American composer / Songwriter, Jazz Singer / Pianist


If I could, would you dance w me?
The elder Strauss perhaps
And we will waltz wrapped
In each other’s arms

Such sweet entanglement
Fingers, legs and hips
Let the world spin
I have dreamed of this

If you would, could you dress for me?
Décolletage in crêpe du Chine
Alabaster in aubergine
We are splendid in your skin

Bejeweled bodice wherein
Luster becomes you
Citrine and sapphire blue
Sibylline Seraphim

-piano interlude-

If I could, would you sing w me?
Draw the Muse inside
Given form, I will provide
Your deepest inspiration

Now language, light as air
Refined by your lips
Will make music there
I have dreamed of this

Jazz Showcase, Chicago. Photo by Valerie Booth