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Quotes for "Smash"

“The album, a brilliant collection of original songs, all dispatched with Barber’s famously voluptuous voice and steeped in her atmospheric instrumental settings, marks a major step forward for one of the most significant jazz artists to come out of Chicago in the past two decades or more. These songs, often ambiguous in meaning but extremely seductive in tone, crystallize the high craft of Barber’s writing while inspiring unorthodox arrangements and often wizardly solo pianism.”

Chicago Tribune


'SMASH" by Max Wesler MARCH 13, 2013 ENJOY THE MUSIC.COM

Patricia Barber is coming to town. The town - Toronto – the date June 20th, part of a tout that takes her to across North America and over to France, Portugal, Germany and The Ukraine. If you catch her you'll get a chance to hear songs from her new self-penned album Smash. Her own distinctive blend of jazz and pop, now further on the jazz spectrum than ever, is so well captured on disc, courtesy of the recording and mixing skills of Professor Jim Anderson that they are audiophile favorites, and Smash is no exception.