PURCHASE “THE HARMONIC LANGUAGE OF JAZZ, AS WELL AS THAT OF THE GREAT AMERICAN SONGBOOK, IS CERTAINLY RICH—LOOK HOW MUCH HAS COME OUT OF IT—BUT IT’S CIRCUMSCRIBED. I STARTED WANTING TO HEAR SOMETHING ELSE.” —Patricia Barber Patricia Barber, the performer known for boldly blurring the lines between poetry, jazz, and art song, has announced the forthcoming release of a new all-standards album Clique, due out August 6th in breathtaking hi-fi. The long-awaited successor to Nightclub, her critically acclaimed and fan-favorite first all standards album, Clique features a tracklist of tunes that Barber has frequently performed as encores throughout her illustrious career, including classics by Rodgers & Hammerstein, Stevie Wonder, Lee Hazlewood, Lerner & Loewe, Thelonious Monk and more. After growing an international cult following, earning the first-ever Guggenheim Fellowship awarded to a non-classical songwriter, and becoming an elected member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Patricia Barber is back with a “silk, velvet, languid, warm” journey through music history as she “respects traditions, bends them to make her own points, and freshens them into something new,” as noted in the album liner notes by NPR’s Susan Stamberg. These are relaxed, communal sessions. Her long-time core duo of bassist Patrick Mulcahy and drummer Jon Deitemyer ride up and down, in and out of Barber’s complex, sensitive playing and reflective singing. The support of her long-term players, along with guitarist Neal Alger and saxophonist Jim Gailloretto allow her to shine brightly while digging out striking moments for their own unique contributions. The chemistry is palpable, all-encompassing. This group’s long-developed synergy—painstakingly curated by these musicians for years—provides both a metaphor and the perfect title for her new album. Impex Records, Patricia Barber, Jim Anderson invite you to experience the music, revel in the mastery, and join the Clique! Released: 2021



PURCHASE SACD Patricia Barber, piano, voice Patrick Mulcahy, bass Jon Deitemyer, drums Neal Alger, acoustic guitar Jim Gailloreto, tenor saxophone Katherine Werbiansky, lyric soprano ArtistShare Executive Producer: Seth Godin Producer: Patricia Barber Associate Producer: Martha Feldman Recorded and mixed by Jim Anderson Recorded at Chicago Recording Compay, Studio 5, Chicago, IL January 2019 Assistant Engineer: Jonathan Lackey Mixed at Skywalker Sound, a Lucasfilm. Ltd. company, Marin County, CA February 2019 Assistant Engineer: Dann Thompson Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering, Portland, Maine Technical Producer: Ulrike Schwarz This project was recorded, mixed, and mastered in High Resolution DXD (352.8kHz/32bit) using a Horus/Pyramix recording system. (ArtistShare 2019) Released: 2019


Monday Night Live At The Green Mill Volume 3

x.mp3 1. In Your Own Sweet Way (8:07) x.mp3 2. Romanesque (4:49) x.mp3 3. Fotografia (5:09) x.mp3 4. Crash (8:50) x.mp3 5. I Could Have Danced All Night (4:58) x.mp3 6. The Thrill Is Gone (4:19) x.mp3 7. Moon River (4:13) x.mp3 8. You Gotta Go Home (5:07) x.mp3 9. Stay With Me (6:31) x.mp3 10. Orpheus (Sonnet) (4;32) x.mp3 11. Groovin' High * total time: (61:08) Digital Only Release #003 In The Series Recorded Live in Chicago, IL February 2016 BUY DOWNLOAD I have been blessed to have a weekly Monday Night gig at The Green Mill, one of the hippest jazz clubs in the world in one of the most exciting cities in the world, Chicago.  enormous thanks to Dave Jemilo for keeping this Chicago treasure alive and for letting me a part of it.  Also, thanks to our soundman here Chris Grabowski who increasingly is recognized for his very special "live" sound recordings.  On this, the third "Live from the Green Mill " download, you'll hear not only the music, but the soft landscape of the club and the city. Larry Kohut is on acoustic bass, Jon Deitemyer is on drums and Jim Gailloreto is on tenor saxophone. The recording is exceptional.  I suggest you get one of the better sound file downloads, close your eyes and time travel to this Monday Night at the Green Mill. MP3 files are encoded at 320 kbps (near-CD quality) FLAC and ALAC (Apple Lossless)  files are 16 bit stereo 44.1 kHz FLAC HD and ALAC HD (Apple Lossless) files are 24 bit stereo 96 KHz Patricia Barber - piano, vocals Jim Gailloreto - sax Larry Kohut - bass John Deitemyer - drums *Tom Hipskind - drums Tracks 1,4,7 recorded February 8th, 2016 Tracks 2,3,5,8,9,10,11 recorded February 1st, 2016 Track 6 recorded February 15th, 2016 Engineer: Chris Grabowski Photograph: Valerie Booth O. Cover Art: Mare Earley Post-production: Dave Schwartz for Fast Atmosphere Released: 2016

Monday Night Live At The Green Mill Volume 32024-03-28T17:58:27+00:00


BUY CD Produced by Patricia Barber (Concord Records - 2013) On Smash, her January 22, 2013 debut on Concord Jazz, Patricia Barber reiterates her unique position in modern music as a jazz triple-threat – imaginative pianist, startling vocalist, and innovative composer (international release dates may vary). With a new band and a dozen new compositions, she also continues her two-decade crusade to retrieve the ground that jazz musicians long ago ceded to pop and rock: the realm of the intelligent and committed singer-songwriter, tackling even familiar subjects (like love and loss) with a nuance and depth beyond the limits of the Great American Songbook. Once again – in the crisp chill of her vocals, as well as the fiery feminine intellect that informs her music and lyrics – Barber makes most of her contemporaries sound like little girls. A prime example is the title track, where Barber paints the end of a love affair with subtly stated allusions to destruction: the erosion of edifices; a bloody road accident. The lines are more akin to poetry than conventional song lyrics, as she depicts "the crumbling of tall castles built / on kisses and blood / and dreams so like sand." The song's reprise compares "the sound of a heart breaking" to "the sound of / the red on the road" – a devastatingly effective mélange of synesthetic imagery. Aided by a raw, forceful guitar solo, the performance illuminates a counter-intuitive realization about loss: "It just struck me, as it does everyone who experiences great loss, that on the outside, no one can tell," Barber explains. "You go to the grocery store, and everything's the same, which is shocking. It struck me that this is the sound of a heart breaking: silence. You're alone. And I felt that this was an interesting juxtaposition, since the sound of a heart breaking should be the loudest, screamiest, shriekiest combination of sounds there could be." Barber has another song on the subject of "loud, shrieky" emotion: "Scream," paradoxically set to a gentle, quiet melody that belies its message, and which has proved extremely popular with those audiences hearing it prior to this recording. "Scream / when Sunday / finally comes / and God / isn't there . . . . the soldier / has his gun / and the war / isn't where / we thought it would be." As Barber points out in conversation, with only the slightest sarcasm, "It's an angry song – and everyone wants that." Her anger finds a more whimsical (but no less impactful) outlet in the catchy "Devil's Food," written specifically from Barber's perspective as a gay woman: "boy meets boy / girl meets girl / given any chance / to fall in love / they do . . . / like loves like / like devil's food / like chocolate twice / I'm in the mood / for you . . . ." She wrote the song in reaction to [...]


Patricia Barber & Kenny Werner – Live In Concert

TRACK LISTING: 01. Bumper To Bumper 02. Triste 03. The Storyteller 04. Milestones 05. Touch of Trash 06. I Had A King 07. The Swim 08. Being With You 09. Company 10. Snow 11. The Moon 12. If I Were Blue BUY DVD Patricia Barber - piano & vocals Kenny Werner - piano On November 13, 2010, Kenny Werner and I played a two piano concert for a thousand people at a resplendent Pick-Staiger Auditorium, sponsored and recorded by the Bienen School of Music at Northwestern University. As I walked onto the stage and sat down at my piano, face to face, keyboard to keyboard, with Kenny at his piano, I felt I had walked into a dream. From beginning to end, this musical evening was endowed with an other worldly grace. We both felt the tingle for hours after the last encore. I am thrilled to be able to present this concert in its entirety. - Patricia Barber (February 20, 2011) All Songs By Patricia Barber © Patsy Publishing BMI except 2 (Antonio Carlos Jobim), 4 (Miles Davis), 6 (Joni Mitchell) and 8 (Smokey Robinson). Photography by Valerie Booth O Musical Assistant: Andrea Amos Hair, makeup: Teresa Sullinger Design and video editing: Andrea Amos (Floyd Records - 2011) Released: 2011

Patricia Barber & Kenny Werner – Live In Concert2024-03-28T17:58:27+00:00

Monday Night Live At The Green Mill Volume 2

x.mp3 1. Triste (10:00) x.mp3 2. Like JT (11:47) x.mp3 3. I Fall In Love Too Easily (4:43) x.mp3 4. Blue Bossa (12:58) x.mp3 5. On The Road Again (9:34) x.mp3 6. Post Modern Blues (7:24)  7. Smile (5:45)  8. The Beat Goes On (5:50)  9. Summertime (6:23)  total time: (74:21) BUY DOWNLOAD #002 In The Series Recorded live in Chicago, IL July 12th and 19th, 2010 Patricia Barber - piano/vocals Neal Alger - guitar Larry Kohut - bass Eric Montzka - drums Engineer: Chris Grabowski Photographs: Valerie Booth O. Post-production: Fast Atmosphere Here is the download some of my fans have been waiting for, the softer side of the repertoire. That summer our Quartet, Neal Alger on guitar, Eric Montzka on drums, Larry Kohut on bass, was finding its sound and place within the wider world. From the stage at The Green Mill, Lawrence and Broadway-- I hope you like the music as much as I do. Love, Patricia Barber Released: 2011

Monday Night Live At The Green Mill Volume 22024-03-28T17:58:27+00:00

Monday Night Recorded Live At The Green Mill

#001 In The Series Recorded Live in Chicago, IL February 20, 2006 x.mp3 1. Touch of Trash (7:52) x.mp3 2. The Moon (7:06) x.mp3 3. Narcissus (4:07) x.mp3 4. Company (9:25) x.mp3 5. Groovin' High (17:22) 6. Autumn Leaves (4:07) Total time: (50:00) BUY DOWNLOAD Patricia Barber - piano/vocals Neal Alger - guitar Michael Arnopol - bass Eric Montzka - drums Jim Gailloreto - saxophone Engineer: Chris Grabowski Cover/Photo: Patricia Barber Post-production: Fast Atmosphere Jim Gailloreto is one of the only musicians I can add comfortably to the quartet. In this set you can hear how he makes us sound 'better.' Jim and I are working together (I have written two tunes) on his project, "American Complex" with string quartet, saxophone and voice due out in the fall. This is the first of many "live" downloads that will appear on this site from the past, present and future. Enjoy, Patricia Released: 2009

Monday Night Recorded Live At The Green Mill2024-03-28T17:58:27+00:00

Cole Porter Mix

SOLD OUT Patricia Barber - piano, vocals, melodica (all tracks) Chris Potter - tenor saxophone (3,5,7,10,13) Neal Alger - acoustic guitar, electric guitar (all tracks) Michael Arnopol - bass (1-11, 13) Eric Montzka - drums, percussion (2-10, 13) Nate Smith - drums, percussion (1,11,12) All songs written by Cole Porter except tracks 2, 6, 13 by Patricia Barber Produced by Patricia Barber (Blue Note Records - 2008) Released: 2008

Cole Porter Mix2024-03-28T17:58:27+00:00

The Premonition Years 1994 – 2002 Box Set

CURRENTLY OUT OF PRINT Includes: Over 190 minutes of music featuring "Best of" tracks culled from Barber's five records for Premonition during the 1994-2002 period 5 Bonus tracks never before released on CD including "My Funny Valentine," "Fool on a Hill," "You Are My Sunshine," "So What," and "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" With Barber, featured artists include Charlie Hunter, Marc Johnson, Dave Douglas, Joey Baron, Adam Nussbaum, among others 3 CDs broken up into distinct listening experiences. Programs include: Patricia Barber Pop Songs, Patricia Barber Standards, Patricia Barber Originals Classic Audiophile recordings High-Resolution Re-mastering from original analog sources Extensive liner notes by noted jazz critic Neil Tesser Beautiful Slip case packaging by Steve Byram including original watercolor cover Patricia Barber, The Premonition Years: 1994-2002 chronicles Barber's 8 year association with the Chicago based indy-label Premonition Records. This was a time when Barber did her first real touring and led to her "discovery" on a worldwide stage. These years defined Barber's career in many ways gaining her the exposure and critical acclaim that solidified her place as one of the most in demand and exciting female jazz vocalists working in jazz. It was also a time when the buzz around Barber led Blue Note Records to enter into a joint imprint relationship with Premonition for the licensing rights to her releases, the first such agreement in the storied history of Blue Note Records. This expansive boxed set -- her first retrospective -- fully captures Barber's unique melange of modern pop, revered standards and inventive originals. TRACK LISTING: DISC ONE: POP SONGS 1.     Ode to Billie Joe 2.     The Beat Goes On 3.     Use Me 4.     You Don't Know Me 5.     She's A Lad 6.     A Taste Of Honey 7.     Black Magic Woman 8.     Light My Fire 9.     So What (unreleased) 10.     Fool On The Hill (unreleased) 11.     You Are My Sunshine (unreleased) DISC TWO: STANDARDS 12.     I Fall In Love Too Easily 13.     Bye Bye Blackbird 14.     Alfie 15.     You & The Night & The Magic 16.     Yesterdays 17.     My Funny Valentine (unreleased) 18.     Inch Worm 19.     So In Love 20.     The Thrill Is Gone 21.     Manha De Carnava 22.     A Man and A Woman 23.     Invitation 24.     Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (unreleased) DISC THREE: ORIGINALS 25.     Touch Of Trash 26.     Winter 27.     If I Were Blue 28.     The Fire 29.     Company 30.     Let It Rain 31.     What A Shame 32.     Postmodern Blues 33.     If This Isn't Jazz 34.     I Could Eat Your Words 35.     Pieces 36.     You Gotta Go Home (Premonition Records - 2008) Released: 2007

The Premonition Years 1994 – 2002 Box Set2024-03-28T17:58:57+00:00


SOLD OUT In 2003, acclaimed singer-pianist Patricia Barber became one of the few jazz musicians ever to be awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship, and she took the opportunity to create one of the most ambitious and affecting works of her career. Embarking on a bold, exciting musical adventure, Barber brings her compositional sophistication to new heights with Mythologies, a song cycle based on Greek mythology where each of the 11 mythological characters in Ovid’s Metamorphoses is fleshed out in music. Patricia Barber - piano & vocals Neal Alger - Guitar Michael Arnapol - Bass Eric Montzka - Drums With special guests: Jim Gailloreto saxophone (tracks 1, 2, 10); Choral Thunder, directed by Shelby Webb, Jr. background vocals (tracks 10, 11) With additional vocals by: Paul Falk (track 7), Grazyna Auguscik (track 11), Lawrice Flowers (tracks 7, 10), Airreal Watkins (track 10), Walter “Mitchell” Owens, III (track 10) All words & music by Patricia Barber Produced by Patricia Barber (Blue Note Records - 2006) Released: 2006

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