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DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE: Patricia Barber Expands the Palette

Higher, the bandleader’s first new recording in six years, merges jazz harmonies and rhythms with classical art song and erudite poetry, and features “Angels, Birds And I ...”—an ambitious song cycle— alongside a few jazz standards.

“I was so gratified by the reaction to this record. I have gotten personal letters from composers, conductors and musicians all over the world, and I do think it gives jazz a larger harmonic palette,” Barber said recently. READ COMPLETE ARTICLE

JAZZIZ Magazine: Patricia Barber Finds A New Way Forward Between Jazz and Classical Music

Attending a reception welcoming her into the centuries-old American Academy of Arts & Sciences — in the 2019 class that includes Michelle Obama, jurist Merrick Garland and author Jonathan Franzen — Patricia Barber had no idea what to expect. “But everyone was so warm and welcoming,” she recalls. “This astrophysicist told me he loved my song ‘Redshift’ and had been a fan for years.

London Jazz News: Patricia Barber at Monument-National (Montreal International Jazz Festival)

"The Montreal audience for Barber was wonderfully supportive throughout and was rewarded with two encores. Howard Reich wrote recently that “every syllable, every chord change, every whispering vocal turn sends a message, and if you dare to breathe, you may miss it”. Yes, the Montreal public seemed to get that completely," READ COMPLETE ARTICLE