Angels, Birds, and I…
1. Muse (Patricia Barber)
2. Surrender (Patricia Barber)
3. Pallid Angel (Patricia Barber)
4. The Opera Song (Patricia Barber)
5. High Summer Season (Patricia Barber)
6. The Albatross Song (Patricia Barber)
7. Voyager (Patricia Barber)
8. Higher (Patricia Barber)
9. Early Autumn (words: Johnny Mercer, Ralph Burns, Music: Woody Herman)
10. In Your Own Sweet Way (Music: Dave Brubeck)
11. Secret Love (Words: Paul Francis Webster, Music: Sammy Fain
12. The Opera Song with Katherine Werblansky (Patricia Barber)
Patricia Barber, piano, voice
Patrick Mulcahy, bass
Jon Deitemyer, drums
Neal Alger, acoustic guitar
Jim Gailloreto, tenor saxophone
Katherine Werbiansky, lyric soprano
ArtistShare Executive Producer: Seth Godin
Producer: Patricia Barber
Associate Producer: Martha Feldman
Recorded and mixed by Jim Anderson
Recorded at Chicago Recording Compay, Studio 5, Chicago, IL January 2019
Assistant Engineer: Jonathan Lackey
Mixed at Skywalker Sound, a Lucasfilm. Ltd. company, Marin County, CA February 2019
Assistant Engineer: Dann Thompson
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering, Portland, Maine
Technical Producer: Ulrike Schwarz
This project was recorded, mixed, and mastered in High Resolution DXD (352.8kHz/32bit) using a Horus/Pyramix recording system.
(ArtistShare 2019)