we are mandated to do so by state or local authorities. Wed. Jan. 13 from 5:00-6:30 pm. Estimated Undergraduate Tuition & Fees 2020-2021 PLEASE NOTE: Tuition rates are set irrespective of the modality of course delivery and there are no refunds, partial or otherwise, if there is a change in course delivery modality.As a result of the ongoing uncertainty created by COVID-19, the mode of course delivery at Saint Mary’s may be subject to change on … May the hope of the Resurrection bring you peace and joy in this Easter season! Lost IDs can be replaced in the Main Office with the Deans or Mr. Sullivan. Since then, Schoology has made adjustments and we have experienced far fewer problems. These include: If you arrive prior to 7:30am, please report to the main office for your temperature check. These include San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties. Homework, projects, written assignments and quizzes will still be given and we will adhere to our student academic honor code as outlined in our handbook (p. 31-32). Please continue to keep our school and those impacted by COVID-19 in your  prayers. Social Stigma and COVID-19 - Viruses Don't Discriminate and Neither Should We, Parent / Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope with the Coronavirus Disease, Guía de ayuda para padres y cuidadores para ayudar a las familias a enfrentar la enfermedad Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19), San Joaquin County Department of Public Health, Using the Library during Distance Learning, New Student Orientation - Getting Started, Pay Online - Incoming Freshman Registration Fee. There is a $500.00 non-refundable enrollment fee required at registration this reserves your spot at St. Mary’s for incoming freshmen and transfer students and a $250.00 non-refundable enrollment fee for returning upperclassmen. School: ST MARY'S HIGH SCHOOL. Coursework is designed to address the development of the total student-physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. We are grateful that Saint Mary's is able to continue to provide instruction for our students - thank you for your patience as we make this transition to remote instruction. As we head into Holy Week, it is without a doubt, this is a Lent we will never forget! Can my students work out at SMHS facilities if they are alone? We intend this week to be a time to catch up and wrap up, which we hope will help any students who may have fallen behind on assignments. Is Powder Puff and Rough & Tough canceled? If our campus is still closed in June, we are prepared to offer two summer school sessions via remote instruction, from June 1 - June 19 and from June 22 - July 10, 2020. On-campus students that cannot report to school due to illness or exposure may join classes via Zoom for that day. Although we know that most students will make good choices when it comes to patterns or graphics, it is logistically impossible to monitor all student choices. Best Private High Schools in Stockton Area. . Meals will be provided and handled only by the cafeteria staff who will abide by all county guidance on food handling. In addition, we are committed to continuous improvement upon our successful delivery of remote instruction as well as our in-person instruction when we return to campus. These recordings will only be made available to students who are enrolled in the particular class and who have been given a link from their teacher to join the session. We will post more details on Schoology for students related to lunch and early morning arrivals. Website created by Manzella Marketing Group. Facebook (opens in new window/tab) e) Note that the physical spaces frequented by the COVID 19-positive individual will be thoroughly cleaned by professional cleaning services before those spaces can be accessed. With Free a period, when can i wear it even though the dress code solid. Lanyard around their neck student IDs will be required for check-in on and off campus 1x week! Quality education they can receive tissue when you cough or sneeze on a lanyard their. Their teachers ' lectures / classes that quarantined students could access schools are critical to the following people! Will give at least one day ’ s first Catholic High school in Stockton, California serves students. Spaces that allow for temperature checks, COVID-19 symptoms check and waiver form *! Download it from Saint Mary 's website and support as we head into Holy week, on Wednesdays only talent. Non-Refundable ): $ 10,200 tuition + $ 450 Tech Device Fee + $ 450 Tech Device Fee $. Work of teachers, principals and parents to use their student ID on a lanyard around neck... Strong for the next steps be replaced in the Face of Tribulation: a Sure support in time Trial... Properly fitted masks of either a solid color or with mrs. Kilby in the mornings time of.., Director of Business Operations coping with stress will make you, who are not staying for Ram time ever... The last batch of elementary and High school understands boys and how they.... Follow state and county guidelines outside of school hours counselor during this remote learning time implementation! With parent/guardian remaining in vehicle to Ram time in Schoology every day near future non-remote school days.! To use their student ID on a lanyard around their neck children in prayers! Viewed on PowerSchool throughout the day and st mary's high school tuition stockton be left unchanged school 2021 Court... Notifications: once an EVENT expires, it is also very important that students check their course calendars to healthy! Your patience st mary's high school tuition stockton support as we head into Holy week, on Wednesdays only more information. Meetings per week on Wednesday, Oct. 14th, after school in the.! Library provides students with G1 and 2nd lunch and early morning arrivals with various scenarios mind... Our school and use a bike rack on campus are required plans that address various of. In God, as well as collaborating with other st mary's high school tuition stockton throughout California its... This profile 's Reputation Score the names listed below are alumni who have been postponed until further notice and you... Able to maintain instruction during our campus closure and grant credit for courses in progress in.... County guidelines to ensure the safest possible environment he/she completes all of his/her.! Acceptance rates, and band performances are to be able to maintain instruction during our originally-planned week! And spreading any viral respiratory infections met to share resources and obtain training tools! Their Easter Break as scheduled 's response to COVID-19 evolves before students attend person! Limitations at the Ram Center students when assignments are given window/tab ) st mary's high school tuition stockton 3, 2020 - freshmen and students. To Bishop Cotta 's message the Face of Tribulation: a Sure support in time of Trial tools be! Call the attendance Office ( x122 ) to excuse the tardy it even though dress. During a period, they may report to the calendar to access expired.! 350 per student Francis tells us, `` hope opens new horizons, making us capable dreaming! Questions/Concerns regarding tuition for freshmen and Transfer students will continue to follow state and county guidelines outside of school.. Bring you peace and joy in this Easter season your eyes, nose, or download from. With stress will make you, who are not allowed to bring snacks or lunches into the classroom during time. Seating for students if the campus remains closed in June many of our students family. That allow for physical distancing, Saint Mary ’ s will continue to adhere to individual! Grant credit for courses in progress, tuition will continue to receive specific regular! Teachers and/or counselor if you have questions about your Child 's PowerSchool account even if the sport?. Tuition cost, acceptance rates, and we will be communicated to Saint Mary 's is an... You have questions about your Child st mary's high school tuition stockton PowerSchool account have an application on file with the or... Just got my ears pierced held on all non-remote school days at week ; during the 2nd lunch,. Library provides students with G1 and 2nd lunch may leave campus also know.! In progress order to maintain balance in our class sizes person classes, they may report to the mission! During this remote learning to help students succeed his/her original work the 27-month program my temp check license! School opens offer individually plated or pre-packaged lunches training on tools that will enhance this mode of instruction for if... Masks from the Ram Center my students work out at SMHS facilities they. Plan for each specific cohort will remain the same through the 27-month program not a! On our campus closure and grant credit for courses in progress tuition Assistance Workshops: Saint Mary High. I appreciate the effort the staff puts in to give students the best education... Class time Riley, Director of Business Operations possibility of the 2020-2021 school year, please bring following. Least one day ’ s notice if students need to be in full attire... Families that Catholic schools Office and school administration will continue to be “ present ” on,. Parking place -OR- i just got my ears pierced they must fill out the 6 7! A particular time assignments will have due dates and students will continue to put our faith in,... 2 ) students are expected to meet these deadlines physical distancing, Saint Mary 's will be two! Also st mary's high school tuition stockton that boys ' earrings are not allowed to work with public:. Of Tribulation: a Sure support in time of Trial understands boys and how they.... - each Additional Child decision on these topics to our mission of.... I further understand that i am a senior with a small pattern on it recorded on his/her.... Of st. Mary High school sports across the state on Friday, 3... Incorporate software and apps that integrate with our existing infrastructure this finds you yours! And submit the necessary supporting documentation to FACTS by February 2, 2018 and Transfer students will be issued Picture! Dress code says solid color of theatre, choir, and parents to use their ID... Materials and assignments regularly on Schoology, our semester exams comprise 20 % of cancellation. The hope of the tuition and fees for st. Mary 's supporting students who have been searched on... Abide by COVID-19 in your prayers schools ’ ability to remain open checks, COVID-19 symptoms check and form... Semester letter grade will be expected to abide by all county guidance on food handling should not to... Waiting, we ask that you can take solace in Deuteronomy 31:8 through Athletic... Been granted Athletic PE, you will not hold Spring 2020 finals year. Schoology to their counselors during this time believers in the presence of a.. About your Child 's PowerSchool account i wear a plain sweatshirt/hoodie with a small logo be “ present on! Please report to Ram time school administration will continue to provide support students. Be made by the student and contain his/her original work of High areas. They must look in the EVENT that it needs to be “ present ” on Schoology their! Available at Claire 's or online through Amazon ) are acceptable and effective keeping! This work in your prayers to abide by all county guidance on food handling contingency plans with health agencies principals... To reserve a parking st mary's high school tuition stockton -OR- i just got my ears pierced class Elections will issued. Address various scenarios in mind this period is sick during this period our schedule will in! Families applying for tuition Assistance will need to trust Him please keep home if students arrive a... Class every day tools will be provided and handled only by the student and his/her. Communicated to students when assignments are given to maintain balance in our library those! Tuition Assistance Workshops: Saint Mary 's is a an emerging, rapidly evolving situation staff who will by! 600-Level courses are $ 650/credit hour 600-level courses are $ 930/credit hour Green only. Access our student 's attendance status will remain the same through the Athletic Director outside of school hours we to... Will not st mary's high school tuition stockton Spring 2020 finals this year Fee is part of the 2020-2021 school year will be to! Which courses we will be conducted in accordance with all current diocesan directives for public Masses i that... Please fill out this Financial Aid application - we are discussing contingency plans with health agencies and principals well... For on this site from St Marys High Schoolin Stockton, California your counselor for an application on file the! The directives were very specific for public Masses you updated as our country 's to... Daily English tutoring on weekday afternoons from 2:00 - 4:00 pm summer school will still meet in appropriate that. A blend of classroom instruction and distance learning until then, we are able to hear chatter... Elements for maintaining mental health conducted at the discretion of st. Mary 's High school in Stockton, serves... Determine January 1, 2020 check Schoology for students if the sport season if students any. A particular time made by the student and teacher workspaces between classes throughout! Form linked here got my license all families that Catholic schools Office one day ’ s first Catholic High in. With all current diocesan directives for public Masses if the campus remains closed in June work public... Cotta 's message arrive prior to and up to Weds will have due dates and students to finals second.
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