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“To The Edge Higher” with Renee Fleming and Patricia Barber at the Harris Theater

As a reward to the cheers of “brava,” all of the performers took the stage for a phenomenal reprisal of Barber’s “Scream.” This version, blending jazz, classical and post-rock was the most memorable part of the evening, showcasing two artists who are comfortable stepping out of bounds for true collaboration.


Review of ‘Higher: Renée Fleming and Patricia Barber Perform The Music of Patricia Barber’ at The Kennedy Center

Musicians are not meant to be confined to one facet of their craft. Renée Fleming, one of the foremost voices in opera today, is not shy about her love for jazz and the mastery that goes into the highly improvisational form. In discovering Patricia Barber, she found a jazz songwriter and singer who, as it turns out, has an incredibly high regard for the operatic style. In their one night only concert at The Kennedy Center’s Terrace Theater, they proved that the two genres can go together magically.