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Checking in with Patricia Barber

Feb 11, 2013
by Mark Leohrke

After several years wandering the major label wilderness (mostly by choice), the one-of-a-kind Chicago singer and pianist Patricia Barber recently released Smash, her debut record on the Concord Jazz label. While many of the album’s tunes deal with heavy themes, they are handled in typical Barber fashion—with a mix of inventive, often unexpected wordplay and occasional doses of her trademark dry wit.

"Smash" Review from The International Review of Music

I have a friend who says all great novels begin with a great first sentence.  If so, then perhaps all great albums begin with a great first song.

This one does. “Code Cool” is one of those jazz road markers that should be recorded by generations of singers.  It belongs in the American Songbook as do others on this album. “Spring Song” and “The Swim” especially. Read More