x.mp3 1. Triste (10:00)
x.mp3 2. Like JT (11:47)
x.mp3 3. I Fall In Love Too Easily (4:43)
x.mp3 4. Blue Bossa (12:58)
x.mp3 5. On The Road Again (9:34)
x.mp3 6. Post Modern Blues (7:24)
 7. Smile (5:45)
 8. The Beat Goes On (5:50)
 9. Summertime (6:23)

 total time: (74:21)

#002 In The Series
Recorded live in Chicago, IL
July 12th and 19th, 2010

Patricia Barber – piano/vocals
Neal Alger – guitar
Larry Kohut – bass
Eric Montzka – drums

Engineer: Chris Grabowski
Photographs: Valerie Booth O.
Post-production: Fast Atmosphere

Here is the download some of my fans have been waiting for, the softer side of the repertoire. That summer our Quartet, Neal Alger on guitar, Eric Montzka on drums, Larry Kohut on bass, was finding its sound and place within the wider world. From the stage at The Green Mill, Lawrence and Broadway– I hope you like the music as much as I do. Love, Patricia Barber